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2. Symptoms of hemorrhoids

3. Treating hemorrhoids

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5. Preventive measureshemorrhoids

hemorrhoids - a sensitive issue, which affects about 15% of the adult population of the planet.It is believed that this disease - the human cost of walking upright, but judging from the risk groups, it is likely charge a sedentary lifestyle.Hemorrhoid disease is considered to be a professional chauffeurs, programmers and accountants.However, the risk factors include long-term constipation and the state with increased abdominal pressure, namely pregnancy and childbirth.After the hemorrhoid patient is forced to change the way of life, as even the most effective treatment does not protect against relapse.The clinical picture

Hemorrhoids - vascular disease rectum, at which the increase in loss and disposed therein vascular lesions (nodes).Disease contributes to heredity, obesity, spicy foods with excess coffee and alcohol, lack of exerci

se.The disease can provoke work associated with low or on the contrary excessive physical activity, stress, blood flow disturbance in the rectum, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease and liver, as well as infection.All these conditions lead to a stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, resulting hemorrhoids grow in size and begin to fall.Node - a hyper-vascular plexus, which is formed on the basis of cochlear arteries.These vessels are located under the mucous membrane of the rectum and under the skin of the anus, they serve to improve the tightness of the anus all the time filled with blood.However, if the rate of additional vascular structures regulate blood flow, then under the influence of various pathological factors, blood flow is disturbed, then cochlear arteries swell and turn into small bumps.

Hemorrhoids are internal and external.Resemble sponge internal components, when they are almost invisible digital examination, but may be detected by colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy.Then they will grow dark, divided into parts, lead to stretching of the muscle ligaments.External hemorrhoids are located near the anus and are formed at an acute hemorrhoids.They are able to grow rapidly and cause pain, and dark sores may appear on the surface.The most common external nodes occur after internal hemorrhoids type.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The disease develops gradually, sometimes for years.The first symptoms of hemorrhoids that bother the patient - it is uncomfortable, and the severity of itching in the anus.After spicy food, alcohol, or increased physical activity of the disease symptoms intensified.Oddly enough, hardly anyone believes these symptoms of hemorrhoids sufficient for treatment to the doctor - the majority of patients prefer to wait until stage III or IV disease.We will tell you more about them.

I stage of the disease is characterized by the appearance of small components inside the intestine, apparently they are virtually invisible.The main symptoms of hemorrhoids at this stage - itching, humidity in the anus, associated with the release of inflammatory fluid from the intestine.scant spotting may occur in rare cases.The fact that they may be a symptom of hemorrhoids, patients sometimes do not even know.Exacerbations in this stage are rare, and the pain followed by periods of prolonged remission.

II stage starts, if the patient does not take any measures.The nodes grow in size and begin to disturb the sick more often.To the familiar symptoms of hemorrhoids are joining reinforced itching and burning, they are associated with irritation of the skin around the anus, which in turn arises from the constantly leaking inflammatory fluid.At this stage of hemorrhoids may feel a foreign body in the intestine, and stool passes through the intestine and touching the nodes can cause pain.Bleeding is now accompany almost every act of defecation and more pronounced.The characteristic symptom of hemorrhoids second stage - the nodes begin to fall out, but after defecation go inside yourself.At this stage, most people think about treating hemorrhoids at home and are turning to a variety of advertising or folk remedies.

III stage requires competent assistance proctologist.Because in addition to the known symptoms of hemorrhoids there are such unpleasant features as loss of nodes during exercise.Alone in the rectum they will not reduce a, we have to do manually.The problem is not only the aesthetic character - at this stage of hemorrhoids can lead to infringement, thrombosis or inflammation site longer and requires serious treatment.

IV hemorrhoids stage can be considered neglect.The characteristic symptom of hemorrhoids at this stage - the nodes are not even reduce a hand.This state is accompanied by itching and burning in the anus, pain when sitting or walking, defecation causes excruciating pain and accompanied by bleeding so severe that it leads to anemia.Hemorrhoids are inflamed and injured.Most often the situation requires surgical intervention.

Treating hemorrhoids

of treatment depends on the stage and forms taken by the disease.The treatment of hemorrhoids in the first stage may be limited to drugs - are appointed by rectal suppositories like Relief, Proctosedyl, Anestezol, Anuzol and others.From folk remedies are considered effective candles from honey, bacon, potatoes, microclysters with sea buckthorn oil, propolis, clay, beet juice.

the second stage, hemorrhoid treatment requires the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.Traditional methods of treatment can be supplemented with lotions from chamomile, calendula and sage.But most often used minimally invasive techniques destruction haemorrhoids - latex ring, cryotherapy, sclerotherapy photocoagulation.

third stage of the treatment of hemorrhoids requires protivogemorroidalnyh ointments in combination with candles, that is effective in the drop-down nodes.At this stage, more efficient use of minimally invasive procedures.

the fourth step, the treatment of hemorrhoids require surgery.

With regard to surgical treatment, then hemorrhoids surgery is performed at the III and IV stages of the disease.The surgeon excised hemorrhoids and sews supply vessels.Hemorrhoids surgery requires a stay at rest for a week.In total, the patient spends in the hospital 14 days.For the first time after surgery on hemorrhoids patient may complain of pain in the anus, it is sometimes possible suppuration postoperative scar.But usually, complications are minimized.And if the patient after surgery for hemorrhoids is to lead a healthy lifestyle and the risk of relapse is reduced to zero.

Home and folk remedies

the early stages of hemorrhoids respond well to treatment folk remedies and does not require an operation.What methods of hemorrhoid treatment at home can be used for first and second stage of the disease?To reduce swelling and pain well helps sedentary hot tubs.They are carried out three times a day for at least 15 minutes each after defecation.After the bath, you need to dry the skin around the anus - this helps to avoid rubbing and cracking.

treatment of hemorrhoids at home is not possible without the diet.On the patient's favorable condition affects drinking plenty of fluids, fresh green vegetables, adding bran to food and fiber.

When treating hemorrhoids at home nice to take laxatives, to actively move or sit on an air cushion.However, before buying or using drugs folk remedies still worth it to consult with the attending physician.

measures preventing hemorrhoids

Few think about the prevention of hemorrhoids before his own health will be undermined.But after the hemorrhoids you in any case have to comply with a set of measures to help prevent recurrence.The main recommendation - a food is high in fiber.After the hemorrhoid is useful to eat food that does not cause diarrhea and does not lead to irritation of the anal area.Also, you should limit yourself to taking alcohol, spicy foods and spices.

Life after hemorrhoids should be full of physical activity, but not debilitating.If the work is connected with a long seat, try to arrange a break for walks every hour.The driver will be useful to do a workout.After the hemorrhoid is useful to replace the soft chairs in the home and at work to hard, to enter into the habit of cleaning the cold water after defecation and reception contrast shower.Pregnant women who are at risk should perform gymnastic exercises and daily activities include hiking.


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