Headache in the back of the head - causes, symptoms , treatment


1. Causes headache

2. Frequent headaches in the back of his head

3. treatment of headache in the occiput

There are many causes of headachenape.Among them can be distinguished as having a serious illness, against which a headache in the back of the head a symptom, and prolonged exposure of the head in an uncomfortable position, which can cause pain.This fact, in some cases difficult to establish the underlying cause of the pain.Also not always possible to quickly and accurately distinguish true pain in the nape of the neck pain, which usually occurs due to a neck muscle tension or cervical spine disease.

Causes headache

Among the most common causes of headaches can be identified disease of the cervical spine (spondylitis, low back pain, stretching, etc.).In this case, the pain is protracted.It may be aggravated by sudden movements of the head.In this case, feeling drawn to the back of the head and at the same time accompanied by pain in the temporal part of the head, whic

h gives the jaw and ears.

seal the neck muscles and the trapezius muscles - another cause of headache, which occurs usually as a result of the length of time a patient in the draft, in an uncomfortable position, because of nervous strain, poor posture, and others.At the same time, along with a sharp headache at the nape of the patient may feel tingling, pain in the muscles.In some cases, there is dizziness, which could trigger the development of noise in my head.

With such causes of headache in the back of the head as the occipital nerve neuralgia, pain is paroxysmal in nature and may be exacerbated by the sharp movements of the head, sneezing or coughing.It is noted unbearable headache, which can sometimes cause some disturbance to the functioning of the vestibular apparatus.Thus, the observed symptoms such as disorientation, feeling a sharp drop, and throbbing in the temples.

In some cases, the cause of headache in the occipital part of the head performs a head injury or whiplash.

Frequent headaches in the back of his head

Frequent headaches in the back of the head may be due to disease of the cervical spine, which in turn is caused, as a rule, spondylitis, low back pain, and other injuries.

most common cause of frequent headaches are constant stress and fatigue.As a rule, frequent headaches occur in young people aged 25 to 30 years.It should be noted that from such pain often affects women than men.

Among the causes of frequent headaches in the back of the head can also be isolated miogeloz cervical spine, that is, the seal of the neck muscles.This headache accompanied by dizziness and pain in the shoulders.

neuralgia occipital nerve sharp headache in the occiput is characterized by an unpleasant feeling of pressure in the neck in between bouts.Neuralgia occipital nerve may be caused by colds, various diseases, such as cervical vertebrae pathology, low back pain, etc.

Severe headache in the neck can also be a symptom of hypertension.Often at elevated pressures, patients reported headache in this area.As a rule, the pain in hypertension observed in the morning.

Headache in the neck accompanied by cervical migraines.Thus pain observed not only in the neck, but also in the temporal brow and the scalp.

treatment of headache in the occiput

treatment of headache in the occiput is based on the elimination of the main causes of sickness.Treatment of neck injuries is fixing by means of special orthopedic collar.Reduction of head movements during treatment promotes natural and speedy recovery.

treatment of headache in the neck muscles during compaction for various reasons, is to carry out a course of massage, which includes no less than 10 sessions of massage of the upper back and neck.During use of the massage, usually oil or massage oil containing in its structure menthol.Headache Treatment also includes physical therapy and electrophoresis, which increases blood flow to the muscles, thus increasing the outflow of lactic acid.

diseases Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis is based on a visit to physical therapy and taking vitamins, which include calcium.Warming ointments are used to facilitate fast and efficient condition.They contribute to increased blood flow to the muscles of the neck, thus bringing relief.

In the event of sudden and frequent headaches in the occipital region should seek professional medical advice.It is recommended to visit the therapist, so that it held an initial inspection (X-rays of the cervical spine) and provided further action scheme.

also need to monitor their health, fewer colds, and not be a long time in the draft.It is recommended to do a small warm-up, if the work has to be a long time in one position (at the computer or behind the wheel).Such exercises are needed in order to avoid the surge of muscles and blood stagnation.


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