Hyperactivity - symptoms, treatment , correction


1. symptoms of hyperactivity

2. Treatment and correction of increased activity syndrome

Hyperactivity called too lively behavior, in which clearly visible nervousness person.Usually, this behavior is due to the inability to control emotions.Therefore giperativnosti syndrome occurs mainly in children and adolescents.If you behave like adults, we can talk about the presence of a mental disorder.

With regard to hyperactivity in children and young experts have a different opinion syndrome.They believe that excessive activity and high anxiety in this case, due primarily to attention deficit.Under the attention deficit in this case means the lack of ability to focus on a specific object, activity or sound.

In addition, factors like the child's behavior may be a birth trauma, any infection, inadequate or unhealthy diet, poisoning poisons of chemical origin.

hyperactivity syndrome occurs in boys more often than girls.He usually makes itself felt as early as two to three years.Today

hyperexcitability observed in almost 10% of primary school pupils.She is often accompanied by sleep disorders, speech defects, pathology, diarrhea, and enuresis.

symptoms of hyperactivity

Despite the fact that symptoms of hyperactivity in children occur at a very early age, an appointment with a specialist, they often fall to 8-10 years.This is explained by the fact that initially the surrounding feel restless child, or simply do not attach much importance it unmanageable mobility.She begins to require special attention when it becomes a hindrance schooling and prevents adaptation in society.

main symptoms of hyperactivity in children are:

  • Failure to long on something to focus;
  • nesobrannosti, inability to concentrate on one subject;
  • difficulty concentrating on any one lesson;
  • Reluctance to solve tasks requiring mental stress;
  • Distraction;
  • constant forgetfulness;
  • Regular distraction to the background noise;
  • Continuous fidgeting in his chair;
  • Frequent jumping from their seats;
  • Impulsive waving hands and feet uncontrolled movements during the unrest;
  • Failure something quietly wait and something to listen to until the end;
  • constant desire to dart off.

If such actions in behavior occur, there is a serious reason to suspect the presence of his hyperactivity syndrome.This can have negative consequences, lead to poor social adaptation and violation of the normal learning process.hyperactivity syndrome in children and adolescents provoke excessive irritability and short temper.They can not concentrate, they are angry, when you have to wait for something and do not realize at the time of the commission of the acts of its consequences.

especially risky manifestations of hyperactivity syndrome are in the conflict adolescence.Boys and girls with the syndrome have a strong desire to be a leader and often commit cause bordering on antisocial behavior.They soon begin to smoke, drink alcohol, or drugs.

children with symptoms of hyperactivity requires a specific approach in the education and supervision.Their behavior is not due to negative traits, and violation of the reticular formation.This is one of the functions of the brain responsible for processing information and the degree of concentration.Failed in its work leads to an excessive build-up of fatigue of the brain and emotional anxiety, against which there is uncontrolled desire of constant movement.

Treatment hyperactivity possible in pre-school, school and even teens.Many experts believe that it is due to genetic factors, the influence of which it is difficult to resist.However, it is not.Correction hyperactivity, provided that such behavior is not caused by severe trauma or infection of the brain, carried out quite successfully.

Treatment and correction of increased activity syndrome

Hyperactivity in children can not be the usual strict control, as the child in this case is not able to respond to the comments and to perceive the threat of punishment for his actions.The primary objective of hyperactivity correction - to teach a management.It lies in the direction of energy in a safe direction.It can be sports or vigorous exciting games, combined with careful observance of the regime of the day and with the obligatory stroll on fresh air.

process of treating hyperactivity does not allow intellectual fatigue and long-term human presence among large masses of people.The child should be protected from stress and emotional shocks.These children should not impose too high demands.But to be with them too soft, too, is unacceptable.Power of the child shall be correct, with sufficient micronutrients and vitamins.

Therapeutic treatment of hyperactivity is the use of neuroprotective drugs in conjunction with manual methods.As a stimulant used amphetamines, which can be taken once a day.If stimulants do not give tangible results in the treatment of hyperactivity prescribed antipsychotics and antidepressants.However, such methods require constant monitoring of the child, as it creates the risk of cardiovascular abnormalities.

to treat hyperactivity used tranquilizers, sleeping pills and N1- blockers.They are used in cases where other drugs are ineffective, and only after a painstaking analysis of the causes of the failure of the previous method of treatment.In addition, to suppress or hyperactivity assigned correction clonidine and some anticonvulsant medications -. Carbamazepine, valproic acid, etc.

manual methods of correction involve hyperactivity relaxing massage, which can be done at home.It calms the nervous system and for a while depressing the need for constant movement.

correction of hyperactivity is not possible without a family microclimate.Good results can only be achieved in the absence of scandals in the house, noisy gatherings, disputes between family and aggressive behavior of others.Otherwise, even the most serious attempt to deal with hyperactivity in the child will certainly be successful.


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