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1. Gonorrhea in men

2. Gonorrhea in women

3. Treatment of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a classic venereal infection.The disease caused by the gonococcus, which in 99% of cases, the patient is transferred from a healthy person with traditional and non-traditional sex, ie,sexually.Very rarely, the infection occurs through personal and household items, because outdoors parasite rapidly dies.

In gonorrhea primarily affected genitourinary system and its organs: the urethra, rectum, cervix and uterus in women, testes and the prostate gland in men.Often gonokokk attacks the throat, eyes and joints.Gonorrhea is considered highly contagious disease.

gonorrhea The earliest symptoms observed in a patient after the completion of the incubation period infection in humans.The men and women for a variety of diseases.

Gonorrhea in men

Within weeks after sexual contact with an infected person gonococcus men appear first gonorrhea symptoms: itching in the urogenital canal, discomfort graduall

y transformed into a burning, increasing day by day.One of the first symptoms of gonorrhea in men is pain when urinating.In the acute form of the disease in 70% of cases of urinary channel are white-yellow discharge, later, they acquire a greenish tinge and an unpleasant odor.

Very often gonorrhea in men flows into the chronic stage.Sometimes this is due to self-medication, when the representatives of the stronger sex begin therapy on the advice of your friends or acquaintances.Gonococcus constantly changing, so the drugs earlier to deal with it, now is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.As a result of this treatment of gonorrhea can develop very serious complications:

  • paraphimosis and phimosis - foreskin swelling, in which the head of the penis is squeezed and infringed the foreskin of the penis leading to gangrene;
  • epididymitis and orchiepididymitis - common severe complications of gonorrhea, in which there is inflammation of the testicle.The patient has fever and intoxication increases, it disturbed pain in the testicles and appendages.Exodus orchiepididymitis - the formation of adhesions and irreversible infertility.
  • gonorrhea prostatitis etiology if gonococcus enters the prostate and inflammation develops it.A man having aching pain in the lower abdomen, perineal area and the scrotum.The semen may contain blood.As a result of the disease rough adhesions are formed, which significantly reduce the possibility of sex and lead to infertility and impotence.

Recently, 20% of men infected with gonorrhea show no symptoms of the disease.Asymptomatic form of the disease characterized by small discharge and itching when urinating weak, they are dangerous complications of the above.

Gonorrhea in women

In women, gonorrhea in most cases proceeds without visible signs.For this reason, women, unaware of the disease, may be a source of infection.Symptoms of gonorrhea in the fairer sex is very low, gonococcus makes itself felt, as a rule, after 1-2 months.Typically, patients complain of pain in the abdomen unreasonable, then the gynecologist examines the genitals.One of the obvious initial symptoms of gonorrhea in women is an inflammation of the cervix and modification.

Possible complications of gonorrhea in women:

  • endometritis when inflamed uterus;
  • endocervite - erosion as a result of cervical inflammation, risk of developing mucosal dysplasia and cancer;
  • salpingitis and oophoritis - inflammation of the appendages and the fallopian tubes, leading to the development of a large number of adhesions and permanent infertility.

How are women and men of gonorrhea treatment should be carried out in a timely manner.If the disease run, this may lead not only to a change in infertility and reproductive organs, but also kidney damage, liver, heart, skin, bone and brain.

Treatment of gonorrhea

Before treat gonorrhea, the doctor prescribes the patient laboratory diagnostics.To do this, you must pass a general smear and pass such research methods as seeding or PCR.After confirming the diagnosis of each patient is assigned to an individual course of treatment for gonorrhea, generic drugs against gonorrhea does not exist.The most common treatment includes antibiotics, to combat gonococcus and chlamydia.For example, cefixime, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, azithromycin or doxycycline.

During treatment it is necessary to give up sex life, exercise, alcohol, and access to the pool.It is important to follow the rules of public and personal hygiene.If the patient has a regular sexual partner, the treatment is carried out at both.Upon completion of a course of therapy shall test samples.


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