joint hemarthrosis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. Causes and symptoms

2. hemarthrosis of the knee joint and its treatment

3. Prevention

hemarthrosis - bleeding into the joint cavity asconsequence of his injuries.Although bleeding is possible in any joint of the human body (elbow, shoulder, hip), but it is most commonly diagnosed hemarthrosis of the knee joint.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

As a rule, there is hemarthrosis in patients with hemophilia people.Violation of blood coagulation in hemophilia leads to the fact that at the slightest joint injury it is bleeding.

hemarthrosis may occur in patients with some forms of diathesis, scurvy, beriberi.Often there is a postoperative hemarthrosis.

Even in healthy people, especially athletes, can hemarthrosis.The cause of the disease - the joint damage caused by injury, dislocation, subluxation, meniscus tear, fracture.

Signs following haemarthrosis:

  • pain in the damaged area, the sharpness of which depends on the amount of blood the joint accumulated in the cavi
  • severe swelling hemorrhage place
  • limited motor activity of the damaged joint
  • in some cases there is fever

hemarthrosis of the knee joint and its treatment

Any intra-articular bleeding requires immediate treatment.When tightening the treatment of hemarthrosis may be extremely adverse consequences, such as suppurative arthritis.It arises in the case of joining a secondary infection to the blood poured out in the joint.Thus, suppuration occurs joint tissues, which can not be displayed on its cartilage and accordingly future injured limb motor activity.

Even noncommunicable hemarthrosis, the blood that lingered long in the joint, lends itself to the action of enzymes, which leads to a change in its composition.Fermented blood destroys cartilage.

pre-hospital treatment of the knee hemarthrosis should look like this:

1. Make sure the joint rest.To reduce the swelling need to keep sick limb in a good condition, such as a pillow.

2. Apply a thick iodized grid in the area of ​​hemorrhage.Take an ordinary cotton swab, iodine pharmaceutical and paint on the affected spot something like a grid.

3. Apply to the joint something cold, pre obvernuv it (cold) towel.

At the first opportunity should contact your doctor.It will determine the degree of hemarthrosis and appoint its competent treatment.

When hemarthrosis first degree treatment is usually limited to overlaying thick bandage.The puncture is not done, as the volume of blood poured out in the joint, usually less than 15ml and resolves with time.The second stage is characterized by damage to the cartilage haemarthrosis, meniscus, ligaments.The volume of blood in the joint no longer 100ml.When hemarthrosis third degree there are fractures and dislocations, and the amount of blood in the joint cavity more than 100ml.

for second and third degree treatment of the knee hemarthrosis occurs as follows:

1. The doctor makes a puncture to the affected area in order to remove from the joint cavity blood.

2. After the blood is removed, some doctors consider it necessary to enter into the joint cavity of novocaine solution, hydrocortisone or ketanola.

3. To eliminate the probability of fractures performed radiographic examination the patient limb.To get a more accurate result state joint tissues and the seriousness of his injury, frequently patients are encouraged to do an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

4. Superimposed dense pressing bandage on the damaged area, and the entire length of the legs - a plaster splint.

5. As a rule, 2-3 weeks splint is removed.After its removal requires physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy.

Within one month of the motor function of the affected knee joint hemarthrosis resumes.For fast regeneration of the joint need to adjust your diet.Eat nuts, seeds, drink tea with raspberries, eliminate spicy food.

In case of serious damage to the ligaments, meniscus tear surgery is indicated (arthroscopy).With arthroscopy can be effectively corrected even the most serious intra-articular damage of any localization.

But there are cases, when the treatment of the knee hemarthrosis in the above scheme is ineffective.This is due to the strong limb damage.In this case, the only way - to exercise their own replacement of the damaged joint with an artificial joint.This procedure is called arthroplasty, it is well established in the world of medical practice for the treatment of hemarthrosis, and for treatment of other diseases of the joints.


To protect yourself from the appearance of hemarthrosis, you need to follow safety rules, use special protective elements, if necessary, to thus avoid injuries, fractures, dislocations.But if the injury occurred, to prevent bleeding in the joint, you can take a hemostatic drug.It will increase the level of blood clotting and prevent hemorrhage.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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