Hygroma brush - types , symptoms , treatment and removal


1. Causes of hygroma

2. symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of hygroma

Hygroma - a type of cyst that develops from tissuesarticular synovium and tendons.

most common hygroma and hygroma brush in the popliteal area.

This tumor is benign.Inside walls of dense tumors that formed connective tissue is viscous contents (serous fluid admixture with fibrin or slime).According hygroma density reminiscent of cartilage or bone, can be solid or flexible, soft.

Most often the disease occurs in young women 20 to 30 years.Suffice hygroma rarely develop in children and the elderly.

Causes of hygroma

The root cause of this tumor is rebirth (metaplasia) of connective tissue cells.As a result, two types of cells are formed.Some of them - the spindle, which form the capsule.Other cells - spherical, which are filled with fluid.Subsequently, this liquid is supplied into the extracellular space.

exact cause of joint hygroma is not installed.Experts point to the factors that contribute to t

umor development:

  • genetic predisposition;often the disease occurs among blood relatives;
  • joint injury;
  • re-traumatisation of the joints;
  • constant heavy load on the joint or tendon;hygroma brush quite common in people whose professional activity is related to the work at the computer, typewriter, at the piano.

hygroma joints are single-chamber and multi-chambered.


disease starts from a localized tumor of small size, which occurs in the joint or tendon.Hygroma can be easily seen under the skin.Most often, there are sporadic tumors, but sometimes it is possible the simultaneous appearance of several hygromas.

hygroma joints always have clearly limited circuit, the base, tightly coupled with the skin and subcutaneous tissue.At the same time they are characterized by loose skin over the tumor displacement.

In many cases, the disease is asymptomatic.But for large size of the tumor, its close proximity to the nerve endings, may cause constant dull pain, which can be given to nearby tissue.In some patients the pain occurs after physical exertion.The main symptom hygroma brush and joints is acute pain with pressure on the tumor.

Sometimes the tumor is located under a bunch.In this case, it is for a long time unnoticed.Its symptoms are discomfort and pain when bending the affected hand or attempt to grasp the brush any subject.

In some patients, the skin over the hygroma remains unchanged.Others - skin may redden, peel off, roughen.

tumor growth may be negligible, or fast enough.Most often, the tumor size reaches 3 cm, but sometimes there are formations with a diameter of about 6 cm.

Hygroma may slightly increase after a heavy load, but when at rest it decreases again.

Diagnosis and treatment of hygroma

Diagnosis "hygroma joint" is set on the basis of characteristic features and history.Patients often prescribe X-rays in order to prevent osteo-articular pathology.Sometimes conduct additional studies such as magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, puncture hygroma.

Ultrasonography except diagnostics enables to assess the structure of the cyst (fluid-filled or homogeneous), see its presence in the walls of blood vessels.Such information greatly helps the specialist to choose the right method of treatment hygroma.

Magnetic resonance imaging is prescribed in case of suspicion of nodal structure in the tumor.With this method of diagnosis is possible a precise definition of the cyst wall structure and its contents.

puncture hygroma allows to differentiate it from the other benign tumors - atheroma (benign cyst sebaceous gland), lipoma (a benign tumor of adipose tissue).

treatment hygroma brush or joints can be conservative and surgical.

some patients and some doctors use as a treatment for tumors crushing.In this case the cyst bursts and pours its contents into the surrounding tissue.But, according to statistics, about 90% of squashed produce tumors relapse.This is due to the fact that the edges of a ruptured cyst grow together fairly quickly.Then, in the resulting cavity fluid builds up again.

Enough effective treatment hygroma is a blockade of glucocorticoid (diprospanom).But it is applied only in the early stages of the disease, when the size of the cyst less than 1 cm. With this method under local anesthesia syringe contents removed hygroma.Then the glucocorticoid is administered in the cyst cavity.Then, in place procedures impose a pressure bandage and, if necessary, orthoses (orthopedic devices).

Most professionals prefer to spend surgical treatment hygroma.They point out that the number of relapses after it is only 10-20%, whereas after treatment the number of exacerbations conservative reaches 80-90%.

surgical method involves the removal hygroma.Absolute indications there is rapid growth of cysts for him, pain at rest or during movement, restriction of joint functions.

In uncomplicated cases, the removal hygroma is performed on an outpatient basis.But often it happens during surgery or autopsy joint tendon sheath, so the patient is better to be hospitalized.

Most often hygroma removal is performed under local anesthesia.When a cyst the size of a large or complex localization use anesthesia or regional anesthesia.

After removal hygroma cavity is washed with an aseptic solution, sutured, and then drain the wound.Then compressive bandage is applied.For fixing limbs are commonly used plaster splint.Fixation is required for hygroma in the hand and fingers, as well as for large tumors in the joints.

Besides surgical removal hygroma used its laser and endoscopic removal.The advantages of these methods are as much smaller incision, less trauma tissue, shorter recovery postoperatively.


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