Hepatomegaly liver - symptoms , causes, treatment


1. Causes liver hepatomegaly

2. Signs hepatomegaly

3. Diagnostics

4. Treatment hepatomegaly

hepatomegaly - abnormal enlargement of the liver.This is not a distinct disease, and only a sign of any disease progression in humans (cancer, heart failure, etc.).In the most severe cases, the liver reaches a weight up to 20 kg and occupies most of the abdominal cavity.In this article you will learn about the causes, symptoms, hepatomegaly, as well as its treatment.Reasons


liver resulting in metabolic disorders in the liver accumulate various metabolic products (carbohydrates, fats, iron, etc.), which leads to its increase.For storage diseases include: steatosis, hemochromatosis, and amyloidosis hepatolenticular degeneration.The main causes of metabolic disorders depend on the person's lifestyle, but some of these diseases is hereditary.

direct damage its cells occurs in liver disease.This causes edema or tissue, or start the regeneration process.In the first c

ase, the lead agency in the normal state allows the removal of inflammation.But the second is much more complicated: the formation of new connective tissue is much faster than the destruction of the old.As a result, only a part is replaced by dead hepatocytes, liver and rapidly continues to grow in volume, getting lumpy shape.

cause of liver hepatomegaly may be diseases such as various autoimmune and viral hepatitis, cirrhosis and fibrosis of the liver, cancer, hydatid disease, chronic infectious diseases, toxic poisoning, polycystic liver, alcohol or drug intoxication.

constrictive pericarditis and circulatory failure leading to a decrease in the oxygen supply, blood stasis and swelling bodies.Especially suffers the liver, as a result of swelling of hepatocytes subjected to squeezing and destruction.Their place is occupied by connective tissue, which leads to liver hepatomegaly.

Signs hepatomegaly

signs are hepatomegaly:

  • seal in the right upper quadrant;
  • feeling of squeezing;
  • discomfort.

If you find yourself in these symptoms, immediately consult a hepatologist or gastroenterologist.


Primarily doctor will palpation to determine the degree of magnification, density, state of the liver limits the availability of pain.Also required is a measure medical history.It is important to tell your doctor about all illnesses and habitual intoxication, living and working conditions, bad habits.

following instrumental and laboratory investigations are carried out then:

  • blood chemistry;
  • ultrasound;
  • CT;
  • MRI;
  • laparoscopy with biopsy fence.


hepatomegaly hepatomegaly Treatment depends on the disease, which caused liver growth.If possible, the underlying condition is treated when it is impossible, palliative treatment, symptomatic.Drug therapy is necessary in order to eliminate the cause of hepatomegaly and suppress pathological processes.

addition, hepatomegaly treatment includes compliance with a special diet and limitation of physical activity.This reduces the load on the liver, as well as to support its core functions and not to aggravate the situation further.

Patients should be aware of possible complications (hepatic failure, hepatic decompensation activities, bleeding) and their symptoms to promptly seek medical attention.Patients may be prescribed diuretics gepatoprotektory, vitamins and drugs, maintaining osmotic balance.In some cases, a liver transplant is shown.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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