Fox-Fordyce disease - causes , treatment and removal


1. reasons Fordyce granules

2. Species seborrheic cysts

3. Diagnostics

4. Treatment of Fordyce granules

granules Fordyce -it is a cosmetic defect, which consists in the appearance of the sebaceous glands in the form of pimples on the skin of the genital organs (penis, labia), in the groin, on the nipple, in the mucosa of the mouth and lip area.Also, these granules are called seborrheic cysts.

Fordyce granules are considered to be the norm for this, they do not carry health risks are not transferred contact-household and sexually and deliver exclusively concern patients not his aesthetic views, so that they both seek the help of professionals.

reasons Fordyce granules

Contrary to its second title - seborrheic cysts - seborrhea is not the true cause of Fordyce granules.When seborrhea patients marked change in the composition of sebum, which leads to blockage of the sebaceous gland duct and cyst formation, similar in appearance to the granules under consideration.When

Fordyce granules changes in the composition of sebum is not happening, so it would be better to call them cysts of the sebaceous glands.

Many scientists agree that the cause of the granules lies in the fact that the sebaceous glands in people with cosmetic defects are located slightly closer to the upper layer of the skin or abnormally positioned (the mucous membrane of the mouth, lip border).As a rule, the impetus for the emergence of seborrheic cysts is puberty.During puberty (14-17 years) is an increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands under the influence of sex hormones.And if the child was born with an abnormally positioned or displaced by the sebaceous glands, the active sebum leads to the visible manifestation of cysts is the reason Fordyce granules.

In addition, people facing the cysts under consideration, marked hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands.The narrowing of the lumen of the sebaceous gland duct also leads to the formation of cysts by the fact that the secret is not output glands and accumulates inside the pellets, leading to its increase.

Species seborrheic cysts

Externally granules like small yellow spots (1-2 mm in diameter) or white-yellow nodules (papules).The cysts are painless, but formed in large quantities.Better refrain from removing Spontaneous Fordyce granules as extrusion granule contents may lead to the formation of a hematoma, inflammation and scarring of the skin (especially with respect to the lips).

There are two kinds of granules under consideration: pearly penile papules and Fox-Fordyce disease.

Pearly penile papules are a variant of the norm, they do not endanger the health, do not lead to the development of various complications and are not sexually transmitted.Up to 30% of young men faced with pearly penile papules.However, this problem is sparsely covered in the medical literature.Practitioners familiar enough with her pearly papules and treatment is to carry out cosmetic procedures.Typically, after 30 years become less noticeable papules and lose its convexity.This fact associated with decreased levels of sex hormones (including testosterone), and activity of the sebaceous glands fading.

papules Abundant growth during puberty and reduce their number or disappearance after it led to the conclusion about the impact of high levels of androgens in the body for the formation of the variety Fordyce granules.

Symptoms Fox-Fordyce absolutely identical symptoms discussed above, but faced with the disease mostly women.Cysts are usually localized in the apocrine sweat glands, and to some extent associated with the urogenital apparatus.Many scientists agree that the disease is associated with disorders of the endocrine system.Places of localization of the affected sebaceous glands - that's armpits, perineum and pubis, labia majora, the area around the nipple.Often there is concomitant itching, worse during menstruation.As a rule, long-term course of the disease, though usually by age 40, it ends spontaneously.

Diagnosis Diagnosis is based on visual inspection without any additional diagnostic techniques.But visit a specialist is needed, in order to avoid:

- neurodermatitis;

- molluscum contagiosum;

- lichen planus;

- focal chronic eczema.

Treatment of Fordyce granules

To date, data on effective treatment Fordyce granules are rather contradictory.It is known that the use of Retin-A cream and jojoba oil prevents new pellets and helps to cope with fresh cysts.

In the case of chronic Fordyce granules removal is carried out by laser cauterization, cryotherapy or electrocautery.Unfortunately, after such a treatment 80% of relapse.Surgical removal of the granules Fordyce is a pretty radical method.However, to this kind of treatment, doctors rarely resort.

Treatment of Fordyce granules around the portion of the lips reduced to a permanent make-up, as the appearance of granules in this case is a cosmetic defect.


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