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1. Causes of flatulence

2. Bloating in Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

3. Treatment of flatulence

Bloating called medical term"bloating" - a pathological condition which is caused by the accumulation in the intestine of an excess amount of gas.In this case the person feels heaviness and gases in the stomach, as well as great discomfort and embarrassment because of "indecent" manifestations of this disorder.

worth noting that bloating does not belong to the category of dangerous diseases, and at times can be shown at each person in the excessive accumulation of gas in the intestines.

Symptoms of this disorder is very clear and clearly manifested.When a person feels flatulence distension and heaviness in the abdomen, followed by cramping pains and loud rumbling in the abdomen occurring after flatus.Also, if bloating gases accumulate, and often burping, hiccups, heart and headaches.

Causes of flatulence

As noted above, the disease causes great discomfort to the person and

people around him, as if the accumulated bloating gases are emitted randomly through the anus.

In structure, our gastrointestinal tract is an elongated tube with two holes, the first of which is the mouth, and the second - the anus.In the normal state in the intestine it is a certain amount of solids, liquids and gases.With a small quantity (200ml) gases do not cause inconvenience to people and is a permanent component of the intestinal contents.However, bloating gas accumulated in the intestine in large numbers, and the person feels as if "inflated balloon."

There are several main causes of bloating:

  • most common cause of bloating is swallowing air while consuming food and beverages.In healthy people, there is also swallowing of air while eating, but most of it is discharged to the outside when belching.Bloating after eating is seen in people who smoke, those who often chew gum, drink sodas, etc.
  • When bloating gases in the intestines are formed in large quantities due to the flora of life in the digestive tract -. the microbes living in the gut,produce different cleavage nutrients (proteins, sugars), this is accompanied by release of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide.. Increase the degree of activity of these bacterial products that contain a lot of fiber: cabbage, apples, beans, brown bread, etc. Another reason
  • bloating is the diffusion of the gas into the lumen of the intestine from the blood - it contributes to the accumulation of nitrogen in the intestine.
  • intestinal dysbiosis allows to accumulate in the intestines of harmful, alien microbes that digest their food by fermentation and suppuration.Consequently, a large amount of malodorous gas containing methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Chronic pancreatitis leads to indigestion and bloating after eating.
  • Intestinal obstruction, intestinal polyps and tumors are also to blame for improper passing flatus.
  • failures of motor function of the intestine, when his movements are uncoordinated, also lead to the accumulation of gases.This happens, for example, irritable bowel syndrome.

Bloating in Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

culprit of bloating during pregnancy is sex hormone progesterone, which leads to a change in a woman's body.Progesterone is very necessary for the body of women during pregnancy, but it causes relaxation of smooth muscles, which include gastro-intestinal tract.Because of this slows down the digestive process and slower metabolism occurs.

also bloating may occur during pregnancy because of the increased pressure increases the uterus on the intestine, and reduced intestinal tone.

Most often seen in pregnant sense of bloating after eating.The good news is that these uncomfortable feelings are concerned only future mom and have no effect on the child.

Before prescribe treatment bloating pregnant woman, it is necessary to identify the cause of such disorders.To do this, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate diet.The use of drugs for the treatment of this problem in pregnant women may need only the most extreme cases.Independently they choose is strictly forbidden, as it may harm the baby.Prescribers of flatulence doctor.

Treatment of flatulence

For purposes of treatment bloating first identify the cause of this disorder.For example, if flatulence caused by the ingestion of a large volume of air, the adjustment is carried out behavior of the patient.You may need to stop smoking, carbonated drinks and chewing gum.In case of flatulence due to human malnutrition, i.e.the presence in the diet of a large number of foods rich in fiber, hold the adjustment diet, eliminating unnecessary products or reducing their number.You can own and try to fix the problem by reducing the amount in the diet of cabbage, fresh fruits, pulses, milk and so on. It is also better to go to the reusable food in small portions, eat slowly and slowly 5-6 times a day.

flatulence, which is a consequence of chronic pancreatitis, ie,deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, the treatment is carried out using preparations containing these enzymes.These medicines include Mezim forte, Pancreatin, Kreon, Smecta and so forth. For example, the drug Creon helps to improve the intestinal condition, normalizes the process of digestion and eliminate the cause of flatulence, normalizes the process of gas removal.In some cases, the drug is prescribed, and the children, but its purpose should be carried out only by the doctor.Recommended enzyme dosage for adults is 20 000 units, this figure should be indicated on the box of the drug.Taking this medication after each meal, drink it must be non-carbonated alkaline water, preferably mineral.

Treatment of bloating caused by intestinal dysbiosis, gastritis, peptic ulcer or enterocolitis, comes to the treatment of the disease, initiating flatulence.

Modern pharmacology offers such medications for the treatment of bloating:

- Liquid Coal.The main reason for the constant bloating is often a disbakterioz.Chtoby protect themselves from the effects of flatulence and dysbiosis must be a comprehensive approach to solving the problem.Removing products from the intestinal disintegration must be combined with the use of rich lacto-and bifidobacteria or components that contribute to its growth.For example, at a dysbacteriosis makes use of a double-acting drug - liquid coal.On the one hand sorbent pectin cleanses the digestive system of toxins, eliminating harmful substances.On the other hand prebiotic inulin creates in the intestines of a favorable environment for bacteria ??digestive helpers.The solution of these two problems helps to quickly and safely get rid of dysbiosis and swelling.

- Espumizan and other drugs on the basis of simethicone.Take Espumizan in the form of capsules or emulsions, two or three times a day during meals, sometimes advised to take this medication at bedtime in addition.Espumizan can be used for removal of occasional accumulations of gas in the intestines, which occurred due to the violation of the diet, in the postoperative period or constipation.

- Combined preparation containing in its composition and Creon and Espumizan - a "Pankreoflat".


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