Rectal prolapse - Causes loss , treatment


1. main causes of rectal prolapse

2. Symptomatology and clinical course

3. Treatment of rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse - this oneof painful surgical diseases, in which the rectum through the anus comes out.Once this disease is called rectal prolapse.This disease occurs much less frequently than the hemorrhoids, but the discomfort and problems it brings no less.They may suffer from both women and men of any age.Rectal prolapse in children and elderly people at the present time is considered to be almost of age pathology.

In case of a lower part of the disease bowel terminal part becomes movable, it starts to stretch, resulting in drops of anal (rear) holes.

main causes of rectal prolapse

There are certain factors that trigger rectal prolapse in people of all ages.These include:

  • genetic predisposition.
  • Incorrect delivery.Most often, rectal prolapse in women develops as a complication of late and heavy labor.
  • Some habits.For example, a strong straining during the act
    of defecation (bowel emptying), long sitting on the toilet or pot (children).
  • Features sexuality.At the time of non-traditional sex very often there are injuries of the rectum, which contribute to loss of the organ.
  • sprain that support the rectum, and lower the tone of the anal sphincter.With these causes rectal prolapse, usually found elderly people.
  • total dysfunction of the pelvic organs.
  • Neurological diseases that are closely associated with injuries or spinal cord disease, can also cause rectal prolapse.

To date, there is no any specific factor that clearly could lead to rectal prolapse.Basically, the main role is played by a combination of a variety of agents provocateurs.

Symptomatology and clinical course

Onset may be a gradual and sharp throughout.During the acute course of the rectum falls out at one point.This basically happens when the strong straining, sudden heavy lifting and so on.Similar phenomena are accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the perineum and in the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, as well as the emergence of severe pain in the anus.

With regard to the gradual flow, it develops due to high intra-abdominal pressure - for example, at constant constipation.In such a situation there is omission of cancer, which then becomes brighter pronounced, and ultimately there is complete loss of the ampoule of the rectum (prolapse).

There are some symptoms that always accompany rectal prolapse in women, men, children and the elderly (for any course of the disease).These include:

  • Pain in the abdomen.They come in different intensities.This symptom is a characteristic of the acute onset of the disease.It is the result of the tension of the mesentery of the large intestine and peritoneum.
  • inside-out portion of the rectum.As for fragment size precipitated, they may vary.For example, in acute during rectal prolapse, colon falls to 8-10 centimeters.
  • When rectal prolapse in children, the elderly, men and women, there is always a feeling of having a foreign body in the anal opening.
  • mucous discharge from the colon, which are always accompanied by a feeling of humidity in the anus area.There are situations when, instead of the mucous discharge from the anus is bleeding.This indicates the presence of traumatic lesions of the mucous membrane of the terminal intestine.
  • urination disorders.Urging to empty the bladder appear very often.The stream of urine becomes intermittent.In such cases, patients complain of occurrence of cystitis symptoms and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.Quite often, this clinical sign is observed on a roll of the rectum in women who suffer from uterine prolapse.
  • bowel movement disorders.Patients suffer from constant constipation, which are combined with painful and frequent urge to defecate.

The degree of severity of the above symptoms in different patients is significantly different.One can easily carry this disease, and over the years not to go to the doctors, and others - from the beginning need immediate treatment of rectal prolapse.

loss treatment

rectum All treatments rectal prolapse can be divided into two types: conservative and operative.As for the conservative therapy, it is effective only for young and middle-aged, as well as for patients with internal prolapse in the initial stage.But if we talk about 100% guarantee of effective treatment, it (even if all of the above conditions), still does not exist.If therapy is still brought the expected result, he almost never does not stay long, and relapse occurs over time.

goal of therapy should be directed at eliminating the factors that provoked rectal prolapse - for example, normalization of stool, lifting weights cessation, treatment of diseases of the colon, the rejection of anal sex, and so on.

Next, what is required to turn their attention to the sick - is strengthening the muscles of the perineum.This procedure is done with the help of some exercises (Kegel complex).

also conservative treatments rectal prolapse include a special massage, physiotherapy, stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles, which can be achieved by means of an electric current.

For surgical treatment is resorted to only in the event that the patient suffers from an external prolapse.In such cases, surgery is the only effective treatment for this disease.

Surgical therapies:

  • suturing the rectum.
  • resection of the colon.
  • Plastic surgery on the muscles of the pelvic floor and rectum channel.
  • operation, which aims to precipitate fragment intestine.
  • combination of various methods.

The choice of surgical method depends on the general condition of the patient, severity of the disease, age of the patient, and so forth.Modern technologies allow surgery to perform surgery by laparoscopy, which significantly reduces the period of recovery and reduces the risk of complications.


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