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1. herpes virus in pregnant

2. labial herpes

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herpes in pregnant women - frequently occurring viral infection, which manifests itself in the form of herpes labialis (rashes on the lips) or more dangerous for a child - in the form of genital herpes.Herpes

- a widespread viral disease whose causative agent is herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) and second (HSV-2) type.the first type of virus causes cold sores on the lips and mouth area, the second type of virus - genital herpes.

Once infected, a person becomes a carrier of the herpes virus for life, while most of the time the virus is inactive.According to research 95% of the population are carriers of the herpes virus.Only the remaining 5% of the population has a stable immunity to the disease.

herpes virus in pregnant

During pregnancy, a woman experiencing hormonal changes, significantly reducing the protective properties of

its body.If you look on the one hand, it is just immunosuppression necessary for successful conception and gestation, which in some way is a "foreign body" for the female body.On the other - this makes pregnant women particularly vulnerable to a variety of infections, including herpes simplex virus, and.Most often, the herpes virus in pregnant women manifests itself cold sores on the lips, at least - genital herpes.

main causes of disease exacerbation are various infectious diseases (influenza, acute respiratory viral infection, sore throat), hypothermia, stress and fatigue.

labial herpes

Herpes simplex virus of the first type is shown in the form of bubbles on the lips, nose, cheeks.This herpes in pregnant women does not cause huge concerns about the normal development of the fetus.The threat to the child's health is reduced to a minimum, if the blood of a pregnant woman has a normal level of antibodies to the herpes virus.That is, the infection occurred before pregnancy and the mother had developed antibodies.Labial herpes goes through four stages of development.

At the initial stage there is discomfort and itching in the area where the herpes sores will appear shortly.May include the general malaise and fever.

For the second stage is characterized by the appearance of herpes labialis herpes vesicles.There is swelling and soreness of the lips (or other affected facial area).Over time, the inflamed area is expanded and occupies a large surface.

3-5 days comes the third stage of herpes.Herpetic bubbles burst, and they imply a clear liquid.In terms of infection with herpes third stage of the most dangerous, as the effluent contained a large number of viral embryos.In place of the burst of bubbles formed ulcers.

For the fourth stage is characterized by the formation of seropurulent loose crusts on the spot wounds.They are quite painful.When traumatizing crusts might be a little bleeding.After the crusts disappear, they say that the aggravation of herpes is over.

Genital herpes in pregnant

Primary infection of women with genital herpes during pregnancy is very dangerous.In this case, there is a significant risk of transmitting the virus to the baby through the placenta.Infection in the first trimester of pregnancy threatened miscarriage or development of various defects in the fetus, such as: central nervous system, hearing and visual impairment, birth defects of the brain disorders, general physical development.If the herpes virus infection in pregnant happens in the second or third semester, it is also a threat.There is a risk of stillbirth or birth of a child with brain damage (microcephaly, hydrocephalus).

If genital herpes infection occurred before pregnancy, the forecasts are much more optimistic.The woman's blood already have antibodies to the virus, which will protect the fruit.Immunity to the disease, received the child from the mother will remain at it for another two or three months.

Symptoms of genital herpes

most often infected with genital herpes occurs during unprotected sex.Therefore, pregnant women should be especially careful in such an important period for every woman.You can become infected and through everyday.

symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways.Those who are faced with genital herpes for the first time, they are more pronounced and last longer.Typical symptoms of the primary infection of the second type of herpes virus are:

- itching and burning sensation of the external genitalia.Often these symptoms are harbingers of herpes sores;

- rash in the genital area and buttocks, as well as cervical vaginal wall and the shell.Rash similar to eruptions at the labial herpes and are transparent bubbles with liquid contents.Burst bubbles 3-4 days after emergence, and in their place appear sores heal within 1-2 weeks;

- slight watery vaginal discharge, continued for about a week.When this symptom should seek medical attention, as in some cases, such isolation is the only manifestation of genital herpes in pregnant women;

- headache and muscle pain;

- general weakness and malaise;

- fever.

When primary infection symptoms may occur within a few weeks.In the case of aggravation of herpes recurrence takes place in 3-5 days, and the symptoms can be expressed implicitly or even absent.

for primary infection is also characterized by the defeat of the urinary system.In mild cases, it manifests itself in the form of a burning sensation and slight pain during urination.In severe cases it can lead to urinary retention, significant morbidity in the urethra and edemas.

Treatment of herpes in pregnant

When the manifestation of the first signs of acute herpes infection or the first pregnant woman should immediately refer to the obstetrician-gynecologist.The sooner treatment begins herpes in pregnant women, the greater the chances of a successful outcome.

Medical drugs can once and destroy the herpes virus does not exist forever.However, a pregnant woman who has discovered herpes virus must undergo treatment aimed at the birth of a healthy baby.

the treatment of herpes in pregnant women may be assigned to drugs such as acyclovir and panavir.It is also possible to use alpizarinovoy, tetracycline, oxolinic, tebrofenovoy or erythromycin ointment.

the treatment of herpes in pregnancy also used interferon solution and the solution of vitamin E, which accelerates the healing process of wounds.If women are not immune to cope with infection, can additionally be assigned immunoglobulins.

must know that the instructions to some drugs is said that these drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy.Then the woman must fully trust the attending gynecologist.It should be understood that if the doctor prescribed for the treatment of herpes a particular drug, then the harm from its use significantly lower than the harm caused by herpes infection.


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