White , clear , bloody discharge from the nipple


1. reasons discharge

2. discharge from the nipples during pregnancy

For many women, nipple discharge can be a very serious cause for alarm.Some people believe that this is a symptom of breast cancer signs glands.However, cancer is rarely constitute a reason for discharge, and not always such allocation point to any serious disease.

fluid flows away from the nipple on the same channel, which in lactating women secrete milk.Secretions may affect one breast or both, stand with pressure on the breast or on their own.In addition, the discharge may have a different texture and character (milky discharge, clear discharge from the nipple, bloody and white discharge from the nipple, discharge of a yellowish, greenish, brownish color).

reasons discharge

Cases where the discharge from the breasts have only physiological in nature and are not a consequence of any disease or disorder is not rare.In such situations highlight pass on their own and do not require any medical treatment and

other interventions.On the contrary, you need to try as little as possible to touch the nipple, checking them for the presence of secretions, as too frequent sore nipples may in some cases lead to the stimulation of secretions.

However, this symptom can be a symptom of a disease, especially if there are intense isolation and sore nipples, or have a place of bloody discharge from the nipple.Consider what are the main diseases and disorders can cause these secretions.

1. Mastitis - inflammation of the mammary gland.When running mastitis stage breast tissues with accumulation of pus.In this case, the pus can be released through the milk ducts.

2. Injury breast.In this case, there are usually bloody discharge from the nipple or clear discharge from the nipple.

3. fibrocystic breast disease.The disease occurs when hormonal disorders and leads to an imbalance between the fibrous and cystic components of the mammary glands.

4. ectasia the milk ducts.This condition is often the cause of discharge from the breast.Most of all it affects women of 40-50 years.When inflammation occurs ectasia of one of the milk ducts.It is filled with a dense mass that can have colors from green to blackish.Along with secretions, ectasia the milk ducts is often accompanied by pain and inflammation, so when it is the treatment used warm compresses, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

5. galactorrhea.The cause of this condition is usually an excess of prolactin in the body.In addition, galactorrhea can occur due to constant stimulation of the nipple, a hormonal imbalance caused by oral contraceptives, thyroid dysfunction and pituitary tumors.When galaktoree can be observed as a white discharge from the nipples, and brownish or yellowish discharge.

6. Intraductal papilloma.In this disease, in the lumen of the milk flow there is little education, which is benign.Typically, intraductal papilloma observed bleeding from the nipple, which may be spontaneous or occur on pressure.

7. Chronic or acute diseases of the pelvic organs (uterus, appendages).

8. Condition after abortion or spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

9. In some cases, discharge from the nipples can be caused by any kind of breast cancer.This can be an invasive cancer that develops outside the breast ducts, ductal cancer or a rare disease - cancer Paget.In the latter case, often appear bloody discharge from the nipple, areola occur redness and itching of the nipples.

To clarify the reasons for discharge doctor inspects and breast examination, ascertain the nature, number and frequency of discharge and finds out accepting a woman any medications and observed whether she had any other symptoms (malaise, fever, painin the mammary glands, and the like).If along with the secretions of sore nipples, and there are any additional symptoms, the doctor-mammolog appoint additional examinations (ultrasound, ductography, mammography, blood analysis, hormones, etc.).Furthermore, it can be assigned cytology secretions, which will more accurately define their character and find out the cause of the.

As a rule, white discharge from the nipple can often indicate galaktoreyu, and there are bloody or clear discharge from the nipple during breast trauma.After an abortion or miscarriage and may appear clear discharge from the breast.It must be remembered that the presence of any serious violations selection accompanied by symptoms such as pain in the breast, its increase, swelling, etc.The presence of these symptoms - a signal that a woman needs emergency appeal for medical help.

discharge from the nipples during pregnancy

most common cause of discharge from the nipples during pregnancy is a natural process of the formation of lactation.At the same time out of my chest starts to separate first breast milk - colostrum.Some women are discharge from the nipples during pregnancy may appear at the end of the first trimester, and someone appears colostrum just after birth.In any case, the allocation of a thick yellowish liquid should not be a cause for concern when it occurs in a pregnant woman.

At the same time, a suspicious discharge during pregnancy should not be ignored.Bloody, white or clear discharge may be normal, or may indicate any wrongdoing, so when they occur it is imperative to consult with a specialist.In cases where there is discharge, sore nipples, there are other symptoms, it is better as soon as possible to seek medical advice as these symptoms can often indicate a wide variety of pathologies.

If several months have passed since the end of the feeding and discharge is still observed, also need to undergo a medical examination.This is especially important if there are in addition to the discharge and other symptoms (seals in the chest, pain, etc.).The rest of the time - in the course of pregnancy, and feeding for a period after - often allocation are natural and rarely require medical intervention.

also important to know that the stand-out decant the liquid from the nipple should not be.Discharge during pregnancy - a physiological process, but they do not need to encourage.In addition, the rules of hygiene care of the breast (at least two times a day, wash it with warm water and wipe dry) must be observed, as well as comfortable to wear underwear that will not pinch or rub the breasts.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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