Glaucoma - signs , symptoms, treatment , surgery


1. Causes of glaucoma

2. Symptoms

3. Glaucoma treatment

4. Traditional methods of treating a disease

Glaucoma -chronic eye disease in which increased intraocular pressure.If the pressure inside the eye is not just reduced optic nerve can be lost, and consequently blindness occur.

According to statistics, about 14-15% of people suffering from blindness, lost their sight as a result of this disease.Most often, the disease is diagnosed in people over 40 years old when glaucoma symptoms become more pronounced.But there are youth and innate form of glaucoma.

Causes of glaucoma

Intraocular pressure is usually elevated in violation elimination of intraocular fluid.Glaucoma is of three types - congenital, primary and secondary.

The most common primary glaucoma, the symptoms of which are mild.Factors provoking its development include age, myopia, heredity, diseases of nervous system, thyroid, diabetes, hypotension.

Secondary glaucoma develops as a result of a previous eye

disease.Its causes are:

  • shift lens;
  • eye inflammatory processes, such as scleritis, uveitis, keratitis;
  • cataracts;
  • degenerative eye diseases such as progressive atrophy of the iris;
  • wounds, burns to eyes;
  • eye swelling;
  • surgery on the eyes.


There are two forms of glaucoma - open-and-closure.Closure form is characterized by the accumulation of fluid within the eye due to the overlap of the anterior chamber angle of the iris, resulting in a closed access to the drainage system of the eye.Open-form develops as a result of abnormalities in the drainage system with open access to it.

Symptoms of glaucoma depends on its shape.

Open-form of the disease usually goes unnoticed, with no signs of glaucoma.The field of view of the patient gradually narrows, sometimes for several years.When the intraocular pressure in some patients symptoms of glaucoma, such as a temporary blurred vision and rainbow circles at the sight of a glowing light bulb.Also, you may experience typical symptoms of glaucoma - a pain in the brow area, and headache.

The most common open-angle glaucoma develops in both eyes.The main feature of this form of glaucoma - narrowing of the peripheral field of view.It begins from the nose, and then covers all departments.In addition, patients see worse at dusk.It is possible worsening of visual acuity, which is a sign of glaucoma in an advanced stage and is often accompanied by almost complete atrophy of the optic nerve.

The share of closed-form accounts for about 20-25% of cases.The main symptoms of this type of glaucoma following:

  • tension, heaviness, discomfort in the eye;
  • pain in the eye, frontal bone, temporal region;
  • visual impairment - temporary blurred vision, the appearance of halos around lights;

-closure glaucoma dangerous form of the possibility of occurrence of an acute attack - a sharp rise in intraocular pressure.It can provoke fatigue, nervous stress, long stay in the dark, the reception of a large volume of liquid, long work with tilted head, eye pupil dilation drug.

signs of glaucoma during an acute attack of the following:

  • headache;
  • pain in the eye;
  • sharp decline or blurred vision;
  • appearance of bright circles around the light source;
  • deterioration, weakness;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • sometimes pain in the stomach and heart.

It is because of glaucoma symptoms during an attack it is often mistaken for other disease.And if during the day is not provided necessary assistance, the patient can come blindness.

Glaucoma treatment

There are conservative (medical), laser and surgical methods for the treatment of glaucoma - operation on the visual organs.

Conservative therapy is aimed at addressing the symptoms of glaucoma, decrease of intraocular pressure, improve blood supply to the optic nerve and internal eye membranes and normalization of metabolic processes in tissues of the eye.Medications for these purposes are of two types:

- medicines that improve the outflow of intraocular fluid from the eye - pilocarpine, epinephrine, Patanoprost;

- drugs that inhibit the production of aqueous humor - clonidine, timolol, Dorzolamide.

With the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy or use laser surgery for glaucoma.

With laser eye surgery for glaucoma normalize the outflow of intraocular fluid.They are performed under local anesthesia.There are two types of laser surgeries glaucoma.One of them is based on microexplosion resulting laser action, the other - on the application of a local burn.

In many cases, patients are treated with glaucoma through surgery.During such operations a surgeon holds manipulations that reduce intraocular pressure and to normalize.

most progressive in our time considered in glaucoma surgery, during which a special valve is implanted to restore the physiological fluid outflow tract.Postoperative complications after it minimized.

At the first sign of glaucoma is used and some methods of national treatment.Glaucoma requires mandatory treatment specialists, but the recipes of traditional medicine can be used as a supplement to the basic treatment.

Traditional methods of treating diseases

Simultaneously with conservative therapy can be used folk treatment of glaucoma.There are many recipes for the treatment of this disease.Here are some of them.

1. Take 10 g of fruits of anise, fennel, cumin, coriander.Mixture pour 500 ml boiling water.Infuse 120 minutes, drain.Drink 100 ml three times per day.

2. Well-proven following a popular treatment of glaucoma.Mix one tablespoon of lemon balm, motherwort grass, buckwheat flowers, cinnamon, licorice root, ginger.A tablespoon of this mixture to pour 200 g of boiling water.An hour to insist, drain.Take three times a day for 100 g.

3. The national treatment of glaucoma using the following recipe.Mix honey and aloe juice a teaspoon, add a tablespoon of water perekipyachennoy.Buried in a mixture drop by drop every night eyes.

At the first sign of glaucoma and to prevent it is recommended to be taken orally every day for ten berries red currant, mountain ash, blueberries, wild strawberries.It is also one of the most effective means, proven popular with the treatment of glaucoma, is the juice of red viburnum.


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