Dacryocystitis in children and adults - treatment , massage


1. Forms and symptoms of dacryocystitis

2. development of the disease in newborns

3. dacryocystitis treatment in adults

dacryocystitis - chronic progressive inflammatorythe process of the lacrimal tract mucosa.As a result of impaired patency of the lacrimal tract patient suffers from periodic or continuous lacrimation and purulent discharge from the eyes.

dacryocystitis usually in adults occurs in people 30-60 years of age.At the same time women have the disease more often than men.

dacryocystitis reason are diseases of the nasal mucosa, which cause a blockage or narrowing nasolacrimal duct or inflammatory disease in the maxillary bone and the cavity where the lacrimal sac.

Forms and symptoms of dacryocystitis

There are two forms of the disease - chronic and acute.

cause of chronic dacryocystitis in adults is a narrowing of the nasolacrimal duct.Due to this, delayed tear lacrimal sac and pathogenic microbes that promotes the development of inflammation in the intest

inal mucosa.Acute dacryocystitis lacrimal sac or abscess usually occurs with chronic form of the disease.The acute form of the disease - a purulent inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the lacrimal sac.

Symptoms of chronic dacryocystitis in adults include swelling in the lacrimal sac, persistent lacrimation.Patient bloodshot semilunar fold (the fold of mucous membrane pharynx), conjunctiva.Exerting pressure on the swelling causes unpleasant, but not painful.Sometimes, when pressed, a small quantity of pus or cloudy contents of the lacrimal points.

Another sign of dacryocystitis is tearing.At the same time a tear "is in the eye," because that is not able to be absorbed and to penetrate into the nasal cavity.Periodically drops roll down her cheek.In some patients, a result of constant hydration, skin can get irritated and inflamed.

If untreated, chronic form of dacryocystitis becomes acute.Multiply in the lacrimal sac bacteria penetrate into the surrounding tissue.Formed abscess (limited purulent inflammation) or abscess (dec purulent inflammation).In the area of ​​the lacrimal sac skin is red, painful swelling.Eyelids edematous patient, slit eyes narrowed or even closed.This form of dacryocystitis quite dangerous, has a lot of complications.

development of the disease in newborns

there is a special term "neonatal dacryocystitis" In ophthalmology.It is a congenital form of the disease.In utero the baby clearance nasolacrimal canal is filled with muco-gelatinous mass.The yield of the channel covers the membrane.By the time of the birth of the majority of kids going back development of the membrane.For some children it is broken after the first breath.

According to statistics, the film is saved after birth in 1-7% of newborns.Furthermore, such a membrane 5-10% are retained on both sides.Such children tearfully-nasal channel remains closed.A sign of neonatal dacryocystitis is education in the lacrimal sac a small amount of purulent discharge.At the age of 2-3 months, the child appears sick slezostoyanie, lacrimation.In acute abscess often forms the lacrimal sac.It is characterized by the formation of edema in the inner edge of the lower eyelid in the lacrimal sac, high body temperature.The child showed increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, leukocytosis (white blood cell count in excess).Usually abscess opened outwards.But sometimes suppurative process extends into the orbit and cranial cavity.This development dacryocystitis is very dangerous for the health and life of the child.

Many children to the 14 th day of life on their own membrane dissolves, the inflammation goes away.But some children need medical help.

Cure dacryocystitis of newborns has been an ophthalmologist.

At the beginning of treatment used conservative therapy.Child prescribe special drops that prevent multiplication of germs in the eyes of a child.

very effective special massage from dacryocystitis.Massage lacrimal sac child should be carried out after each feeding day.An indication of the procedure is correctly output purulent slit eyes.Massage from dacryocystitis more effective the smaller the child's age.It is important to perform this procedure correctly, with the necessary effort.To do this, you need to listen to all the doctor's recommendations.Properly executed massage from dacryocystitis gentle on the cause of pathology and improves lacrimal patency.

Besides massage to remove pus particles need to periodically wash the child's eye apple.For the treatment of neonatal dacryocystitis used furatsilina solution.With this solution, with a sterile cotton swab was washed eye slit of the temple to the nose.After removal of the pus in the eyes of the antibiotic solution is instilled.

In case of failure of conservative therapy in the treatment of neonatal dacryocystitis lacrimal lavage used.This procedure is carried out under the drip (local) anesthesia.The tear tubule the doctor inserts a special tube and then holding it through the tear way baby.Then tear the way the patient is washed with an antiseptic solution.Almost always, this procedure leads to a complete recovery from dacryocystitis.

dacryocystitis treatment in adults

Treatment of this disease in adults consists of two stages.The first - the restoration of patency of nasolacrimal duct.And the second step - the use of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy.

Restoring patency of nasolacrimal ways to carry out surgical methods such as probing or dacryocystorhinostomy.

most popular method of surgical treatment of dacryocystitis is probing.Its essence consists in the introduction into tubules bougie passed - a special probe.This probe breaks through the blockage and expands the walls of nasolacrimal duct.This procedure is carried out at intravenous anesthesia.

more complex surgery is dacryocystorhinostomy.It is performed in severe launched during dacryocystitis.During this operation, a message formed between the nasal cavity and lacrimal sac, bypassing the nasolacrimal duct.The operation is a forced measure and is carried out when it is impossible to clean the channels, in order to prevent serious complications of the disease.

Surgical therapies dacryocystitis apply only after removal of acute inflammation.


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