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Dermatofibroma is a small round benignon the skin.It can appear on any part of the body, but is usually formed on the upper back, ankles, feet and shoulders.This skin growths consisting of blood vessels, collagen, fibroblasts and histiocytes.Dermatofibroma usually extends above the surface of the skin, it has a different color and does not decrease with time in size.Most often it affects people over 30-40 years.

reasons dermatofibromas

difficult to name the exact reason dermatofibromas as this education is persistent.As alleged reasons dermatofibromas doctors are the following factors:

  • injuries of various kinds.Dermatofibroma can develop even in place of minor damage to the skin as insect bites or thorn prick the plants.
  • Age.The disease is common in middle-aged people.Children and adolescents are almost not affected by this illness.
  • gender.According to statistics, women Dermatofib
    roma appears much more frequently than males.
  • Heredity.Dermatofibromas reason may also be a family history of the disease.

Among other possible causes dermatofibromas isolated tuberculosis, chicken pox, disruption of the liver and acne.


dermatofibromas are small, solid, slightly protruding growths on the skin.The color of these formations is very different from the skin color - they may be reddish, pink, gray, brown and even purple.In some cases, the color may change over the years.

dermatofibromu When pressed on to the surface of a small pit is formed.Typically, these growths are absolutely painless, but in some patients, they cause itching or discomfort.If the damage can bleed.

Dimensions dermatofibrom often fluctuate around one centimeter, but in rare cases can be more.Typically, these structures are arranged singly rather than colonies, and some patients may be scattered throughout the body, not focusing on one area of ​​the skin.

dermatofibromas are developing rather slowly - they may for a long time does not increase in size, but only change the color.Eventually they grow up a bit and stop growth.


usually diagnosed disease without any problems.The doctor reveals dermatofibromu already at the first examination, but the collection of medical history may require further examination.If education is accompanied by painful sensations, bleeding or modified, a biopsy is performed under local anesthesia.During this procedure, a small fragment dermatofibroma removed and examined under a microscope.As a result of the biopsy determined the further treatment strategy dermatofibromas.

Treatment dermatofibromas

Dermatofibroma not pass on their own and in the absence of appropriate treatment is in the patient for life.If this does not bring the formation of any discomfort and pain, is not large in size and contains no cancerous cell, it can not be treated.

If dermatofibromas cause pain and itching, it is located on the visible or uncomfortable places, and people constantly accidentally hurt them, in this case it is better to consult a doctor.In the treatment of dermatofibromas only solution is surgery.As for traditional medicine, so actively promoted by almost all ills, please note that treatment dermatofibromas they not only have no effect, but may even harm.

Due to the deep location of the removal dermatofibrom have to make cuts in the deep layers of the skin, so after surgery usually remain visible scars.Dermatofibromas removal procedure takes very little time, done with local anesthesia, and the successful outcome of the operation the patient discharged on the same day.If done correctly, after surgery there is no any side effects.However, when poor-quality holding operation can develop an abscess.

The most important thing to pay attention to after the removal dermatofibromas this scar care.For some time after the operation, he will be red, itchy and highly noticeable to others.2 weeks after the stitches are removed the scar can be lubricated with gel "Contractubex", which accelerates the process of resorption of keloid scars.As the wound, he will lighten and eventually becomes equal to the color of the skin.When this happens, with the help of a cosmetologist scar can be made completely invisible.This effect can be achieved by eliminating the laser hyperemia, injections to smooth out scars or repeated surgery to remove scar.

Some specialists practicing partial removal dermatofibromas using liquid nitrogen.In this case, only the portion removed education that protrudes above the skin surface.This procedure avoids the scar, but leaves the likelihood that Dermatofibroma grow again.

most modern method of removal is dermatofibromas laser ablation (vaporization).Just one session can get rid from several tumors.This procedure leaves no scars on the skin coarse, replacing them inconspicuous spots, slightly lighter than the color.The only drawback of vaporization - it is more expensive than conventional surgery.

People with dermatofibromas should maximally attentive to the appearance of these formations.If any marked changes (rapid growth, compaction, discoloration, pain or bleeding) you should immediately contact the surgeon.In very rare cases, one of the varieties of skin cancer (dermatofibrosarcoma) in the early stages of development associated with symptoms similar to the symptoms of dermatofibromas.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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