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3. Treatment of vaginismus

vaginismus is a disease, which is expressed in the reduction of painful vaginal muscles of the pelvic floorand perineum when trying to penetrate into the vagina.This occurs usually as during sexual intercourse, and gynecological examinations.Vaginismus is accompanied by a reflex desire to get rid of the causes of pain, it causes impulsive defensive reaction and interferes with normal coitus.This libido in women can be maintained, and the orgasm is achieved through stimulation of the clitoris.

disease is fairly common and is manifested mainly as a consequence of a failed defloration.However, it can occur in nulliparous women and those who used to live a normal sexual life.

Causes of vaginismus

main causes of vaginismus are psychogenic factors - various neuroses, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hysteria, neurasthenia.Typically, the disease occurs as a reaction to the trauma at the first sexual intercou

rse, rape, abuse or male partner when unpleasant.By somatic causes of vaginismus are:

  • Inflammatory disease;
  • Vaginal dryness;
  • Insufficient or laced deflowering;
  • Excessive density of the hymen;
  • breaks or cracks of the mucous membrane of the vulva;
  • candidiasis;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • tumors malignancy;
  • anomalies of the vagina.

The cause of vaginismus can be a regular intercourse pain, misconceptions about sex, fear of intimacy, and so the firstThis involuntary contraction of the vagina, pelvic floor muscles and perineum, and a sharp pain in the genital area sometimes appear even when the thought of trying to touch him.

In particularly severe cases of vaginismus vaginal spasm is very strong.When sexual intimacy is a risk of infringement of the penis partner almost immediately after its introduction.This situation is very dangerous and unpleasant, because a member can not be removed from the vagina, it swells and begins to hurt badly.Therefore, women who want to have a normal sex life, at the first sign of the disease is necessary to contact a specialist.If the diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor will be assigned to the appropriate treatment of vaginismus, which is most often successful.


professional help, it is desirable to resort as early as possible, so as to treat vaginismus in advanced stage is much more difficult.Suspicion of the disease should occur when such symptoms:

  • Impulsive voltage of the perineum during intercourse;
  • Burning and tingling sensation in the vagina during sexual intercourse;
  • difficult and painful penile penetration;
  • Inability to complete intercourse;
  • sudden cessation of breathing and painful involuntary muscle spasms of the lower body during intercourse;
  • Unmanaged fear of sex;
  • difficulties gynecological manipulations;
  • unknown unexplainable pain during intercourse.

In the presence of such symptoms in women produced a negative attitude toward sexual intimacy, provoking the emergence of painful spasms already at the thought of contact with the man.In these severe cases, the entrance of the vagina can be closed so that any intrusion attempts are impossible in it.Treatment of vaginismus in this state requires a long time and a whole range of different methods.

Treatment of vaginismus

discomfort during sexual intercourse every time a woman may experience from time to time.This is a normal phenomenon in which the cause for alarm yet.It occurs when pain during vaginal penetration there permanently for a long period.In such a situation, the question arises already sharply on how to treat vaginismus.

Because the fear of intercourse or touching the genitals in women arises spontaneously and unconsciously, vaginismus treatment necessarily involves psychotherapeutic activities.They imply the correction of misconceptions about the painful sexual intercourse, their shameful defloration dangerous moments, etc.

have quite a wide range of disease manifestations.If it occurs in non-sexual experience of women (primary vaginismus) and has not yet started, the fear of penetration can relieve psychological rehabilitation.It eliminates the internal systems, relieves neurotic anxiety and restores normal sexy woman.So how to treat this type of vaginismus is simple, often for its exclusion rather short course of psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy.

Then, when the disease appeared after already obtained enough experience sexuality (secondary vaginismus), it often reaches a fairly advanced stage.This is explained by the following fact women hope that the painful phenomena are temporary or shame for his sexual failure and unwillingness to share with someone the problem.vaginismus Treatment in this case consists of a package of measures, based on physiological and psychological nature of his appearance.

the presence of inflammatory processes in the urogenital system, first eliminated foci of inflammation and their causes.The doctor then selects an appropriate course of bracing and psychotherapeutic interventions.So how to treat vaginismus secondary type is more difficult, additional ways to eliminate spasmodic contraction of the vulva.

Sexopathologists find an effective method of disease control use special extenders of different diameters.Expanders are designed to deal with muscle spasms.They are inserted into the vagina, gradually increasing in volume, which contributes to the penetration of habituation women and increases muscle elasticity.This procedure can be carried out both at home and at the reception by a specialist.

Usually the treatment of vaginismus sexual pathologists try to work not only with women but also with her partner.Optimal results can be achieved only with their full understanding and mutual patience.For a pair of individually designed system of sexual behavior and offers a home exercise program to help restore the intimate life.If the partners follow the doctor's recommendations, within a short period of time the disease disappears in nearly all patients.

exceptions are women with pathological abnormalities in the development of the vagina.When congenital abnormalities of the vulva vaginismus treatment is surgery and the postoperative course of psychotherapy.


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