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1. reasons ventriculomegaly

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4. Treatment ventriculomegaly

ventriculomegaly - pathological change, in whichobserved in the fetus increase the size of the ventricles of the brain, leading to brain diseases, neurological disorders.

reasons ventriculomegaly

disease can be isolated in nature, and may be the result of vice, which is associated with other abnormalities of development.Ventriculomegaly in the fetus characterized by an increase in fetal cerebral ventricular size to 12-20 mm.

main causes of ventriculomegaly are chromosomal abnormalities observed in women who have the disease during pregnancy.

reason ventriculomegaly can serve transferred physical trauma, obstructive hydrocephalus, infections, hemorrhage, hereditary factors.

ventriculomegaly in the fetus is a cause for the development of Down's syndrome, Turner's and Edwards.The disease has an impact on the change of heart, the brain structures of the musculoskeletal system.

Identify symptoms allows ultrasound.Shows signs are already beginning to 20-23 weeks of gestation.There are cases of detection of pathology at the beginning of the third trimester.

According to these scientists, the disease occurs in pregnant women who give birth after 35 years.Young mothers are less subject to the decision of this diagnosis.Statistically disease occurs in 0.6% cases.

Types There are three main types of the disease:

  • lightweight type is a single character.This type does not require serious treatment;
  • medium type is characterized by an increase in the ventricles, their size reaches 15 millimeters.The disease occurs with slight changes in the outflow of cerebrospinal fluid;
  • heavy type is characterized by a significant increase in fetal cerebral ventricles of newborn in combination with other pathologies of the brain;


ventriculomegaly diagnosis is carried out on 17-33 week of pregnancy using ultrasound, spectral karyotyping fetus.The survey includes a complete study of the anatomical structures of the fetus, especially with respect to the ventricular system of the brain.

more accurate diagnosis of the decision made on the basis of the scanning of the fetus's head with obligatory determination threshold lateral ventricles of the brain.The disease occurs in the event that the ventricular size is greater than 10 millimeters.

Treatment ventriculomegaly

ventriculomegaly Treatment is aimed at preventing the effects that can cause this pathology.The disease is most dangerous to the occurrence of severe diseases of the brain, the central nervous system.

Medication ventriculomegaly includes diuretics, antihypoxants vitamins.Doctors also appointed massage, exercise therapy, which focuses on the static load of the pelvic floor, pelvic muscles.

medication, the effect of which is aimed at preventing the development of neurological disorders is essential for retention of potassium in the body.

In the case of detection of the disease in the newborn to predict how it will develop very difficult.In most cases, if there is a defect of the isolated, outcome will be normal.With the combination of the disease in the fetus with chromosomal abnormalities there is a high likelihood of developing neurological disorders have severe.


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