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Hemorrhagic fever - symptoms , prevention, treatment


1. Treatment of diseases

2. prevention of hemorrhagic fever

haemorrhagic fever - a dangerous disease, having a viral nature and inflicting serious damage to the human body.Wrap the disease can be insects, such as mites and various rodents.Self is the originator of the virus in saliva and feces of animals.Most often, there is an infection of the animals and the people who are in constant contact with them, ie,contain livestock and carry out its maintenance.

haemorrhagic fever has three varieties: mosquito, tick and contagious.But in all three of its manifestations, the disease is very severe.

symptoms of hemorrhagic fevers

primarily haemorrhagic fever affects endothelial cells, destroying them.Therefore, one of the first symptoms of hemorrhagic fever is a fragility and capillary fragility.

Further there is inflammation of the vascular cells and launches the antisosudistogo clotting.As a consequence, in case of injuries and damage the bleeding stops fairly quickly, the blood

becomes viscous, which hampers normal blood flow.

latent period of the virus can take from 10 to 23 days.After that, the disease manifests itself sharply with increasing temperature, and insomnia, pain, head and joints.Different parts of the body, particularly the face, neck, torso above the waist are covered by small hemorrhages.Particularly strong pain effect is felt in the abdominal area and lower back.Urination is reduced, increasing the nitrogen content in urine.

decrease in temperature does not lead to the expected relief the patient's condition, toxemia and increases sleep disturbance occurs.External symptoms of hemorrhagic fever occur weakness, high fever, headache and pain in muscles and joints.

also additional symptoms of hemorrhagic fever may include the following phenomena:

- redness of the individual sections of the skin, and blush, and visible mucous membranes;

- a blood test reveals the reduction of platelets and white blood cells;

- blood vessels dilate in the eyeballs;

- increases intoxication;

- may occur vomiting with an admixture of blood, bleeding from the nose;

- massive hemorrhage;

- clearly apparent decrease in activity of the heart.

disease treatment

patient was prescribed bed rest, drinking vitamin complex and lacto-vegetarian diet.

prednisolone for up to two weeks, one of the drugs administered as a 5% glucose solution, sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride solutions, and ascorbic acid.Showed the reception of pure mineral water, siphon enema and gastric lavage with a solution of 2% hydrogen carbonate solution.

With timely and proper treatment, the prognosis is very favorable.However, when running the form of the disease can result in serious complications, such as uremic coma, kidney rupture, meningoencephalitis, which poses a serious threat to human life.

prevention of hemorrhagic fever

Mostly hemorrhagic fever prevention is reduced to a set of measures for elimination of disease vectors, ie harmful rodents and insects.You should also take protective measures against insect bites.If the man's place of residence, this infection is very common, it is essential to the prevention of hemorrhagic fever, including a thorough clearing of land for construction of residential buildings and exemption infield of excess vegetation.It is used for the prevention of hemorrhagic fever and overalls: persons working with animals, you need to wear boots and gloves.


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