Acne Human - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. reasons demodectic mange in humans

2. Symptoms

3. Acne century

4. Diagnostics

5. treatment of demodectic mange

Acne - a disease that occurs as a result of the defeat smooth skin and hair human Demodex mites kind.Demodex mite refers to opportunistic parasites.According to experts, it is found in 60% of adults.But most people, the parasite does not cause the disease, and some long treated for demodectic mange.

Habitats mite Demodex - skin sebaceous glands, the glands age, hair follicles.The most commonly seen on the face of demodicosis in the external auditory canal, on the chest, back.Acne mainly affects the face chin, nose, nasolabial folds, eyebrows, eyelids.

The adult mite has a size of 0.3-0.4 mm.Because of scales that cover his body, the tick is attached to the hair follicles.On the surface of the skin mites out in the dark.This explains the discomfort, itching at demadekoze that amplified closer to the night.

reasons demodectic mange in humans

long time exposure to mite balanced healthy human immune carrier.But sometimes, this balance is disturbed under the influence of different factors, which could result in disease demodekoz.

The most common trigger of the disease called depression of immunity, nervous stress, stress, susceptibility to skin diseases, diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the vascular and nervous systems, diabetes.

there are external factors that trigger the appearance of demodectic mange - solar radiation, high temperatures, unfavorable living conditions.

At risk are women with sensitive, pale, prone to redness, skin.

Symptoms The main symptoms of demodectic mange include inflammation of the skin.The disease begins with the appearance of acne, skin rashes, sores, itching, increased skin greasiness.The symptoms of demodectic persons are advanced surface vessels, redness, peeling, the appearance of small bubbles.With further progression of demodectic skin becomes lumpy, gray sallow, puffy nose appears, find it difficult to mimic the movement faces.

demodekoz If a man strikes the scalp, there is hair loss, itching.

Acne century

With the defeat of the skin mite century, there is a disease demodicosis century (the eye).In parallel with it develops blefarokonyuktivit, Demodectic blepharitis.The main symptoms of demodicosis age are redness and swelling of the edges, intense itching, loss of eyelashes.Most are formed crusts or flakes around the edge of the eyelids.Acne affects the mucous membranes of the eyes, leading to the appearance of dryness, redness, irritation, fatigue eye.Occasionally, particularly after sleeping lid margin accumulated mucous yellowish sticky discharge.

Diagnostics If you suspect demodekoz perform scraping a skin lesion, which is examined under a microscope.demodekoz Diagnosis if scrapings found numerous mites, demodex and, at the same time, there are specific manifestations of infection.

Acne century diagnose eye doctor.In this case the doctor reveals the parasitic mites in the patient's eyelashes.Cleared eyelash fill in a special solution and examined under a microscope.

treatment of demodectic mange

human Acne refers to chronic diseases, which are characterized by periods of relapse and remission.The disease can not be completely cured.But we can achieve persistent, long-term remission, in which the skin is clinically healthy.

very important to complete the treatment of demodectic mange.In order to identify the causes of the onset of disease, the doctor prescribes a full comprehensive examination.Often the need to consult related experts.

After establishing all the possible causes of the demodectic mange, the specialist selects the necessary therapy.Prescribe drugs for external use, sometimes, and for internal use.These drugs have anti-parasitic activity required to inhibit mite reproduction and development.

good result of treatment of demodectic mange facial achieved with combination therapy dermatologist and dermatologist.In such treatment medications act on Demodex and beauty treatments increase the skin's protective function.

the treatment of demodectic mange used electrophoresis with moisturizing substances.Action electricity for some time blocking the activity of the parasite.In the deeper layers of the skin penetrating moisturizing preparations.The skin becomes healthier, it reduces the production of sebum.

period of remission human demodectic lasts 3-12 months.Its duration depends on the skin type, the presence of chronic diseases, a person's age.Relapses often observed due to not complete the course of treatment.


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