Vestibular- atactic syndrome - symptoms, treatment


1. Symptoms of vestibular-atactic syndrome

2. The causes of the disease

3. Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome

4. Surgery Syndrome

5. Prevention of the disease

vestibular-atactic syndrome is the set of symptoms, such as loss of balance, dynamics and statics, unsteadiness in walking, dizziness, unsteadiness on standing, possible "cast" in different directions, and even fall.Often vestibular-atactic syndrome is a manifestation of cerebral ischemia, as well as other syndromes: pseudobulbar, pyramidal, cephalgic, amiostatichesky.

Causes of vestibular-atactic syndrome can be very different, ranging from vascular disorders in the body and ending with the defeat of the brain arteries, leading to persistent spasms.

Symptoms of vestibular-atactic syndrome

of the complaints of patients can be identified are the main symptoms of vestibular-atactic syndrome as: dizziness, flashing "flies" around the eyes, unsteadiness of gait, nausea.Also, if at the initial stage of the

disease manifests itself practically incoordination, further vestibulo this symptom-syndrome atactic becomes more noticeable.In the absence of proper treatment in the later stages of the disease have clearly seen a direct correlation of objective and subjective diskoordinatornyh violations.Of course, symptoms such as ataxia and dizziness may be symptoms of many common diseases, such as age-related disorders of the musculoskeletal or vestibular apparatus, lesions predverno-cochlear nerve, and so on. Therefore, to make assumptions about the development of this particular disease is only in the presence of the totality of symptoms of vestibular-atakticheskogo syndrome.

Causes of

diseases are often the cause of vestibular-atactic syndrome is a chronic circulatory failure occurring in the vertebrobasilar arterial pool congenital or acquired nature.Initiate the development of vestibular-atactic syndrome may atrophy of the cortex, cerebellar dysfunction, fronto-stem disorders, normal pressure hydrocephalus, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome

Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome naturally, as in most other cases, you must start with a thorough and detailed informative analysis, which is carried out by means of a patient survey.Next, the patient is assigned otoneurological and neurological examination, which will help identify signs of diffuse lesions of the brain.Upon confirmation of such lesions, begins the first phase of treatment based on antihypertensive therapy with daily control of blood pressure and cholesterol with statins decrease dramatically.Importance is given to the image of the patient's life, it prescribes a suitable diet.For positive results of treatment the patient needs to get rid of bad habits that weaken the body, and begin to live a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome is also directed at relief of symptoms of the disease, but to choose the right therapy for a particular patient should be identified pathogenetic mechanisms of these symptoms.In most cases, chronic ischemia of the brain, which causes the development of vestibular-atactic syndrome, is caused by atherosclerosis or hypertension.

most effective medication for the treatment of this disease are considered such preparations:

  • Mildronat;
  • Aktovegin;
  • Mexidol.

Also during this period the person is prescribed drugs that stimulate brain circulation, in particular Trental, Instenon, Cavintonum.

If chronic ischemia of the brain, which is accompanied by vestibular-atactic syndrome 2-3 reached the stage of its development, to treat it can be assigned to symptomatic therapy, including antidepressants.The optimal drugs of this type with the soft action of medical preparations are benzodiazepine, in particular Grandaxinum.

Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome refers to the area under study neurologist.At discretion of the physician, treatment may be supplemented by a course of physiotherapy procedures described above.In some cases, it may even be used hypnosis to relieve the patient's condition.

If patients respond well to a course of drug therapy and physical therapy, then continue further treatment according to the chosen course.If there is no positive dynamics in the patient's condition, doctors are forced to resort to surgery.

Surgery Syndrome

Surgical treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome is to perform the intersection vasomotor fibers vertebral artery on the affected side.Often surgery is the only option, and thus leads to positive results:

  • minimize the likelihood of artery spasms in the stable nature;
  • there is a significant improvement of blood circulation in charge of coordinating and maintaining the equilibrium of the brain areas.

In our country, the operative treatment of this disease has been used successfully in many medical institutions since the mid-2000s.Since such an operation requires a high qualifications of the doctor, it can only be carried out cardiovascular surgeon of the highest category.The operation itself is low-traumatic and usually the patient is getting better.

percentage of the effectiveness of such surgery is quite high and reaches 70%.

Prevention of

main diseases and the main preventive method prevents the occurrence of vestibular-atactic syndrome, is to prevent the development of cerebral ischemia.After vestibular-atactic syndrome occurs mostly in the later stages of ischemic brain disease.Therefore, careful attention to their health and timely treatment to the doctor will help in the early stages to identify disturbances in the brain work and spend quality treatment.

And of course, as in most other cases, help to prevent the development of diseases such basic rules for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Avoiding stressful situations even from childhood;
  • Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • smoking cessation;
  • call a doctor at the first sign of cerebral ischemia, as well as the reduction of physical activity;
  • Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • Asking for qualified medical care in diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension;
  • good preventive effect renders the fight against obesity and the removal of inactivity.


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