Gonorrhea in women - causes, symptoms , treatment


1. reason for gonorrhea in women

2. Symptoms of gonorrhea in women

3. Treatment of gonorrhea in women

Gonorrhea - an infectious disease transmitted sexuallymeans.Gonorrhea in women is characterized by certain features of the flow, which are related to the physiology of the female reproductive system.The disease is dangerous because if left untreated, it becomes chronic.The chronic form of the disease can lead to infertility.

reason for gonorrhea in women

The disease is a type of bacteria gonococcus.These bacteria are sensitive to antiseptics, desiccation, high temperatures, direct sunlight.Since the gonococcus has high infectivity, the chances of contracting the disease is very high.In direct contact with a carrier of the pathogen infection probability is about 70%.

Most often the cause of gonorrhea in women - unprotected sex.Very rarely infection through everyday.In this case, the disease can occur after the use washcloths or towels, shared with a carrier of infection.

Thus can be infected girls 2 - 6 years, in most cases, from an infected mother.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in women

complexity of diagnosis of the disease is that the early signs of gonorrhea in women are virtually absent.Due to this, the disease often spreads to the female urogenital system and becomes chronic.

When infection of the lower genital tract, in the initial stage of the acute form of the disease symptoms are not pronounced in women.Sometimes there is itching in the vagina, a slight burning sensation during urination, can be thick white discharge.If at this stage of development of the disease does not begin treatment, the infection by urogenital pathways will penetrate further and amaze lacunar glands and fallopian tubes.In this case the symptoms of gonorrhea in women more pronounced.The most common symptoms of the following:

  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • sharp deterioration of the body;
  • fever;
  • painful urination;
  • menstrual disorders.

the transition of acute inflammation in chronic, the symptoms of gonorrhea in women are less pronounced.In this situation, the leading symptoms are menstrual disorders and infertility.

Pathogen gonokokk affects the epithelium of the mucosa mainly in the place of infection.So when oral or anal sexual contact with a carrier of infection sign of the disease in women can be gonorrheal pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis or gonorrheal abscess.

Treatment of gonorrhea in women

The disease in women diagnosed with bacteriological examination of the contents of the vagina in the gonococcus.Experts note that in recent years in isolation gonokokk practically does not occur.Most often there is poliinfektsiya, where together with gonococcus, there are other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Treatment of gonorrhea in women need to start as early as possible.At the beginning of therapy are delayed due to the development of chronic process may be irreversible changes in the uterine appendages.

For the treatment of gonorrhea in women used antibacterial agents.Patients administered the last generation of antibiotics that act on gram-negative flora.Antibacterial drug should choose a doctor as gonococcus may be resistant to some drugs.Moreover, at different stages of the disease need different dosage formulation.

In the treatment of this disease the use of antibiotics can lead to the development of intestinal dysbiosis or vagina.Therefore, the appointment of the drug therapy is completed, which restores the microflora.It is important that during the treatment the patient is completely refused alcohol and sex.

Treatment of gonorrhea in women is carried out under bacteriological control.The disease can be considered cured when under the control bacteriological examination of smears or scrapings were found gonococci.

It is important to completely cure gonorrhea.The disease is in the chronic stage is often the cause of adhesions in the uterine appendages.Because of this, there is their obstruction and infertility women.Even if pregnancy occurs there is a high risk of miscarriage of the child.Often pregnancy in these women end in miscarriage or premature birth.Chronic gonorrhea in women poses a danger to the child during delivery.Passing through the birth canal, the baby is in contact with the agent.As a result, he may develop gonorrheal conjunctivitis and blepharitis newborn.


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