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1. reasons vulvitis

2. symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of vulvitis

Vulvitis - an inflammatory disease of the vulva (the external female genital organs).In this disease inflamed area of ​​the clitoris, the small and large labia, vestibule and cancer of the vagina, the hymen.Especially common vulvitis in children and in older women.

reasons vulvitis

The disease most often opportunistic pathogens - Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli, yeast.In some cases, it vulvitis caused by pathogens, sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, trichomonas, gonococci), diphtheria, tuberculosis.

factors that trigger the onset of vulvitis, the following:

  • neglect of personal hygiene rules, including during menstruation;
  • irritation vulvar secretions from the cervix, vagina incontinence existing infection, exposure to chemicals;
  • mechanical mucosal injury during intercourse, long-term use of sanitary napkins worn rough and tight clothing;
  • taking some medicines for a long time;
  • scratching genitals for excessive sweating, helminths, vegetative neurosis;
  • allergic reactions, metabolic and hormonal disorders in the body - diabetes, obesity, ovarian hypofunction, deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • fistulas (abnormal passages) of the urinary tract, bowel.

There are primary and secondary vulvitis.

called primary vulva, which develops in non-compliance with the rules of hygiene or as a result of injury.The most common primary vulvitis in children and in women during menopause.

secondary vulvitis comes in contact with the infection of other organs - uterus, vagina, kidney, bladder, tonsils.

cause of vulvitis in children may be scratching with insufficient hygiene genitals or as a result of infection with parasites (pinworms).


severity of symptoms of vulvitis depend on the form of the disease.There are acute and chronic forms of the disease.

vulvitis symptoms of the acute form are growing fast enough.The patient develops swelling and redness of the external genitalia.There are red spots, and in the groin.At the same time on the surface of the mucous membranes, the skin acts as a large number of purulent discharge.Sometimes a woman is significantly swollen lymph nodes groin.These sites collected lymph fluid that comes from the lymphatic vessels of the external genitalia.Woman suffering from burning sensation, pruritus, fatigue, weakness, deterioration of general health.

Symptoms of vulvitis caused by Escherichia coli, are greenish-yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor.If the causative agent of the disease were staphylococci isolated are whitish-yellow and viscous, thick consistency.

vulva in girls is accompanied by sleep disturbances, increased excitability.

almost the With chronic vulvitis symptoms the same as in the acute form, but much less pronounced.The woman redness of the mucous membrane and skin in the vulva.It is often a feeling of burning and itching.

Complications vulvitis may be genital deformations that occur after healing of ulcers and erosions.This can greatly hinder the further sexual life of a woman.In girls, a complication of the disease may be adhesions - seam in the labia majora.

Diagnosis and treatment of vulvitis vulvitis

Diagnosis begins with a survey of the patient.

After that the doctor conducting a pelvic examination, including bimanual pelvic exam.During the meeting taken smear secretions from the cervix to detect the presence of inflammation.

to determine the causative agent of the disease is carried out bacterial seeding selections.In addition, to prevent the pathology of the lower parts of the urogenital system, conduct research scrapings from the urethra.

In most cases, the diagnosis of vulvitis spend colposcopy - the cervix under a microscope.This method makes it possible to determine the boundaries of the inflammatory process, changes in tissue structure and vascular pattern.

as patients prescribed blood tests and analysis on the definition of certain diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Treatment vulvitis selected individually for each woman.It depends on the type of the causative agent, the degree of the disease, the severity of symptoms.Complex therapy includes the use of general and local procedures.

primarily treated underlying disease, which triggered the development of vulvitis.

Treatment vulvitis in children is necessarily accompanied by bed rest.

women for a period of treatment should refrain from sexual activity.This is due to the need to restore the mucous membrane of the vulva and to avoid further infection.

Antibacterials administered in need of treatment of the underlying disease.vulvitis Treatment in children is usually performed locally - creams, ointments.

For the topical treatment of external genital organs used the following procedures:

  • washing genitals tincture of calendula, chamomile, solutions of potassium permanganate, boric acid;
  • cold compresses, lotions with infusion of eucalyptus, furatsillina solution;
  • anti candles;
  • douching antiseptic;
  • hip baths with warm herbal extracts (eucalyptus, a succession, chamomile, calendula), a solution of potassium permanganate.

After topical treatment genitals towel dried and powdered streptocidal powder.

on intense itching vulva anestezinovuyu prescribed ointment, especially in severe cases - hydrocortisone ointment.

the treatment of allergic nature vulvitis used antihistamines.In addition, the patient must adhere to a special diet that excludes salty, spicy, sweet foods.

simultaneously with the treatment of the disease women prescribed drugs that enhance the body's defenses, vitamins, restoring normal bowel flora and vagina.


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