Treatment of brain hydrocephalus in adults and children


1. Causes and clinical signs of the disease in children

2. brain Hydrocephalus in adults: Causes, Symptoms

3. Outdoor brain hydrocephalus

4. Diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus of the brain in children and adults

hydrocephalus (edema) of the brain - a condition in which there is an excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain due to the difficulty or inability to move it.Liquor - the liquid that circulates in the ventricles and subarachnoid space (cavities) of the brain.

Causes and clinical signs of the disease in children

Liquor (cerebrospinal fluid) of the brain plays an important function of saturation with nutrients and elimination of toxins from it.For normal operation of the brain is needed timely outflow of cerebrospinal fluid from the ventricles of his.But with hydrocephalus such outflow is broken, it will not be affected production of liquor.Thus, the ventricles begin to expand and overflow.

The most common symptoms of

hydrocephalus of the brain in children of the first three months of life are:

  • rapid increase in head circumference, so that it acquires a spherical shape
  • child irritable, maudlin
  • it often and abundantly belches
  • area fontanel rises above the level ofskull and pulsing
  • baby eyes shifted down, deteriorating eyesight, strabismus may
  • in some cases, seizures occur
  • children behind in mental and physical development.

have older kids and adults, when the skull bones have fused well with each other, the head is not increased, but the child concerned pains of the head, nausea, vomiting, loss of hearing and vision, and weakness.

Hydrocephalus in children is always accompanied by increased intracranial pressure.Determination of pressure is the initial task in the process of diagnosis and treatment of disease.

main cause brain hydrocephalus in children - obstructed labor, prolonged rupture of membranes, birth injuries.

Sometimes, even in the womb, the baby in the brain produced an excessive amount of liquor.This happens due to the deferred mother of viral and infectious diseases during pregnancy.

most common congenital hydrocephalus, which is beginning to manifest itself in the first months of baby's life.But cases of acquired hydrocephalus can not be excluded.We initially healthy children cause of the disease can be transferred meningitis, encephalitis, brain injury.

Hydrocephalus brain in adults: Causes, Symptoms

brain Hydrocephalus in adults is caused by a stroke, brain hemorrhage, meningitis, brain surgery, oncological diseases of the brain or atrophy.Young people acquire this pathology often after traumatic brain injury.

main symptoms of brain hydrocephalus in adults:

  • headache, dizziness, noise in my head;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • motor and neurological disorders;
  • seizures;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • decreased performance, apathy, depression.Feature

hydrocephalus in elderly in that the pressure in the ventricles or brain does not increase at all or only slightly increased.A slight increase is possible with normal pressure hydrocephalus, brain when compression by increasing the amount of liquor leads to it (the brain) the destruction.

When replacement hydrocephalus pressure does not rise.Since the reason for its occurrence is often the atrophy of the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid fills a space that emerged in the process of atrophy.

external hydrocephalus brain

Depending on the localization of isolated ventricular cerebrospinal fluid, mixed, and the outer brain hydrocephalus.

When ventricular hydrocephalus, an excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluid is observed only in the ventricles of the brain.This type of hydrocephalus is the most common and most dangerous for life.

When external hydrocephalus brain cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the subarachnoid space (cavities) of the brain.This pathology is not a threat to the life of the patient, and provided timely diagnosis can be treated effectively.

mixed hydrocephalus diagnosis indicates the presence of excess CSF in the ventricles and the brain cavity.

Since external hydrocephalus with ventricular enlargement and expansion of the subarachnoid space, a decrease of brain tissue, many scientists are ongoing processes refers not to hydrocephalus and a brain atrophy and such disease as the outer brain hydrocephalus did not indicate in the general list of human diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of brain hydrocephalus in children and adults

diagnose hydrocephalus in a child is usually not difficult.At the least suspicion of the presence of the disease your child should spend cranial ultrasonography, in other words, brain ultrasound.The purpose of this procedure - to determine the size of the ventricles and the pressure therein.Furthermore, to confirm the diagnosis, particularly in adult may require laboratory analysis of blood and urine, electroencephalogram, MRI, CT, X-ray of the skull or other diagnostic measures.

Regimen brain hydrocephalus in children and adults is based neurologist based on the age of the patient, form of the disease and its type.

When hydrocephalus medical treatment mild form, is usually sufficient.Most often, neurologists prescribe tandem diakarba (diuretic, diuretic) with asparkamom (a source of potassium and magnesium).Diakarb (or the like diuretics) displays excess liquor and washed diakarbom asparkam replenishes reserves of minerals in the body.

Quite often, the main role in the treatment of hydrocephalus of the brain assigned to surgery, namely:

1. bypass

2. Endoscopy

purpose of shunting operations - with the help of special catheters (shunts) "pave the way" of cerebrospinal fluid from the cerebral ventriclesbrain in other body cavities, particularly the abdominal cavity.Shunts remain in the body for life and several times during the life requires "verification" through repeated surgeries.

Endoscopy - a new direction in the treatment of cerebral hydrocephalus.The goal of endoscopic surgery - to resume the natural current of the CSF, thus there is no need to introduce into the body of a foreign body (as in bypass surgery), a small chance of complications after surgery and the small of her trauma.

Nowadays hydrocephalus diagnosed almost every third child.In many cases, there is a wrong diagnosis.After a slight deviation from the normal rate of head circumference is not talking so much about hypoxia, many of the features of the individual child's development.

Treatment of brain hydrocephalus in adults and children is almost the same.The difference is that children are more likely than adults apply medication.

Hydrocephalus - a very serious disease, the effects of which are not always limited to neurological disorders.Often the consequences - injury, and sometimes death of the patient.


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