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1. When you start and who is?

2. Symptoms of delirium tremens

3. Dangers of delirium tremens

4. Treatment of delirium tremens

5. Prevention

Delirium tremens - a medical term used to denote the phenomenon moreknown as the "delirium tremens".This clouding of consciousness, what happened on the background of alcohol withdrawal after prolonged or excessive use of it.Seizures occur delirium due to the most various disorders in the body related to the toxic effects of ethanol.Alcoholic psychosis in people who regularly consume alcohol.At the same time more than half of the cases are in the form of delirium tremens.Previously, an increased risk of developing delirium tremens spoke only after 10 or more years of chronic alcoholism, but currently, this threshold was reduced to 5 years.

When you start and who is?

Blue Devils often overtakes those who regularly consume alcoholic beverages, or at least suffering from alcoholism for 5-10 years.However, this condition can also d

evelop in those who can not be called alcoholics, - after taking a large amount of alcohol over a short time, especially if this person hardly eats.

In some cases, people who abuse alcohol, delirium tremens caused by a serious illness or a brain injury.

Many people mistakenly believe that delirium tremens develops in a state of intoxication.In fact, the symptoms of delirium tremens often occur within 3 days after the last use of alcohol, but this period may sometimes take up to 7-10 days.

Symptoms of delirium tremens

forerunners of delirium tremens are seizures, speech disorder, and headache.Shortly before the attack, a person becomes restless and disturbing his sleep deteriorates, which is often accompanied by nightmares.

Before the next step may take 2-3 days.The patient begins to suffer from insomnia and all sorts of hallucinations.The attack of delirium tremens always occurs only in the dark and is characterized by a progressive character.Among the hallucinations are more common images of insects, small animals and amphibians.It may be spiders, mice, rats, snakes and other creatures, which a man is afraid of in real life.

Hallucinations in delirium tremens are not only visual, but also auditory, and tactile.Visions differ so high realism that the patient begins to talk to mereschatsya voices, fulfill their instructions or even argue with them.

All that he sees, hears and feels the man in a state of alcoholic delirium, accompanied by facial expressions.On the patient's face appear grimaces of fear, terror or confusion.He is trying to shake off the imaginary insects or other unpleasant creatures repels someone from themselves or trying to hide.

For delirium tremens is also characterized by a sense of the presence of a foreign body in the mouth, which a man tries to spit it out or pull by hand.This alcoholic during the attack slurred and staccato.Talking with images of his hallucinations, he calls out the individual and at the same time short remarks.

condition of the patient during an attack of delirium tremens extremely unstable - excitement abruptly replaced by peace and relaxation, this is especially seen in the daytime.However, with the onset of night delirium tremens symptoms usually return.

Along with hallucinatory delirium tremens is accompanied by symptoms such as twitching of facial muscles and tremors in the limbs.Also manifest violation of the functionality of the autonomic system: tachycardia, unstable blood pressure, increased body temperature to 38?The C, muscle pain, excessive sweating and urinary system problems.

in a state of alcoholic delirium in many people has attacks of painful and unjustified jealousy.

Dangers of delirium tremens

Blue Devils - this psychosis, which is dangerous not only for the life and health of the alcoholic, but also the life of the people around him.Trying to get rid of the terrible visions, or in obedience to the orders of non-existent voices, the patient may commit suicide attempts.

During an attack of delirium tremens orientation in space deteriorates the person - he ceases to understand where he was and where he should go.Often this condition leads to the defeat of the nervous system - a violation of thinking, attention and memory.

Those alcoholics who at least once in his life faced with delirium tremens, alcohol consumption, even in small doses can provoke a repeat attack.

If time does not begin treatment of delirium tremens, 10-15% of cases end fatally.Mortality in the white heat of about 5% for hospital treatment and more than 30% - with delayed treatment, or in the absence of any assistance.

Treatment of delirium tremens

appearance of symptoms of delirium tremens - a reason for immediate hospitalization in a psychiatric or drug treatment clinic, where he will provide the necessary medical treatment.

Before human arrival of the doctor is necessary to lay in bed and try to keep it as a long as possible in this position.In addition, it is recommended to apply ice to the head of the patient and give him plenty of water.To reassure the patient, give him sedatives or hypnotics.Do not forget that in such a critical condition a person must be under constant supervision.

For the treatment of delirium tremens use psychotropic drugs, drugs that relieve intoxication, normalize metabolism and fluid and electrolyte balance, and reduced cardiac function and proper breathing.

Because psychotropic drugs in the treatment of delirium tremens is usually prescribed Relanium, droperidol or haloperidol.To resolve agitation, the patient is administered sodium hydroxybutyrate, diphenhydramine and Seduxen.

To effectively combat the organism intoxication practice intravenous drip of glucose, gemodeza, unitiol, reopoliglyukina, isotonic solution and sodium thiosulfate.The activity of the heart is maintained Korglikon or Kordiamin.To eliminate the risk of cerebral edema, the patient is administered a 1% solution of Lasix.For the general strengthening of the body prescribed vitamin C and vitamins of group B.

Treatment of delirium tremens is produced in intensive care units.Typically, an attack of delirium tremens lasts 2-8 days.In most cases the patient recovers after a long deep sleep.


Any disease of the CNS, cardiovascular diseases and brain injury several times increase the risk of developing delirium tremens attack, even against a single case of alcohol.That is why people with such problems it is better to avoid drinking.

In addition, at high risk include those who had a chance to go through any variety of alcoholic psychosis and severity, as well as people over 40 years who have ever experienced alcohol dependence or heavily, but were able to cope with the problem.Remember that delirium tremens, there is no statute of limitations: even a single attack can trigger a relapse after many years of abstinence.


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