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or blepharitis Inflammation of the century -a group of diseases of different etiologies eyes that manifest inflammation edges of the lower or upper eyelids, as well as all sorts of secretions.This is one of the most common eye diseases are prone to recurrence and chronicity.It is distressing to patients and significantly reduces its efficiency.

Causes Inflammation of the century in a child or adult can be caused by a variety of reasons.One of them - the defeat of the eyelid edge mikrokleschey living on the skin and in hair follicles.When a person's immune system is sharply reduced, the activities of these creatures is activated and triggers inflammation of the eyelids.

In some cases, the disease occurs when a high sensitivity to dust, pollen or cosmetics.In this case, an inflammation of the century of the child or adult is usually accompanied by conjunctivitis.Blepharitis

is often a companion of diabetes, cholecystitis, metabolic and digestive diseases such as gastritis and colitis.

inflammation of the eyelids may occur when farsightedness.Due to the stress and fatigue of the eye muscles person often rubs his eyes, raising them to infection.On this basis, and there is blepharitis.In addition, the infection can spread to the eyelids lymph or blood from inflamed tonsils, bad teeth and other foci of infection.

reasons caused by inflammation of the upper eyelid or lower eyelid inflammation, and could become poor sanitary conditions of human life, injuries and eye injuries, lack of vitamins or other nutrients, mechanical, thermal and chemical effects on the eyes.


Usually, inflammation is accompanied by a century redness and swelling its edges, while the roots of eyelashes, it is covered with small, easily separated scales dirty yellow.The eyes begin to itch, tear, quickly get tired, become overly sensitive to wind, water and light.Inflammation of the century, a child and an adult sometimes occurs without the appearance of scales.The edges of the eye at the same time strongly redden, thicken, become wet and "oiled".Even with a slight pressure on the lid of it stands a transparent oily secret.

Classification inflammation century

Depending on the morphological and clinical signs of inflammation of the century, classified as ulcerative, allergic, Demodectic and seborrheic blepharitis.Any of these diseases may occur both on the upper and on the lower eyelid.

Ulcerative blepharitis is a complication of chronic infection.The bacteria get into the hair follicles of eyelashes that causes specific symptoms.The progressive course of the disease can lead to blocking and loss of eyelashes.

appearance of seborrheic blepharitis associated with lesions of the scalp, eyebrows and BTE areas.The main symptom of this pathological condition is the formation of the edges century small greasy flakes grayish color.The disease can cause loss of eyelashes.

The cause of allergic blepharitis - increased immune response to dust, pollen, cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.This disease always appears suddenly.The first sign of inflammation is swelling of the century, then he's joined by mucus, watery eyes, pain in the eyes and photophobia.

Defeat century mikrokleschey causes the development of demodectic blepharitis.This pathogen is localized near the lash roots.The main symptoms: pain in the eyes, intense itching, pus, swelling and redness century sharp.

Treatment of inflammation century

Inflammation of the upper eyelid strongly worsens the patient's condition, a negative effect on his visual perception, and if left untreated leads to inflammation and progression of the development of septic complications.When the first symptoms of the disease the patient needed urgent assistance, including the sanitary-hygienic treatment of the affected century, followed by the appointment of solutions based antibacterial agents.

As for the lower eyelid inflammation, it is characterized by less severe symptoms.Despite this, given the pathological condition is also characterized by a tendency to generalize, therefore treatment must be accompanied by intensive antibiotic therapy.

mainstay of treatment for inflammation of the century - is, above all, good hygiene.Edge inflamed century is necessary several times a day to wipe the water infusion of chamomile flowers, calendula, cornflower blue and just clean boiled water.These measures will help relieve itching, congestion, and to reduce the intensity of the inflammation.

In addition, inflammation of the century it is recommended 4 times a day applied to the eye warm compresses of strong tea leaves.So you reduce the discomfort in the eyes and clean them from the pus.

on intense itching in any case can not rub or scratch your eyes, as this may lead to penetration in the inflammation and other complications of the disease germs.

During treatment, inflammation of the eyelids should refrain from the use of contact lenses and cosmetic products for the eyes.

Inflammation of the upper eyelid and lower eyelid inflammation are dangerous diseases that can lead to serious complications.However, with proper and timely treatment of all symptoms usually disappear within 2-3 weeks.When the pain in the eye, the formation of ulcers, cracks or sores on the eyelids, as well as with a decrease in visual acuity should immediately seek help from a specialist.Depending on the cause of the disease to treat inflammation of the century doctor prescribes antibiotics, hormones and other means.


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