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With someone who has bad breath, probably encountered every second of us.This usually creates some discomfort in further dialogue with such people.In the future, these odors can harm a person, both in personal life and a successful career.Often, people who are used to his scent, did not notice this problem.But it can be a sign of a disease called halitosis (ozostomiey, stomatodisodiey).

In many countries, the percentage of complaints against this disease reaches 70%.The first sign of halitosis is a violation of hygienic requirements for the oral cavity, which often leads to the pathological process in the body.There is a true pathologic halitosis, which refers to the physiological and disease includes oral disease (poor hygienic conditions in the oral cavity, xerostomia, gingivitis, periodontitis, candidiasis, etc.).

also to the disease and are extraoral gen—Ďzy (digestive diseases, liver dysfunction and biliary channels, respiratory diseases

, cancer.) There is more psevdogalitoz - it's an obsession, when a person thinks that he has a constant bad breath.In fact, no bad smells there.

In all cases, halitosis leads to psychological discomfort.

Symptoms Symptoms

halitosis - is, first of all, halitosis.He appears regardless of the meal, and may be permanent.If a person is often drawn to the dentist and had all his teeth in a normal state, and the unpleasant odor does not disappear, but only increases, it is likely, the initial symptoms of halitosis.

symptoms of halitosis can be detected by self-diagnosis, but, as already mentioned, the person gets used to your smell, and may simply ignore it, then have to come to the aid of relatives and help the suffering from this disease.Either you need to see a doctor.

Treatment halitosis

In order to proceed with the treatment of halitosis, you need to identify the root cause of the disease.For starters take irrigator with tanks and filled with antiseptic liquid, which sanitize the mouth to eliminate odontogenic infection.Now modern medicine, use a special device galimetr, with which you can evaluate the seriousness of the disease and to trace how the disease takes a long time.

most commonly used for the treatment of halitosis traditional medicine.To make this herbal tea mouthwash and reception inside.The composition of the broth are such herbs as chamomile flowers, herb St. John's wort, nettle herb.You can still make a decoction of oak bark and birch leaves.These broths taken as 600 ml of tea per day.You can also make alcohol tincture of St. John's wort and take 40 drops, previously dissolved in a glass of water.

very effective treatment for halitosis propolis.This solution is alcohol-based, they should gargle for 20-30 minutes before meals three times a day.The average course of treatment is three weeks.

When medical treatment conducted in order to reduce the activity of microflora odorigennoy appoint antiseptics such as triclosan and chlorhexidine.Good demand fluoride toothpastes, urea pastes and gels.At physiological disease prescribe zinc supplements.Also for suppressing malodor prescribed essential oils peroxy compounds.

Everyone knows that good nutrition - a pledge of health.For the prevention of halitosis in the first place to reduce the dietary amount of fast carbohydrates (sugar and confectionery).With frequent use of such products remain on the teeth plaque, which leads to tooth decay and tooth decay and can cause specific smell from the mouth.The use of fiber, fresh greens, fruits and vegetables will help to normalize bowel function and thus partially reduce halitosis.


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