Types , causes, treatments , removal of hemangiomas


1. Types of hemangiomas

2. Causes and stage of development of hemangiomas

3. Complications of hemangiomas

4. Traditional ways of hemangioma treatment

hemangioma - a benign vascular tumor that affects mainly the skin of babies.The illness is diagnosed in 2-12% of infants, and girls - several times more often than boys.Gemangiona in children takes place in three phases - growth, stagnation and regression.Sometimes the tumor manifests itself as a small painless mole, at least - as a major anomaly bright red color, and in very rare cases it reveal internal organs.


hemangiomas Hemangiomas in children can occur in a variety of areas.Most often, they occur on the scalp and neck, above the ear lobe, but may appear on the back of the head or knee.In some cases, hemangiomas occur in newborns on the genitals, liver, kidney, and in rare cases - to bone.

The structure hemangiomas are divided into simple, cavernous and combined.

Simple hemangiomas are divided into cellular

and capillary.The cell tumors consist of angioblastnyh cells develop during fetal life and manifest at birth.Capillary blood vessels are composed of small and develop in the first few days of life.Outwardly, they both appear almost the same - it is noticeable seal with a smooth surface and a smooth border, blanch with pressure, after which the color is restored.The difference is that the cell has a variety of small size capillary and can grow significantly over time.

Cavernous hemangiomas in infants are placed under the skin and consist of cavities filled with blood, called cavities.The swelling of this type is similar to the assembly, despite the inspiring view, it is soft and elastic.Initially, the skin over the tumor can be of natural or slightly bluish color, but as they grow, it can be painted in blue and purple colors, and grow in size when coughing and crying.

Combined (capillary-cavernous) hemangioma - a combination of surface and subcutaneous lesions.Outwardly manifested depending on the predominance of a particular type of tumor.

Causes and stage of development of hemangiomas

Causes of hemangiomas in infants is not fully understood.For doctors probable factors include acute respiratory infections, transferred to a 3-6 week of pregnancy, because at this time laid the cardiovascular system of the fetus.Some scientists believe that the reason lies in the hormonal system of the child, especially premature.Others believe that the development of hemangiomas in children can affect medication.

hemangioma in children usually goes through three stages of development.

- Active growth.It continued from the first days of life and up to 6-8 months of age.The tumor becomes visible, it becomes brightly colored and expressed form.

- Cessation of growth.The stage takes a period of 6-8 months to 12-18 months.

- involution.Regression of the tumor, during which the formation is reduced in size, the color changes to gray and pale purple, and then completely back to normal.This period may take 5-7 years.

Complications of hemangiomas

hemangioma in infants may appear in different places.And although over time the tumor can go on the wane, it can not be considered as too harmless.Therefore, in most cases, we recommend the earliest possible removal of hemangiomas.

hemangiomas able to disrupt or limit the function of organs, which is located near.For example, a tumor on the eyelid may prevent the normal development of vision.Located in the area of ​​the major veins and arteries, hemangioma could affect the elasticity of the vessel walls, or even block the blood flow.

hemangioma in infants carries a risk of infection - with the rapid growth of the tumor on it can form ulcers, but education itself is easy to injure.

Another risk factor - low blood clotting, which arises as a response of the organism to the tumor.Perceiving the tumor as a normal vascular injury, blood system actively produces platelets.Their constant flow can result in thrombocytopenia, and, ultimately, to reduce blood clotting.

In rare cases, the hemangioma in children can manifest itself in the internal organs and cause internal bleeding also.This ailment as a hemangioma of the liver is particularly dangerous, because the tumor gap in vital organ is fraught with extensive bleeding.Rupture can occur both from mechanical injury, and diseases associated with arbitrarily.

Traditional methods of treating hemangiomas

If hemangioma originally unobtrusive, does not increase in size, does not cause functional disorders and is not worried about the baby, then all that is needed - is to undergo periodic examinations and, at times, to resort to treatmenthemangioma folk remedies.But as a rule, most parents prefer to remove a hemangioma in the first few weeks of life.

- Surgical treatment of hemangiomas.It applies only when the tumor can be removed completely without cosmetic damage, as well as in the case of deep-seated vascular lesions.

- sclerotherapy.Removing hemangiomas vascular infiltration by education with 70% alcohol, is used in the cavernous and venous formations in the area of ​​the mouth, tongue, lips, ears.Operation quite painful and fraught with the formation of rough scars.

- Cryosurgery.Removing hemangiomas is carried out using liquid nitrogen and used to treat smaller capillary hemangiomas of the skin and lips.

- Hormonal treatment of hemangiomas.The method is based on increasing the number of platelets and increase of blood clotting.In the application of such drugs as prednisolone positive effect is observed in 30-40% of cases.

- Radiation treatment of hemangiomas.In difficult cases, such as when a large tumor or hemangioma of the orbit, is appointed by irradiation.Cycle procedures carried out at long intervals until the disappearance of the tumor, but the method is quite complex, and the effect occurs only after a fairly long period of time.

- Removing hemangiomas laser.The specialist makes the skin puncture and leads to the light guide of the tumor, which heats the tissue site to the desired temperature.The liquid portion of the tumor is vaporized, and the protein folds, going vessels moxibustion.As a result, the tumor volume decreases.

- hemangioma Treatment folk remedies.Traditional medicine offers a lot of recipes, and encourages him to start from the first days of life.From ways to treat hemangiomas folk remedies are widely used especially exterior packs of celandine, decoctions of oak bark and duckweed, tincture of ginseng and mummies solution.


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