Severe headache at the temples - causes, treatment


1. Causes of headache in the temples

2. Diagnosis and treatment of headaches in the temples

One of the most occurring complaints at the reception at the neuropathologist and the therapist isheadache.It is a pain in the temporal

region of 70% of all applications, but at the same time, many consider the headache is not a very serious symptom and prefer to just take a pill analgesic, considering this problem completely solved.To those skilled in the appeal only if the self-treatment of headache in the temples did not bring the desired relief.

pain in the temporal region is caused by disturbance of cerebral circulation and the nervous regulation of the vascular system of the brain.As a result of spasm of any branch of the carotid artery, and irritation of the nerve endings in the walls of blood vessels, there is a pain in the temples.

Severe headache at the temples, as a rule, is a very complex medical problem, since its causes are vast.And in its diversity, pain in the temporal region has no equal.Severe headache in the temples can be dull and time-consuming, or sharp and unbearable, and it can occur both as a result of sharp fluctuations in blood pressure, as well as on the background of normal changes in the weather or emotional outburst.If you have pain in the temporal region, often advised to refer to a neurologist, but the causes of headache in the temples, often have no relation to the nervous diseases.This disease affects people of all ages, but it most susceptible to middle-aged people with weakened immune systems and reduced life activity.And nausea headache in temples, is always a messenger of serious violations in various organ systems.

Causes of headache in the temples

Today, experts allocate about forty-five different diseases that provoke pain in the temporal region.These diseases can be divided into several conditional groups:

  • violation of cerebral circulatory system;
  • migraine;
  • narrowing of cerebral vessels;
  • intoxication of drugs and alcohol;
  • infectious diseases;
  • age-related changes in the circulatory system;
  • inflammation of the temporal artery walls;
  • pinched nerve;
  • pathology temporomandibular joint;
  • hormonal changes in the body;
  • use of a specific group of foodstuffs and others.

Severe headache at the temples has enough negative consequences and can cause hearing loss and vision in humans.Also we can not exclude a variety of mental disorders and the development of serious diseases such as stroke.Whatever the causes of headache in the temples, it is unpleasant, nagging feeling provokes a constant irritation and hot temper, which is extremely negative impact on the human nervous system.According to experts, it is a headache is often the main factor that significantly reduces the quality of life of every person, so the headache should not be tolerated - it is necessary to eliminate it, to start setting correct the cause.

Headache in the temple has an unpleasant property to appear in the most inappropriate time for this and may even interrupt the deep sleep.The intensity of pain depends on the individual and can last from a few minutes to several hours or even days.

Nausea with headache in the temples are often a harbinger of serious violations of the organ systems.This symptom is characteristic of viral infections, acute respiratory disease, traumatic brain injury, meningitis and some mental disorders.In addition, nausea, headache in the temples, always seen in migraine, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and diseases of the cervical spinal department.

Diagnosis and treatment of headaches in the temples

To accurately identify the causes of headaches in the temporal region, you must undergo a thorough medical examination.Laboratory and instrumental methods of research is required to include blood tests (general and the ESR parameter), X-rays of the skull, the appendage of the sinuses, CT, scintigraphy, MRI and lumbar puncture.

Once the diagnosis specialist prescribe appropriate treatment of headache in the temples, aimed at eliminating the causes of pain.At home, the pain in the temporal region can appease by means of various medicines group nonsteroidal analgesics or anti-inflammatory agents.

Sometimes, to relieve a headache enough thumb or finger to massage the temples.The process consists of self-massage strokes 5-12 in pain points, sessions should be repeated as necessary.Such an easy acupressure is best done in a quiet place with subdued lighting, and with his eyes closed.You can also attach to the temporal region of the hot or cold compress.This technique will effectively relax the muscles and ease the tension considerably.Easy exposure to hot or cold compress for 10-15 minutes will reduce the pain.

Do not forget about the rest for the eyes during the day.Few thinks that the stress experienced by our vision while reading, using the computer or the management of vehicles, often leads to headaches.It is therefore necessary to take breaks more often and give your eyes a rest.

great importance is the quality and quantity of sleep.Sleeping less than six hours a day, as a result of human will provide such an unpleasant companion, like constant fatigue, which come with anxiety and temporal throbbing pain.

Remove the headache in the temples area hypotension help one or two cups of strong tea or coffee.However, the main thing here is not to overdo it, because the caffeine in large quantities, on the contrary, can cause pain in the head.

good alternative is chamomile tea and some help vitamins C, cherry or orange juice.Do not forget the walks in the fresh air and room ventilation, oxygen, nourishes and cleanses the cells of the body, contributing to the development of additional life energy to relieve pain in the temporal region.

It should be remembered that the pain - a signal that gives us the body in case of danger and are especially alarming signals of such a sensitive and complex organ as the brain.Therefore, when often repeated attacks of headache in the temples, you should immediately see a specialist for accurate diagnosis of causes and purpose the most effective treatment.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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