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1. Classification

2. causes of disease

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Vasculitis - a loss of blood vessels, which may occur at such ailments as rheumatism, typhus and so on.In most cases a benign vasculitis.They can get sick each, even a child.

They will discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment of vasculitis of the disease, is used in modern medical practice.The article also describes the different types of vasculitis (hemorrhagic, systemic vasculitis, and others).


Today distinguish the set of subtypes and classifications of the disease, which differ in localization, severity and etiology.

At the present time release:

  • Wegener's granulomatosis.
  • nonspecific aortoarteriit.
  • Giant cell arteritis.
  • Systemic vasculitis (nodular nodosa, mixed vasculitis, Churg-Strauss syndrome, mikropoliangiit).
  • Kawasaki syndrome.
  • Allergic skin vasculitis.
  • Behcet's disease.
  • Hemorrhagic vasculitis and so on.

causes of disease

In most cases, the cause of vasculitis is unknown, and has no effect on the course of the disease.The dominant theory of the origin of this disease are still infectious processes.Some scientists proved that genetic predisposition and viruses may also trigger the disease.

there are still some provocateurs vasculitis, which are known to mankind for a long time.These include drugs, and serum.systematic destruction Symptoms appear immediately after contact with the patient's body by drugs.Today there are more than 150 medications, the reception of which causes the development of vasculitis.These tools include sulfa drugs, X-ray contrast agents, vitamins, tuberculostatics, analgesics, iodine, antibiotics, and so on.

Symptoms of vasculitis

complaints of people suffering from this disease are varied and depend on the phase of the disease, the localization of the affected vessel, as well as the severity of organ disorders.Usually, vasculitis begin acutely with signs of inflammation and the development of organ pathologies.Among the first symptoms of vasculitis include general non-specific, as well as the local characteristic syndromes which define the clinical picture of this or that form of the disease.

Weight loss, fatigue, low-grade constant body temperature, headache, joint disease, muscle aches and skin syndrome (skin purpura, petechiae, nodules, ulcers) are common, as well as the main symptoms of vasculitis.

manifestations of hemorrhagic vasculitis

hemorrhagic vasculitis may occur at any age, however, the maximum number of cases of this type of disease occurs in children between the ages of 4 to 12 years.The first symptoms of this form of vasculitis occur 1-4 weeks after scarlet fever, acute respiratory viral infection, sore throat or some other infectious disease.

hemorrhagic vasculitis in children begins with melkopyatnistyh skin rash that does not disappear when pressed.The rash is localized on the buttocks, around the joints and on the extensor surfaces of the arms and legs.

defeat of the joints is the second characteristic symptom of vasculitis in children (haemorrhagic form).This feature is observed in 2/3 patients.It usually manifests itself with a rash in the first week of the disease.Mostly affected ankle and knee joints.Patients develop juxta-articular swelling and tenderness occurs (pain duration varies from a few hours to several days).

third frequency feature of hemorrhagic vasculitis in children are abdominal pain.This symptom may be preceded by a joint and skin changes, and occur simultaneously with the defeat of the joints and skin.Abdominal pain can wear and moderate and paroxysmal in nature.Pain attacks with vasculitis in children, usually accompanied by an unstable stool, fever, nausea and vomiting.In rare cases, there are episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding.

In moderate to severe cases of hemorrhagic vasculitis in children is accompanied by type systolic heart murmur.Also, there may be, and disorders of the central nervous system which are caused by an inflammation of the meninges and brain vessels.Patients in these situations complain of irritability, dizziness and severe headache.

symptoms of systemic vasculitis

Since all vasculitis become inflamed different vessels, each of the types of this disease has its own characteristics.Now we will focus on the most common systemic vasculitis.

  • Giant cell temporal arteritis.This systemic vasculitis affected, usually elderly.For this disease is characterized by weight loss, undulating fever, malaise, weakness, severe throbbing headache and swelling in the temporal region.
  • Wegener's granulomatosis.The disease manifests itself bloody or purulent discharge from the nose, the destruction of the nasal septum, ulcers on the mucosa of the nose, pain in the paranasal sinuses.In addition, the disease is accompanied by shortness of breath, cough, hemoptysis, and chest pain.
  • periarteritis nodosa.This form of systemic vasculitis develops mainly from the stronger sex.This disease is characterized by fever, muscle pain, weight loss, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.In the absence of or incorrect treatment of vasculitis may have mental disorders or stroke.
  • Behcet's syndrome.Its main symptom is recurrent stomatitis.The next symptom - is sores on the penis and scrotum in men;vulva and vagina in women.It may also be various eye inflammation.
  • thromboangiitis obliterans.Symptoms of systemic vasculitis depend on the inflamed vessels.Usually affects the extremities vessels.Patients developing lameness and numbness of the hands.

Treatment of vasculitis

main goal of treatment of vasculitis is to restore the operation of the affected organs and suppress the abnormal immune response, which leads to disruption of normal blood supply to the tissue and destroy blood vessels.Treatment for vasculitis doctor depending on affected organs and associated diseases.Some vasculitis, which symptoms are not severe (eg, primary allergic vasculitis), are on their own and do not require special treatment.

Today, the treatment of this disease have resorted to corticosteroids, as well as to chemotherapy in minimal doses.Also, the use in the treatment of vasculitis vasodilators and antithrombotics.

Weather Forecast

disease can be varied.As a rule, vasculitis affect only the skin.But there are some types of diseases that can cause serious harm to vital organs and lead to death.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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