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1. Causes headaches in children

2. Migraines in children

if it comes to headaches, then immediately there is an image of an adult suffering from abreakdown-or.In fact, acute or chronic headache is a problem of all ages and may occur as a young child and a teenager, and those people who have gone far beyond childhood.

If a child complains of headache that is accompanied by fever, colds, or high fever, the parents in this case, no questions arise.After all, here everything is clear, the pain will disappear, disappear as soon as all the symptoms of the disease.But there are cases when a child complains of headache with no apparent cause.Many parents with child complaints seriously do not take, considering it's just a childish whim or unwillingness to perform their duties.And really, why would it have a healthy child suddenly developed a headache?Just such an approach to the problem is the biggest mistake a parent.

flippant attitude to the child's complaints of headache, is fraug

ht with very serious consequences, because it marked a symptom that signals about the problems in the child's body systems.It is likely that the child is just too hot in the sun or overtired, but manifested sharply, periodic headaches in children - it requires the most careful attention dangerous symptom.

After abdominal pain, complaints of headaches in children are in second place on the treatment to pediatricians.Causes of headaches in children and a variety may be the only symptom of over fifty different diseases.Severe headaches in a child may appear on the background of stress, high mental and physical stress, over-voltage, conflicts in the family and school, spazmicheskih clips of the shoulder girdle and neck muscles.And in children under five years of headache can cause some edible products.

Causes headaches in children

cephalgia, or headache in children, is conventionally divided into two fairly large groups:

  • functional pain - arising from irregularities in the system of cerebral circulation as a result of diseases of internal organs, fatigue or any-or other causes which lead to stimulation of pain receptors in the cerebral vessels;
  • pain organic nature - arising as a result of volume or infectious processes in the brain (encephalitis, meningitis, cysts, tumors, violation of the outflow of fluid from the cavity of the skull).

most common causes of headaches in children - is, first of all migraine and various infections are of a general nature, and the nervous system.Most often, children head ache due to overwork, fatigue and stress.It is in an emotionally intense days when a child sitting at the computer for a long time, in preparation for the exam or after school.The pain does not deprive the activity of children, they are relatively well it transferred and can go about their business.It does not cause complications such as vomiting and nausea and more often, with rest or sleep without medication.Treatment of headache in children, which is similar in nature, is to provide a reasonable load, sufficient sleep and quality nutrition.Also will have an excellent tonic effect of yoga classes and massage.But if such a headache occurs more frequently than once every three days, you should go to the doctor, you may need to use sedatives and tonics.

Severe headaches in a child may be due to stretching of the walls of cerebral vessels, disorders of vascular tone, disturbances in the system of cerebral circulation.This pain is often accompanied by nausea, it is bursting, crushing or throbbing in nature and docked only after taking drugs.After the diagnosis the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment of headache in children with severe pain.In this case, it is important to ensure the child a healthy diet, a reasonable load and stable emotional background.

also one of the causes of severe headache may be a variety of head trauma, quite common in children.If, after the baby falling badly hurt and dizzy, nausea and vomiting, pale skin, you should consult a doctor immediately, because these signs indicate that the fall has not passed unnoticed.

Migraines in children

One of the most common types of headache in children, which is vascular in nature is migraine, which is difficult to recognize even whiter than that of adults.Pronounced attacks virtually no localization of pain is not always in the same part of the head.Therefore, if a child complains of a headache, which envelops the entire head and is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, redness or blanching of the skin, it may be signs of migraine.Sometimes migraine is accompanied by problems with limb sensitivity, photophobia, hearing problems may appear before the eyes of colored circles, or even observed loss of visual images.Such attacks of severe headache in the child continues from thirty minutes to several hours.

treatment of headache in children, which is in the nature of migraine, appoint a doctor.Parents can provide their own child darkness, silence, and bed rest.From folk remedies migraine attack well removes Viburnum juice or blackcurrant.For the prevention of migraine, it is important to reduce the physical and mental stress, reduce the consumption of chocolate, cocoa, milk, oranges, cheese products that contain nitrites and sodium glutamate.It is useful to do before going to bed massage of the head, from the forehead with both hands leading to the occipital region.

is necessary to plan the day of the child so that he was after school time to rest, and not at the computer monitor, and sports training or on the street.It is necessary to measure and intelligently combine chores, sports and intellectual work.

If the duration of headache in a child takes more than sixty minutes, the pain manifests itself strongly and often accompanied with vomiting, loss of skills, impaired consciousness and muscle tone, you should consult a doctor and get tested to determine the cause.Diagnosis is made by means of laboratory and instrumental methods of examination - blood tests, a study of the fundus, CT, MRI, brain neurosonography, etc. If there is a child's depression symptoms, obligatory consultation of a child psychiatrist..

Parents should be aware that not all drugs that have been successfully used for the treatment of headache in adults, may be used in pediatric practice.So, before you go to the home medicine cabinet for syrup or tablet analgesic, it is necessary to think about the fact that instead of the expected aid, can be applied to the child's health additional harm.


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