Vitiligo - Causes , treatment , folk remedies


1. Causes Vitiligo

2. Symptoms

3. diagnosis of vitiligo

4. Treatment

5. Treatment of vitiligo with folk remedies

6. means used for rubbing

7. means for masking stains

8. Duckweed vitiligo

9. Hypericum vitiligo

10. Prevention

vitiligo- a pigmentary anomaly.This condition contributes to the destruction of colored skin cells - melanocytes, which are in place in the affected location of the skin appear white spots.The disease is characterized by the appearance of depigmented patches of small size, which tend to increase in size and merge.The number of such spots in some cases up to several dozen.Also lends itself to discoloration and hair on the affected skin.Vitiligo can occur at any age, regardless of the gender of the person.This disease is characterized by various localization and fairly long, usually progressive course.Often the process is exacerbated after trips to sunny resorts.

Now Vitiligo - one of the most tyazheloobyasnimyh diseases in tod

ay's world, it has been observed more often, complaints of the disease can be found around the globe.

Experts suggest that Vitiligo is not a dangerous disease to humans, and though this is true, we should not forget about the health risks and neglect the multitude of existing rules.The presence in the body of a person gives a signal vitiligo, indicating that there are problems.

Causes Vitiligo

definitive answer to the question, what are the causes of vitiligo, unfortunately not, so there are several theories of its origin.The most common theory is considered to be infectious.According to experts, it is assumed that some kind of virus, getting into the skin, provoking the emergence in the future on it or on the contrary excessive, insufficient coloring.Such skin lesions could be due to the action of various bacterial infectious processes, under the action of pathogenic bacteria.However, medicine rejects this hypothesis, because the lack of proper evidence.Today, doctors believe that the most significant causes of vitiligo - a: stress and mental experience, a hereditary disease of the spinal cord, dorsal tabes, syphilis, disease, helminthic nature, various disorders in the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, gonads.Vitiligo is able to occur in areas where the skin is often subjected to mechanical stimuli, for example, when wearing bandages, plaster.Not last place in the causes of vitiligo take violations of metabolic processes in the body.

Symptoms Vitiligo is characterized by the expression of the patient's skin spots round or oval shapes, which at first, in most cases, small size.Over time, their size increases.The spots are the color of milk or ivory, which is a characteristic feature.

Outline lesions clear.It is significant that on the surface of the spots are not formed flakes and stains do not rise above the skin surface.

In some cases, smaller spots appear in these spots of vitiligo, where the skin is heavily pigmented.As mentioned above, the spot at the beginning of vitiligo have a small size, but the centers of sprawl - are connected with the nearby spots and form giant lesions, often occupying, for example, the entire back or full stomach.Sometimes the lesion amenable to the entire skin, but this phenomenon is extremely rare.

defeat in vitiligo is not characterized solely determine the localization, it can occur anywhere, and on his eyebrows, and on the genitals and other body parts.Often, lesions appear on the external genitals, which is often mistaken for an infection, sexually transmitted diseases.

diagnosis of vitiligo

diagnosis determined quite easily in identifying the skin characteristic of vitiligo lesions.We often distinguished from vitiligo leucoderma syphilitic nature.But.It must be remembered that, in contrast to vitiligo, syphilis there are other symptoms, such as lesions in the mucous membranes of the anus, and others. It is also easy to carry out simple laboratory reactions that can confirm the patient is syphilis, rather than any other pathology.

Treatment Treatment of vitiligo - an extremely complicated process, because its causes have not been studied in full.The same factor can be attributed to the lack of effective pharmacological treatments.It is believed that the causes of vitiligo are hiding in the whole body, not just in the skin.To assign the correct treatment of vitiligo is necessary to find out the reason, because each patient is an individual.Set the correct cause of vitiligo and treatment can appoint a qualified person.

Vitiligo Treatment should be complex, it is necessary to take seriously, to take measures for the destruction of worms found in the body.Due to national treatment, vitiligo can be treated successfully Echinacea, B vitamins, foods rich in copper.During treatment it is necessary to follow a diet: you need a lot of dishes from beets, pumpkin, carrots and cabbage.You should also eat fresh peach juice.Folk remedies in vitiligo are very important - you need to remember.

the treatment of vitiligo by traditional means, as a rule, appointed beroksan and ammifurin.It is worth remembering that the treatment of this disease takes a long time, and it is influenced by various factors.

Treatment of vitiligo with folk remedies

Since ancient times, in the treatment of vitiligo with folk remedies used medicinal plants.Moreover, these plants form the basis of drugs for the treatment of this disease.

means used for rubbing

juice of the roots of parsnip (twice a day), juice of fig fruit, peppers, broth (1: 1; 1: 2), duckweed, fresh strawberry juice.

means for masking stains

Juice rhubarb root to grease stains twice a day.This juice is able to paint the skin to tan.

can lubricate the centers twice a day tincture (1:10) green leaves and pericarp of walnut, in equal proportions.The spots will darken considerably.

Duckweed vitiligo

Grind duckweed washed and rubbed with honey in proportion 1: 1, take in food by 5 grams a few times a day.It is advisable to sunbathe a little.The results will be shown in 4-5 months.Such a method of national treatment of vitiligo is the most common and effective.

Hypericum vitiligo

effective folk remedy for vitiligo is St. John's wort.It is necessary to take in food infusion of St. John's wort to 10 grams a few times a day after meals.After 20 days of taking a break.Treatment is carried out within six months.

And indeed, there are many folk remedies for treating vitiligo, which greatly help alleviate the plight of patients with this disease.


Due to the fact that the causes of vitiligo is not completely understood, the prevention and insufficiently substantiated.But noted that the annual stay at the resort a beneficial effect on the recovery of patients with vitiligo.chronic diseases of the digestive system should be regularly treated, balanced diet and apply national treatment of vitiligo.


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