Headache - Symptoms, Causes , Treatments


1. Causes

2. Symptoms headache

3. What a headache is considered the most dangerous?

4. Removing headache or medical methods of treatment

5. Prevention

Headaches - the most common pain syndrome, which may be a manifestation of some fifty different diseases, abnormalities and malfunctions in the body.In this article you will learn about the causes and symptoms of headache, as well as on how to remove it.

Causes Headache

makes itself felt in many diseases and may also be a manifestation of the disease and leading.The reasons for it can be many factors: malnutrition and overeating, stress, smoking, physical stress, changing weather conditions, alcohol, oxygen starvation, malnutrition of the brain and its membranes.

develops pain resulting from stimulation of pain receptors of the brain arteries, the dura mater, the trigeminal, vagus, glossopharyngeal nerves, muscles and nerves of the head, skin, cervical spinal roots.

Symptoms headache

pain can be completely

different: compressive, throbbing, dull, bursting;double-sided, single-sided, frontal with a sense of pressure on the eye, parietal, temporal, occipital;varying severity, frequency and duration;with or without their forerunners;nausea or vomiting;visual impairment;dizziness, etc.

If you feel a strong first emerged, often repetitive, the same type or growing pain, be sure to visit the doctor.It is very important to timely detect serious disease.

What a headache is considered the most dangerous?

most dangerous headache:

  • accompanied by vomiting (especially when you do not become easier after vomiting);
  • does not pass after taking painkillers, antipyretics;
  • if because of neck pain is difficult to lift his head from the pillow from a prone position;
  • with any violations of consciousness;
  • the appearance of the rash.

Removing headache or medical methods of treatment

If you constantly suffer from headaches, then you need to undergo a medical examination in order to prevent or detect dangerous types of headaches, and then the doctor will prescribe the most effectivetreatment.

surveys, which can send the patient with headaches:

  • receiving a neurologist;
  • ENT doctor;
  • psychiatrist;
  • general and other blood tests;
  • CT scan of the paranasal sinuses;
  • CT of the brain;
  • radiographs of the cervical spine with functional tests;
  • vascular ultrasound of the neck and head.

very headache treatment depends on the type and severity of the pain, and the patient's age.To drown out the sharp pain used analgesics (NSAIDs) - Ibuprofen, Paracetamol or a combination of drugs based on them with the addition of caffeine, antispasmodics - Solpadein, Panadol, Pentalgin.Take them yourself, you can, but the long reception is invalid.Be sure to go to the doctor, look for and eliminate the cause of the headache.

Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe gabapentin, muscle relaxants, valproate, vitamin B, sedatives, diuretics, venotoniki, neuroprotective agents, antioxidants, cardiovascular drugs.Often the treatment of headache appointed physiotherapy - darsonvalization cervical area and head, electrophoresis, water treatment, acupuncture, massage, spa treatment.

Attention!Choose yourself one or the other drug or treatment method can not be, it should be done by the doctor.He will explain how to remove the headache is in your case.After all, if the cause of the headache is, for example, a brain tumor, one pill will not cure.Also do not forget that the abuse of painkillers may cause some side effects in the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract.


Complete rest is of great importance in the prevention of headache.It ends at the same time help prevent pain.Sleep should take sufficient time, ie 6-8 hours.In order not to compress the blood vessels, use a small pillow, which easily takes the shape of the head.

Physical activity is also able to prevent the headache, because it affects many psychological and biological mechanisms that are responsible for the appearance of pain.Just two or three dozen minutes of regular exercise significantly increases the resistance of a headache for most people.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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