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1. Types and causes of dermatitis

2. symptoms

3. manifestations of dermatitis in children

4. dermatitis Treatment

Dermatitis- an inflammatory disease of human skin.

Healthy human skin has a protective function.But in case of decrease of immunity or prolonged exposure to corrosive agents decrease its protective properties, resulting in occurrence of dermatitis.

Types and causes of dermatitis

Depending on the cause of development, the following types of dermatitis.

1.Kontaktny dermatitis.It is a short-term inflammation of the skin in direct contact with the irritant factor.Its reason may be, for example, intolerance to certain cosmetics.

2.Prostoy contact dermatitis.There is in direct damage to the skin.This type of temperature effects cause disease, exposure to radiation, pressure, friction, exposure to certain plants entering alkali or acid on the skin.

3.Taksidermiya.This is a short-term inflammation of the skin as a result of penetration into the bloodstream ir

ritating factor.An example of this type of dermatitis occurrence can be rash when taking certain medications.

4.Seboreyny dermatitis.Chronic inflammation of the skin of the body and head that contain sebaceous glands.This is the most common form of dermatitis on the face.Eruptions affect the nasolabial folds, cheeks, forehead, scalp border.The reason are the endocrine and nervous disorders.

4.Allergichesky dermatitis.It represents an allergic reaction of the body to the allergen.He appears after repeated contact with the allergen in a human having a predisposition to allergic reactions.

5.Atopichesky dermatitis.Chronic inflammation of the skin allergic nature.The main cause of the disease is called a genetic predisposition to it.Factors that provoke its appearance - the inhalation of allergen, direct contact with him, intolerance allergen when eating.

6.Perioralny dermatitis.Disease seborrheic close to mind.Rashes appear around the mouth.

Contact dermatitis is an acute or chronic.The acute form manifests itself immediately upon contact with the skin irritant.The chronic form develops after exposure to multiple stimuli to the skin, the risk of complications.

dermatitis are more prone to people who are in a constant state of stress.At risk are also the owners of dry skin, especially in windy and cold weather.


Symptoms of contact dermatitis species vary from short, easy to redness and swelling of large bubbles.Usually they consist of itchy rash of tiny bubbles.At first, the rash limited contact area, but then can be distributed more widely.If terminated contact with the allergen, the redness disappears in a few days.Bubbles first get wet, then crust over and then dry.

flow taxidermy is manifested in different ways, depending on the cause of occurrence.The most common symptoms of this type of dermatitis include the appearance of rash, which is often accompanied by itching, fever, digestive disorders.

symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis depends on the type of lesion localization.This type of dermatitis is characterized by redness on the face skin on the eyebrows and eyelashes, its peeling.Often there is a strong redness on the cheeks and nose wings.In the affected areas occurs itching and soreness.With the development of seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp in the affected area appears scaling or thick crusts formation.

dermatitis allergic symptoms are swelling, redness, papules, microvesicles (rash in the form of a bubble).Some bubbles opened, forming a moist areas.Repeated exposure to an allergen such dermatitis can go in eczema.

main symptoms of atopic dermatitis type - lesions of the skin on the head, neck, face, in the popliteal fossa, elbow creases, folds of the skin.The skin redden, flake, they appear small bubbles.Exposing such bubbles become wet, then dry up to form a brownish crusts.All skin changes are accompanied by itching.

dermatitis manifestations in children

dermatitis most often found in children in the first months and years of life.Experts call the main causes of this disease in children:

  • genetic predisposition to allergies;
  • frequent infectious diseases;
  • bowel disease, in particular dysbiosis;
  • taking certain medications.

most common dermatitis in children is of such species - diaper, atopic, seborrheic, contact.

Diaper dermatitis in children occurs when prolonged exposure to urine and feces on the skin.The inflammatory process involves the skin of the buttocks, inner thighs, genitals.The causes of diaper dermatitis are incorrect application of the diaper, wash your baby rare, the use of irritating soaps, allergic to creams, which are used for baby skin care.In this disease the children suffer from itching, they become irritable, often crying, restless sleep, lose their appetite.Sometimes the infection to inflammation of the skin is attached.This gives rise to painful pustules, unpleasant smell.

Manifestations other types of dermatitis in children does not differ from the manifestations in adults.


dermatitis treatment of dermatitis is very important to carry out under the supervision of a physician.This is especially necessary when dermatitis on the face.Treatment of this disease involved dermatologist and allergist.In some cases, need to consult a gastroenterologist and other professionals.

Before you start treatment of dermatitis of any kind is necessary to eliminate contact with the stimulus (allergen).

For all types of the disease, except for ulcers, apply corticosteroid ointment in case of complications - with disinfectants.

in the treatment of atopic and allergic dermatitis using antihistamines, glucocorticoid agents, allergen-specific immunotherapy.

necrotizing form of dermatitis is treated only in a hospital.

Simultaneously with conservative therapy or chronic illness can apply national treatment of dermatitis.There are many recipes of traditional medicine in the treatment of this disease.

1. In the national treatment of dermatitis has been successful this recipe.A tablespoon peeled, shredded twigs blackcurrant boiled water.Insist 10 hours a thermos.Take a tablespoon inside 6 times a day.The same infusion is used as a lotion.

2. When itchy rashes in the national treatment of dermatitis are used walnut leaves.A tablespoon of chopped leaves pour a glass of water.Bring to a boil, boil for five minutes.Two hours after the infusion filter is used as a compress.


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