Hematoma - types , causes, symptoms, treatments


1. Types and symptoms

2. retrochorial hematoma

3. cerebral hematoma

4. Remedies for hematomas

Hematoma isa blood-filled cavity in the muscle or organ tissue, which occurs when the internal bleeding.

hematoma usually causes are different types of traumatic impact on the soft tissues.Blood vessels are torn, lead to the development of hematomas.

Types and

symptoms, depending on where the hematoma is located, the following types of data structures.

Subcutaneous hematoma - located under the skin.It is characterized by discoloration of the skin, slight swelling, mild tenderness.Such education is not a threat to human health.

intramuscular hematoma - is localized in a closed muscle space.Its symptoms are quite similar to subcutaneous.

subserous hematoma - is located in the abdominal or thoracic cavity.It is dangerous for the health of the victim and require urgent medical attention.

cerebral hematoma - affected the brain.For it is characteristic long, up to several day

s, the formation of a bruise.This education has several varieties - subdural, epidural, intracerebral hematoma.

hematoma during pregnancy, or as it is called, retrochorial hematoma.It is formed of a pregnant woman in the place of detachment of the ovum from the chorionic placenta.Suffice it to a dangerous condition, which represents a threat to the life of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

There are certain symptoms of bruising.So for intramuscular and subcutaneous formations are characterized by the following features:

  • soreness at the site of destruction;
  • limited swelling in the area of ​​education;
  • gradual change of skin color from bluish-purple to greenish-yellow;
  • temperature rise in the injured area of ​​skin.

internal bruising are signs of compression and disruption of the relevant organs.

retrochorial hematoma

Chorion - a shell that envelops the human embryo in the early stages of pregnancy.When retrochorial hematoma due to detachment of the fertilized egg from the uterus to its specific area collects blood.This is one of the most common causes of abortion, which usually appears in its first months.

exact cause of the hematoma in pregnancy is unknown.Experts believe that its development may cause weight lifting, infection of genitals, frequent stress, hormonal changes, and autoimmune diseases, disorders of the uterus functions and some other factors.

The main symptoms include pain retrochorial hematoma in nature pulling the lower abdomen.Later often appear small brown vaginal discharge.Gynecologists say that these signs point to an independent resorption hematoma.More dangerous are the highlight with blood.They testify to the continuing increase in internal bleeding and bruising.This can lead to delamination of the fetus from the uterus wall, and as a result, miscarriage or abortion.

But there are cases of asymptomatic hematoma during pregnancy.This dangerous condition can be detected by ultrasound and blood analysis.Only if timely diagnosis and proper treatment of this condition goes without consequences for the future mother and her child.

The main objective of this type of treatment of a hematoma - the suspension of its growth.For this woman administered drugs that enhance blood clotting.Most often in the treatment of this disease used Dicynonum, Vikasol, Ascorutin.To reduce the tone of the muscles of the uterus during retrochorial hematoma using papaverine, no-silos.

very important in the treatment of hematoma during pregnancy observe strict bed rest.In the supine position, the lower part of a woman should be slightly raised, which will contribute to the outflow of blood from the uterus.

In cases where self-absorbed hematoma, medical therapy is not carried out.

hematoma brain

cerebral hematoma is of three kinds.

1.Subduralnaya - formed by the rupture of vessels, most veins.Between two sheets of membranes of the brain, usually between soft and firm, formed accumulation of blood.At the same time there is a serious defeat of the progressive, marked the extinction of consciousness.Brain hematoma of this type is most common in people who take for a long time, aspirin, anticoagulants, alcohol abuse.

2.Epiduralnaya - formed as a result of the accumulation of blood between the dura and the skull.This hematoma greatly compresses the brain tissue, and therefore requires immediate treatment.It is common in adolescents and children.In this case the patient can be awake, feeling a great drowsiness or coma.

3.Vnutrimozgovaya - formed in the case of blood penetration into the brain tissue and their gradual impregnation.This contributes to a hematoma damage the white matter of the brain, tear nerve connections.This leads to disruption of the integrity of the nervous regulation of all vital processes of the body.

reason for these types of hematomas are head injuries.At the same symptoms may occur immediately after the injury or some time thereafter.

blood which accumulates pressure on the structure of the brain.This causes the following symptoms:

  • dizziness;
  • headache, accompanied by nausea or vomiting;
  • drowsiness;
  • confusion;
  • violation affected speech;
  • severe weakness in the limbs of one side of the body;
  • different sizes of the eye pupil.

When the accumulation of a large amount of blood at the patient may develop coma, convulsions, lethargy.

method of treating cerebral hematoma is determined depending on its size, the severity and symptoms of the patient.In particularly severe cases, surgery is performed hematoma.

Remedies for hematomas

When subcutaneous or intramuscular hematoma can use home treatment.In this case, a good way from the hematoma will be a cold compress.Blood vessels are narrowed sharply under the influence of cold, resulting in a hematoma is not increased.With slight injury will be sufficient to hold the affected area for 10 minutes under cold water.If a hematoma limb in place of its formation imposes a tight pressure bandage.

There are specific remedies for hematomas.These include Heparin ointment badyaga, ointments hirudin.Their operating principle is based on the ability of highly absorbable.

In addition, there are other remedies for hematomas, which are used within 1-2 days after injury.This is - warm compresses, special physiotherapy techniques.They significantly accelerate resorption of hemorrhages process.

hematoma Treatment is carried out in stationary conditions during the formation of festering.This occurs when the long process of resorption of the blood clot.


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