Hypertension - degree , symptoms, treatment


1. Hypertension - what is it?

2. Causes

3. degrees of hypertension

4. symptoms of hypertension

5. How to get rid of the disease?

In the modern world is unlikely there are people who had never heard of such a disease, like hypertension.According to statistics, the disease affects about 30% of the world population.

In 9 cases out of 10 disease is a distinct disease or primary hypertension.In other cases, high blood pressure develops in the diseases of internal organs (kidneys, lungs, endocrine glands) and is called secondary hypertension.

Without timely treatment of hypertension can lead to violations of many systems and organs of the body.The increases several times the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, kidney function is disturbed, suffering vision.

Hypertension - what is it?

Arterial hypertension - a disease in which blood pressure rises and stays at this level for a long time.

The normal pressure of 130 / 85mm.HgSince the pressure values ​​of 140/90 mm.Hg,

it is already possible to speak about hypertension.

pressure value recorded 2 numbers.The number with a high value indicates a so-called systolic pressure (the "top"), fixed the period of cardiac muscle contraction.Less Pressure - is the diastolic ( "lower") the pressure, which is defined in the relaxation of the heart period.An important characteristic of vascular operation is the "middle" blood pressure value.


pressure often increases due to a significant increase in cardiac output (increase of vascular tone).Also, the kidneys play an important role in the formation pressure.

Periodic pressure rises can be caused by breathing during sleep disorders and sleep apnea syndrome.Another major cause of high blood pressure are frequent neurosis and stress.The pressure increase may be observed due to misuse of certain drugs, as well as due to the excessive use of caffeinated beverages.

degrees of hypertension

cardiologists from around the world gather each year in the symposium.Congress 2003 is significant in that the following classification of hypertension in several degrees of development was adopted:

- Mild at which the blood pressure of 140-159 / 90-99 mm.Hg.Article .;

- second degree, in which the pressure is in the range of 160-179 / 100-109 mm.Hg.Article .;

- third (heavy) degree at which the pressure increases above 180/110 mm.Hg.Art.

degrees of hypertension are determined taking into account the risk factors, which include:

  • Age.Typically, the disease occurs most often in men over the age of 55 years and women over the age of 65 years.
  • Smoking patient.All degrees of hypertension in the treatment process "will not tolerate" bad habits.
  • blood cholesterol (greater than 6.5 mmol per liter).
  • family history of cardiovascular disease.
  • Other factors that worsen for hypertension (obesity, inactivity, diabetes and so on.)

Depending on the degree of hypertension is determined by the risk of the effects of the disease (stroke, heart attack).

symptoms of hypertension

symptoms of hypertension depends on the stage of the disease and on the shape of the current.The initial stage of disease development is not accompanied by symptoms.The first symptoms of high blood pressure have an effect in the development of complications period.The heart feels the development of the disease almost immediately.The pressure is high, the heart has to pump blood with considerable effort.The result is a thickening of the ventricular walls.Further, there are changes in the blood vessels, circulatory disorders of the internal organs.The patient noted shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, visual disturbances, dizziness.Particularly strong symptoms of hypertension in moments of hypertensive crisis (sudden increase of pressure).Other signs of disease appear due to the fact that with the passage of time marked a strong violation of the functions of internal organs.With heart failure, encephalopathy, ischemia, visual impairment, renal failure develops over time.

How to get rid of the disease?

Argued that with good high pressure tolerance it can not cure or treat hypertension folk remedies.This is wrong and dangerous.Stable higher pressure levels can cause all sorts of complications such as heart failure, renal failure, visual impairment, stroke, coronary heart disease.Therefore, treatment of hypertension necessary.

Many people are convinced that the treatment of hypertension, doctors tend to reduce the pressure to "job numbers."Sometimes the patient states that "working pressure" for it is the pressure of 160/100 mm.Hg.Art., and it is at these figures it feels normal.This approach is fundamentally flawed.The doctor will seek to reduce the pressure to normal values.This is the only method of treatment of hypertension, it is recommended by all the specialists.There are only two exceptions to the rule - the narrowing of the renal arteries in cases where it is impossible to conduct the surgery, and severe degree of renal insufficiency.

Reduced pressure into the normal range should be slow by receiving sedative and vasodilator drugs.Simultaneous decrease in blood pressure can be completely life-threatening.

Treatment of hypertension folk remedies involves the use of herbal sedatives (valerian, Leonurus, St. John's wort) and herbal infusions, which contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and relieve tensions in the heart muscles.

Despite numerous recommendations for treatment of hypertension folk remedies the patient is constantly observed by a doctor and agree with him and receive herbal medicines.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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