Causes and symptoms of inflammation of the salivary gland , treatment


1. Causes inflammation of the salivary gland

2. symptoms

3. inflammation of the parotid gland

4. treatment of disease

Inhumans are large and small salivary glands.It includes small palatine, lingual, molar, buccal, labial gland.Large salivary glands are paired parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands, ducts which are located on the oral mucosa.Generated salivary glands Saliva is an essential component to start the process of digestion.The food is moistened with saliva, simple carbohydrates are broken down and absorbed by the oral cavity.Formed bolus easily swallowed.

Inflammation of the salivary gland, or sialadenitis, leads to disruption of its functions, ie- Salivation.As a result, there dryness in the mouth and difficulty in swallowing.

Causes inflammation of the salivary gland

The following causes inflammation of the salivary gland:

  • infectious diseases - influenza, measles, scarlet fever;
  • surgery, which occurred as a result of dehydration;
  • stenonova narrowing duct (introductory duct parotid gland);
  • formation of stones in the outlet duct section or in prostate tissue;
  • education in organic duct plug consisting of compacted mixture of bacteria, white blood cells and exfoliated epithelial cells;
  • professional activity glassblowers and musicians who play wind instruments;high air pressure flow is the cause of salivary gland inflammation, has a chronic course.


symptoms of salivary gland inflammation are usually the following:

  • dryness in the mouth;
  • a bad taste in the mouth;
  • pain in the mouth and throat;
  • formation of painful swelling around the ear lobe and ottopyrivanie;
  • pus in the mouth or on the skin in the affected glands;
  • swelling and redness in the areas affected by inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • pain when chewing and swallowing food;
  • improving overall body temperature.

Inflammation of the salivary gland in most cases begins with general weakness and malaise.Against the background of increase in body temperature up to 38,5 ° C there is a small swelling in the submandibular and parotid region.Sometimes, it happens all the symptoms of inflammation of the salivary gland.But in some cases the swelling increases and becomes quite painful.At the site of inflammation gland may be redness of the skin.The mucous membrane of the mouth dries up, the patient is difficult to even open his mouth.

inflammation of the parotid gland

inflammation of the parotid gland (mumps) can be caused by epidemic and non-epidemic causes.

disease that causes epidemic causes, known popularly as the pig.It has a viral origin.Transmission occurs by the transfer of airborne infection.Most often this type of salivary gland inflammation affects children, but there are cases of infection and adults.The affected salivary gland swells and increases in size.The patient's body temperature rises.In order to prevent the spread of infection, the patient is isolated and adhere to anti-epidemic regime.

non-epidemic inflammation of parotid gland may occur as a result of blockage of ductless, sialolithic disease, trauma, infectious diseases (influenza, encephalitis, pneumonia) after surgery.Symptoms of inflammation of the salivary gland in this case is a painful swelling of the ear, protruding lobe, skin redness.Instead of normal consistency of saliva released a purulent liquid or muddy secret.Man hurt to swallow, his body temperature can rise to 40 ° C.Because of severe pain in the area of ​​inflammation, the patient is difficult to open the mouth.

In most cases, mumps affected submandibular and sublingual salivary glands.

The disease can cause serious complications.Most often it occurs in boys orchitis (testicular inflammation).The disease develops after a few days after the onset of inflammation of the salivary glands.It is characterized by high fever and severe pain.In rare cases, can testicular atrophy.In addition, there may be salivary gland abscess, which manifests itself in the form of pockets of purulent fusion.Very rarely, mumps can result in necrosis of the salivary gland, which flows by type of cancer of the water.


Treatment Methods of treatment of salivary gland inflammation depend on the form in which the disease occurs.

antibiotics used in acute form of the disease.In addition, means are assigned, which increase salivation.Good results are obtained by the use of physical therapy - ultraviolet radiation affected area, UHF-therapy, solljuks (heat treatment), electrophoresis.

Surgical treatment of salivary gland inflammation apply in the case of purulent fusion of its parts.When surgical intervention may be carried out extraction of a foreign body or the removal of the salivary gland.

In chronic course of the disease can not be a full recovery.But competent treatment significantly improves the condition of the human body.In periods of exacerbations administered antibacterial agents and drugs that cause excessive salivation.Good results of treatment achieved by the method of galvanizing of the salivary glands.For the treatment of inflammation of the salivary glands in the acute periods of use of physiotherapy techniques.

Proper and timely treatment of the disease should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.Only in this way you can avoid the serious complications.


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