Hyperopia - Causes, correction and treatment


1. reasons farsightedness

2. Age farsightedness

3. Hyperopia in children

farsightedness or hyperopia - blurred vision, which is associated within that the object image is formed behind the retina, rather than in it.With good distance vision, a person develops a bad near vision.But a person with a high degree of farsightedness, bad spots and objects located far away.

reasons farsightedness

Sometimes there is hyperopia, which is caused by a weakness of the eye's optical system.Thus eyeball shape and has a normal length.

But often there is one of the following two reasons for farsightedness.

1.Osevaya farsightedness - characterized by a short anteroposterior size of the eye.Typically, this congenital abnormality.With it, almost all children are born.With age, the extent of disease is reduced, and sometimes can turn into myopia.

2.Refraktsionnaya farsightedness - characterized by weakness refractive eyeball apparatus.The reason for this type of farsightedness is usu

ally a thickening of the cornea or the lens of post-operative.

Age farsightedness

Age farsightedness or presbyopia appears in almost all the people after forty years.Avoiding it may not even those who have spent previous life had a great vision.

person becomes difficult to distinguish small objects close to, read the fine print and so on.This is due to the fact that ophthalmic lens with age becomes less elastic and more dense.In addition, weakening the muscles that hold it.Occipital lobe of the brain that are responsible for vision, send a signal to the muscles of the eye.But they can not change the shape of the lens so as to focus on the quality image of the retina are close subjects.

presbyopia often accompanied by a clouding of the eye's lens, which indicates the development of cataracts.

Development farsightedness age leads to increased stress human eye.He constantly tries to focus the vision, focus it on the viewing small objects.As a result, the patient has frequent headaches, eye fatigue, malaise.In order to improve the perception of the image, the person tries to push itself further from books, newspapers, monitor.Because of this, there is another name for presbyopia - "disease of short-hand."

Age farsightedness - the natural state of a mature man.Avoid it impossible.But it is possible to reduce the unpleasant consequences of the disease, such as blurred vision, headaches, eye fatigue.

hyperopia Treatment carried out with the aid of glasses, contact lenses, surgery.

most popular and easy way of correcting farsightedness - a properly fitted glasses.They allow you to work with small objects, to read, to improve vision at a short distance.Usually this is done using the glasses with bifocal lenses.These lenses have two focal points: the upper part of the lens is used for distance vision and the lower - to view at close range.The analogue is bifocal progressive lenses.Furthermore, such a lens for correcting presbyopia have another advantage.They have a gradual transition with no visual boundary between the lower and upper lenses.With progressive lenses man sees well at different distances.

contact lenses used to correct farsightedness.For obvious benefits of such lenses include the fact that their central and peripheral zones of control clear vision at different distances.Sometimes variant lenses used to treat presbyopia known as "monovision".In this case, the correction is performed one eye for a good distance vision and the other - for a good near vision.At the same time the human brain chooses desired clarity at the moment the image.But not all patients can get used to this type of correction.There

treatment of hyperopia surgical methods.The most commonly used following such therapy.

Laser thermokeratoplasty.With the help of radio waves surgeon changes the corneal curvature on the eyeball.Thus, the modulated monovision.

Replacement lens of the eye.The radical and sophisticated method of vision correction.This is the best kind of surgery in the case of the patient in addition to presbyopia and cataracts yet.Artificial lenses can correct myopia and astigmatism.

Multifocal method.This is a new way of treatment of hyperopia.With eksimerlazera create different corneal optical zone through which can be seen at different distances.

Hyperopia in children

cause of hyperopia in children is becoming a shortening of the eyeball.As a result of refraction of rays focus located behind the retina.In the fundus is formed blurred smudged.It can be argued that almost all newborn children have hyperopia about three diopters.Children are straining your eyes to see objects clearly.When growing up child's eyeball grows in size, and an optical focus moves to the area of ​​the retina.Often the child's body is not able to compensate for farsightedness.In such cases, the reduced function of the visual cortex of the brain cells.In the absence of a clear picture no incentive for the normal development of neurons (nerve cells).This reduces visual acuity and often develop amblyopia - visual impairment, where the vision is reduced even with glasses.

In addition, in 40% of cases of long-sightedness in children observed the presence of strabismus.

main method of correction of hyperopia in children is wearing glasses.These glasses are worn continuously.A characteristic feature of the lens glasses for children is that the power of the lens below the degree of hyperopia.It stimulates the growth of children's eyes and reduces the extent of the disease.

In addition, for the treatment of hyperopia in children used hardware methods of therapy.They are painless, include elements of the game.By these methods include vacuum massage, laser therapy, electrical stimulation, magnetic and ultrasound, video-computer auto-training.Such courses of therapy hardware spend 4-5 times a year.With their help, the child is removed eye discomfort, improved general exchange processes of the eye structures, significantly improved vision.


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