Galactorrhea - Causes, Symptoms , Treatments


1. Symptoms galaktorei

2. factors for disease

3. disease diagnosis

4. Treatment galaktorei

Galactorrhea is a processin which women observed allocation of colostrum or milk from the breast.Galaktorei is common in pregnant women, women who give birth.Often the disease is found in women who are not related to lactation or breast-feed your baby ended more than six months ago.In such cases, the illness requires immediate treatment.

galactorrhea syndrome may occur in men.Disease is manifested in the form of precipitates which may be small, constant heavy.The disease can be bilateral or unilateral.

Symptoms galaktorei

addition galaktorei main symptoms, which manifest themselves in the initial stages and are a highlight of the breast, there are other signs which, if found should immediately contact the experts.It is especially important in time to see a doctor in the presence of secretions, with a reddish tinge.

galaktorei Symptoms may include:

  • headaches accompanied by
    a partial visual impairment;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • growth of hair on the chin, chest;
  • decreased sex drive;
  • skin rash in the form of acne.

factors for disease

milk in the breasts Education regulated by several hormones.alaktorei syndrome occurs when the small failure in a complex mechanism.The causes of the disease in many cases are the violations in the activities of the glands that produce hormones, among which may be called the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus.

Common factors of galactorrhea syndrome are:

  • side effects that are caused by the use of certain medications, for example, means the group of oral contraceptives;
  • damage;
  • violation of the hypothalamus functions as a result of trauma, compression, tumors;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • of the ovaries;
  • renal, hepatic failure;
  • disease, adrenal tumors.

galactorrhea symptoms may be caused by physical factors, such as mechanical stimulation of the breast, sucking them, due to the development of mastitis, burns, injuries.

disease diagnosis

initial diagnosis stage performs primary examination, during which the doctor checks for the presence of breast mammary gland seals.Carefully studying the liquid, which pushes their own nipple.The patient is recommended to pass the selection for analysis.Always before prescribing the treatment dealt galaktorei a blood test to establish the level of the hormone prolactin.To eliminate the suspicion of pregnancy, in which the selection are the norm, should take a pregnancy test.Ultrasound examination to determine the presence of tumors and other problems that it is difficult to determine when physical examination.In some cases the diagnosis of the disease requires the passage of magnetic resonance imaging of the head in order to establish the presence of tumor in the pituitary anomalies, which may cause increase in prolactin levels.

If you suspect a development galactorrhea syndrome is recommended to stop taking drugs, dietary supplements, which could become the basis for this.

Treatment galaktorei

galaktorei Treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes of disease.
Therapies galactorrhea include:

  • In the case of the disease due to medication is recommended to stop taking them, reduce the dose.
  • When hypothyroidism treatment galaktorei includes receiving levothyroxine, to compensate for the lack of development of their own hormone.

If the disease develops due to pituitary tumors, the treatment involves passing galaktorei chemotherapy to reduce the prolactinoma.


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