Dermoid cyst - Causes , treatment and removal


1. reasons dermoid cysts

2. Symptoms

3. Diagnostics dermoid cysts

4. Treatment of dermoid cysts

5. Complications

called benign dermoid cyst formation consisting of the epidermis, dermis, hair follicles, sebaceous glands and hair.Outside this cyst is surrounded by an oval capsule, and can reach sizes of walnut.It is equipped with a single-chamber or multi-chamber cavity within which is a white mass with greasy hair impurity and dead skin flakes.Depending on its content, the cyst is solid or soft.As a rule, these education focus on the confluence of the skin and the overgrowth of embryonic cavities: the head, the inner or outer edge of the eye socket area sternoclavicular joint.

reasons dermoid cysts

reason dermoid cyst - improper healing of tissues during fetal development.These cysts are formed due to violation Bookmark ectoderm, when any part of it is separated from the main mass.Thus, the cause of a dermoid cyst is a congenital malformation of the body.

Symptoms Symptoms of dermoid cysts are identical to the symptoms of other benign tumors of the human body, that is virtually non-existent.However, in severe forms of certain types of cysts certain symptoms still occur.For example, the strong growth of ovarian cysts are accompanied by the following symptoms: a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, dysuria, abdominal pain and constipation.

These cysts grow, though slowly, but continuously and without stopping.In the absence of surgical intervention may lead to inflammation and neighboring organs squamous cancer.

Diagnostics dermoid cysts

Diagnostics dermoid cysts performed during the medical examination, and usually does not cause any difficulty.In addition to a complete medical record of the patient and his physical examination is carried out a number of diagnostic procedures to determine whether education is linked to other tissues of the body.These procedures include computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Treatment of dermoid cysts

Character treat dermoid cyst is determined on the basis of specialist general medical condition and the patient's age, medical history and stage of disease.At the same time the removal of dermoid cysts is mandatory, as is a risk festering tissues and dysfunction of various organs due to dermoid growth.

Surgical removal of dermoid cysts is its opening, content extraction and complete drainage of the cavity, if abscesses.After the inflammation subsides, it becomes possible excision cyst wall.

operation to remove a dermoid cyst is characterized by minimal trauma to the tissues and the imposition of nearly invisible cosmetic sutures.

If education is small, the treatment of dermoid cysts are usually less than half an hour, and the more complex and time-consuming procedures are carried out in purulent cysts of large size and in any dermoid cyst of the brain.

Medical technology today is so advanced that after surgery the patient may have two after the procedure to practically forget about the operation.The most effective in this case be considered as methods of removing the cysts, as laser therapy, laparoscopy and endoscopy.

In addition, surgeons do their best to minimize the trauma to adjacent tissue and joints impose so masterly that even after surgery on a patient's face after a while may remember that once there had been a significant cosmetic defect.dermoid cyst treatment in all cases has a favorable outcome, and is one of the safest surgical procedures in the human body.

However, untimely removal of the cyst wall recurrences may occur.If the acute inflammatory process begins, you urgently need to open the cyst and drain the abscess.It is important to remember that the radical removal of dermoid cysts can be carried out only after complete elimination of inflammation and wound healing.


Despite the fact that such tumor seals grow slowly enough, it happens continuously and without interruption.In the past few years, the cases when the cyst is incredibly fast turning into a malignancy.If the cyst is located in the abdomen or in the pelvis, it can transform into squamous cell carcinoma.

contents of cysts includes degenerated horny scales.With the destruction of the walls of the cyst gets her pus in the surrounding tissue, causing in them the development of chronic inflammation.The most frequent complications of dermoid cysts are festering, can cause patients severe pain and further predisposition to malignancy.


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