Hydradenitis - traditional treatment and treatment of folk remedies


1. Treating hidradenitis sup-

2. Treatment at the initial stage

3. Surgical and non-surgical treatment of hidradenitis sup-

4. Folk treatment

5. Prevention hidradenitis sup-

hydradenitis (in the people - bitch udder) - purulent inflammation of the sweat glands, caused mainly by staphylococcus aureus that enters the ducts of glands.Most often gidradenity sick people with excessive sweating, suffering from endocrine and dermatological diseases, people who do not comply with hygiene and abuse deodorant.

hydradenitis visually resembles a large swollen boil with a distinctive purple-bluish color.In palpation assembly tight detectable in the upper layers of the skin with a diameter of a few millimeters to a centimeter.Often, these sites will be several.Typically, the patient feels a slight itching and pain in the affected area of ​​skin.

hydradenitis most often occurs in young people, because it is at a young age the functioning of apocrine sweat glands is particularly a

ctive.Older people sweat gland function fade, the tendency to rise gidradenity decreases.

Main place of hidradenitis sup- localization - in places most exposed to the activities of the sweat glands.Namely, most often observed hydradenitis under his arm, at least in the crotch, around the nipples, anus, scrotum, labia lips, even less under the hair on the scalp.

Treating hidradenitis sup-

Therapies hidradenitis sup- primarily depend on neglected diseases.The sooner treatment is started, the faster the disease will retreat and the less negative effects entail.

Treatment at the initial stage

For the treatment of hidradenitis sup- any location, and in those hidradenitis sup- under his arm, in its initial stage uses dry heat, physiotherapy (UHF, ultraviolet irradiation).At home, you can apply to the affected area heated iron towel, a bag of salt on a heated pan or warm boiled egg.

It is important to wipe the affected place gidradenity disinfectants and antiseptics, such as povidone iodine, boric and salicylic acid, a diamond green, ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and others.

If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.Further self is unacceptable, because it can lead to very serious consequences, including such as sepsis, that is blood poisoning.

Surgical and non-surgical treatment of hidradenitis sup-

Even a small swelling inflammation usually contains pus.For this reason most surgeons treat hidradenitis sup- recommend surgery.If the affected area is small, such intervention takes place under local anesthesia.The procedure is painless, zanimaet10-15 minutes of your time.The surgeon makes a puncture abscess (boil), sanitizes (cleans) and puts a small cavity drainage until the next day.Five days later, the wound is delayed.

If the area of ​​skin affected gidradenity large, most likely, the surgeon sees fit except for the main section of a scalpel to make a puncture supporting counteropening (cut) and put through drainage.In such a case, recovery is observed after 10-15 days.

conservative (non-surgical) treatment of hidradenitis sup- only possible infiltration stage (ie when there is no more pus) antibiotics and local anti-inflammatory drugs.These treatments are generally ineffective because often simply delaying the formation of pus and thus the healing process.

There is a category of people who have seen a tendency to relapse hidradenitis sup-.Very often there is a re-hydradenitis under his arm.With such a tendency to relapse patient shows specific immunotherapy, restorative and vitamin therapy.

Folk treatment

addition to the traditional treatment of the disease, possible treatments hidradenitis sup- folk remedies.But do not forget that hydradenitis serious disease and can be self-engaged only after the approval of this method the doctor.

Some of the most effective for the treatment of hidradenitis sup- folk remedies:

1. Cut the crust from the bread, it is better if it is home-made cakes, moisten with hot milk, attach to education.Wait until hydradenitis turns white and the pain will disappear.The best effect can be obtained if such a procedure stand near boiling milk.But it must be careful not to burn the skin.

2. Boil a small amount of flax, to make him a cake, wrap a cloth and apply a hot cake to the affected area several times a day, for a week.Thus, priutihnet pain and ripen abscess.

3. Very effective in the treatment of hidradenitis sup- folk remedy is the following recipe.Grate 50 grams of soap, mix it with the same amount of grated onion and pour the mixture with hot pork fat.To stir thoroughly.Ready to apply ointment on the affected area of ​​skin gidradenity.

4. For the treatment of hidradenitis sup- under his arm, especially in children, you can knead the dough with sour cream, do it in the form of a donut and "put on" the bagel on the boil so that its tip was visible.Secure the bandage or primotat hand to the body and leave for the night.After one, two such procedures pus comes out.

5. Apply to the sore spot sintered in the oven, the plate is divided into a warm onions.The procedure should be repeated until the abscess has not yet come.

6. Apply to the affected area scalded with boiling water leaves of cabbage.

Prevention hidradenitis sup-

easier to prevent disease than to treat it.Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of hidradenitis sup-, must adhere to the following rules:

  • personal hygiene
  • avoiding tight clothing
  • control weight
  • exception of cosmetic products that have irritable to the skin
  • processing antiseptic microtrauma,scratches, chafing in areas most prone to the emergence of hidradenitis sup-.

Do not self-medicate.Self squeezing pus formation, can lead to irreversible consequences.At best, such consequences will scar deformation, and at worst - blood poisoning (sepsis).


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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