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1. reasons derealization

2. diagnosis and clinical manifestations

3. Treatment derealization

One of the most common worldwide psychiatric pathological conditions,It is a derealization, or depersonalization allopsihicheskaya.

Derealization - a disorder of perception of reality in which the human world around us, is perceived by him as devoid of paint, remote and unreal.This alienation worldview that denies the first of familiar objects and phenomena, spatial relationships and interaction with living beings, which is accompanied by a strong feeling of their changes, unnatural and strangeness.

Moreover, these patients can not determine exactly how everything has changed.For this reason, describing his unusual experience, use words such as "like", "if", "like" and others.

Derealizatsionnoe perception applies both to multiple analyzers or one of them, and if derealization symptoms are severe,sense of reality may disappear in man, and the patient simply does not remember whet

her he ate today, if it exists at all in the world and can not imagine their own home environment.

derealization symptoms may occur and perfectly healthy people, as a rule, against a background of fatigue, chronic lack of sleep or nervous overstrain.derealization syndrome is a neurotic and psychotic character and is often combined with neurosis, depression and anxiety.

reasons derealization

In most cases, the causes of derealization include a whole range of factors, based on deprivation and its consequences.Long-term suppression of numerous, unconscious or conscious desire or inability to achieve the realization of certain vital successes include the protective psychological processes such as derealization syndrome.For this reason, the majority of patients are perfectionists with increased level of claims.

derealization syndrome is accompanied by a depressive state, a distorted perception of reality, and misjudgment of the surrounding space.Patients with this condition maintain adequate behavior and self-control.

As a result, a distorted and altered perception surrounding the human reality becomes alien, slow, indistinct and strange.The patient all phenomena and events is considering, as if through a fog or film, and often perceives reality as decoration.

Allocate such basic causes of derealization:

  • a lot of stress, fatigue, chronic fatigue;
  • permanent suppression of desires and can not be implemented in the community;
  • protracted depression, isolation, sadness, failure of communication can cause derealization;
  • use of psychotropic and narcotic substances;
  • traumatic situations that are physical or psychological in nature, is also an important cause of derealization.

derealization syndrome often quite similar to depersonalization, but its symptoms is different.derealization syndrome leads to loss of orientation in time and space, changes in mentality and tear of public relations.Because of this disorder in people marked symptoms of derealization: violation of perception, when a familiar area appears rotated by 180 ° and the person is often lost on the streets, not realizing he should go to the left or right, and perfectly familiar situation, it seems strange, alien andnever seen.

Neurologists and psychiatrists allocate such derealization symptoms:

  • distortion in the sound and sensory perception;
  • distorted perception of the world;
  • lack of color perception;
  • sense of observation on the part;
  • lack of perception of action in society;
  • delayed for a full time or stop.

derealization symptoms are almost always accompanied by mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or schizotypal.

diagnosis and clinical manifestations

Derealization requires accurate differential diagnosis of a number of different psychopathological symptoms.This condition is characterized by hallucinations alleged lack of perception by the psychic automatism - disorder belonging to his own "I" and the lack of a sense -designed and illusions - the correct definition of the surrounding.

To determine the pathological condition neurologists and psychiatrists use special diagnostic tools - scale Nuller.Also use the laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation - blood and urine tests, MRI, and ultrasound of the brain.This disorder is manifested in the physical layer impairments in serotoergichekoy, dopamine and opioid systems of the body.Derealization reasons lie in reducing the level of serotonin, GABA and dopamine.That is why a person feels and lack of pleasure, feelings of unreality, lack of mood, anxiety, and feelings of dullness.

Treatment derealization

derealization Most often, it is not an independent disease, but a temporary protective reaction of the psyche, so its treatment involved psychologists and psychotherapists.If derealization syndrome accompanied by various mental illnesses, it should be treated simultaneously with the main disease in full compliance with the condition of the patient.

derealization Treatment initially involves determination of the causes of the disease state, and their removal.Depending on the type of derealization, a specialist selects the necessary preparations and drugs.

adequate medical treatment derealization, includes the following products:

  • antidepressants of the selective type (gabapentin, venlafaxine, and others.);
  • tranquilizers (elenium, Phenazepam, tazepam, etc.);
  • multivitamins and vitamins.

The main feature of the treatment of derealization is an adequate selection of the required therapy to be the most effective impact on all aspects of the pathological development of derealization.

Treatment derealization assigned based on the type of personality and psychological state of its neurotransmitter and autonomic system.

modern therapeutic techniques aimed at removing all derealization symptoms and include modulating psychological techniques, therapeutic recovery techniques, hypnosis, sensory modulation and synchronization software, color techniques and cognitive therapy.

Treatment derealization has been very effective in appointing autopsihoterapii, normalization regime of rest and sleep, improving the conditions of life of the patient.Required adequate regular exercise, massage, contrast showers, aromatherapy, relaxation and swimming.

important factor in the prevention of a pathological condition is prevention of recurrences.Since the de-realization refers to a change in mental state, need a change of scenery, positive emotions, a healthy lifestyle, getting acquainted with interesting new people.


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