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1. Causes headache

2. Treating headaches during pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy worried mums often.In most cases, they occur in the early or late stages, but may appear in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

For most women, this pain is not a sign of a serious illness and has no negative effect on fetal development.Headaches in pregnancy in the first trimester is usually caused by hormonal changes in the body.And in the later stages of conception in many cases they are caused by more physical activity, and others accompanying this state, physiological and psychological changes.

Generally the most common causes of headaches in pregnant women more.

Causes headache

One of the most common causes of headache is migraine expectant mothers.It may be accompanied by such unpleasant events, such as nausea, vomiting, irritability, gastrointestinal disorders.When migraines often occur dizziness, ringing in the ears, nervous reaction to light, cough.

Throbbing severe head

ache during pregnancy in the same side of the head is one of the distinct symptoms of migraine.Often at the same time before the next storm in the eyes appear like flashes of light flicker.

Another common cause of headaches during pregnancy - stress or strain.The pain caused by them, as opposed to migraine without throbbing, pulling and compressing or covering the entire head.

In general, the cause of headaches during pregnancy can be:

  • Hypotension.This reduced pressure is observed in the majority of cases, mothers suffering from early toxicosis;
  • hypertension, ie high blood pressure, which is characteristic for the third trimester of pregnancy.This condition is dangerous.Hypertensive woman needs medical supervision;
  • overweight expectant mother;
  • Prolonged fasting;
  • Excessive consumption of foods with a high content of phenylamine, caffeine, tyramine, canned products, citrus;
  • weather changes;
  • Long eyestrain;
  • pungent smell, loud noise, bright or flickering light;
  • allergy;
  • Dehydration;
  • Mental or emotional stress, depression, anxiety;
  • Lack of sleep or too long sleep;
  • physical fatigue.

In many cases, headache expectant mothers does not represent any particular risk.However, sometimes it is a symptom of a serious disease.Severe headache in pregnancy may be an indicator of cerebral circulatory disorders of the spine diseases, renal disease, glaucoma, meningitis.Such situations require immediate medical attention.

However, when periodically there is not even a very severe headache during pregnancy, a woman should consult a specialist.Only neurologist establish the true cause of the discomfort.And, if necessary, prescribe appropriate treatment.

Attempts during pregnancy relieve headaches on their own with the help of available drugs may lead to a negative outcome.If the origin of the pain is unknown, use of reducing her medications can cause significant harm to the health of the woman or the fetus.

Treating headaches during pregnancy

Principles of treatment of headache during pregnancy preclude the use of certain means, is used to relieve pain similar to other cases.Drug therapy in such situations, is rarely used and only when the need for it is obvious.If there is no such necessity, pregnancy can relieve headache other ways.

safely and fairly effective methods to reduce the severe headache during pregnancy are many.For example, if it pulsates in the temporal part of the head, can be put on the neck of a cold compress.When the pain is concentrated in the frontal part of the face should be covered with a wet warm towel.Positive action in this case, replacement of heat-cold compresses, which are also put on the face.

Helps during pregnancy relieve headaches leisurely long walk in the fresh air or shoulder massage, foot, neck.An effective massage is the place between your thumb and index finger on both sides for one minute and massage the temples.If you feel tired and have the opportunity to lie down, take a little nap.It often happens that after sleep head stopped hurting.

good way to treat headaches in pregnancy is the use of cardamom, mint, citrus essential oils and oil Roman chamomile.Then, when the pain is caused by a low pressure, can help oil grapefruit, verbena, or orange.With increased pressure reduction in pain contributes lavender oil, ylang-ylang and lemon.However, the propensity of the expectant mother should be applied to the essential oil allergy caution.

Headache relieves cool or warm shower or the sweet weak tea.If before it was the advent period of fasting, you need something to eat.Then, when the pain occurs regularly, you should pay attention to diet and minimize the consumption of citrus fruits, nuts, chocolate, tea, cheese, fatty foods, fried and canned food.

sometimes get rid of a headache can attach to the sore spot of cabbage leaf and dragging it tight bandage.

Reduces pain in this case, chamomile and mint tea and broth hips.If none of these methods does not provide the desired effect, and the headaches continue to torment and constantly accompanied by additional alarming failures in the body, you must see a doctor and undergo a full examination.In general, the medical assistance and the appointment of a therapeutic treatment of headache during pregnancy is necessary when:

  • Headache constantly tormented;
  • head hurts right after the woman woke up;
  • pain localized in the same area of ​​the head;
  • Headache is accompanied by speech impairments, hearing, vision or interferes with normal motor functions of the body.


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