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1. The causes of the disease

2. Symptoms of bursitis

3. Types disease

4. Treatment of bursitis

5. bursitis Treatment folkmeans

Bursitis - an inflammatory disease characterized by lesions of the mucous periarticular bags, which resulted in its cavity exudate accumulates.

Causes of

disease most often cause of bursitis joints are injuries, abrasions, bruises, minor wounds.Infection of synovial bags is carried through the blood.If there are erysipelas, boils, sores, carbuncles, the pus can be hit on the lymphatic system.The disease susceptible people who engage in traumatic sports, such as football, jumping, cycling.Penetration of infection can occur through abrasions, cuts, which are in the joint capsule.The disease can become chronic, if the focus of inflammation will experience constant irritation.

Symptoms of bursitis

initial signs of bursitis joint appearance speaks swelling around the injured area.Swelling has a rounded shape with a diameter of 8-10 cm

.The patient may also experience fever, joint range of motion is limited to a few.Bursitis is accompanied by pain, malaise.


disease Depending on the location of the place is a disease of various kinds.There are the following species:

  • bursitis of the shoulder joint;
  • bursitis of the elbow;
  • bursitis of the hip joint;
  • bursitis of the knee;
  • ankle bursitis.

Bursitis of the shoulder joint is accompanied by a lesion of the bag, which has no communication with the channel of the joint cavity.Bursitis joint accompanied by pain during abduction, rotation of the upper limb.External signs joint bursitis is not easy to detect, as the smoothed contours of the shoulder, and stopped only focus on a uniform increase in the deltoid muscle.

Bursitis of the elbow joint is observed due to the receipt of mechanical damage, infection due to injury subcutaneous ulnar bags, prolonged pressure on the elbow.With the defeat of bursitis of the elbow there is a sharp increase in the size of the bag, it becomes a hemispherical shape.Bursitis of the elbow joint is accompanied by redness of the skin, the appearance of a sharp pain, fever.

Bursitis replacement hips is different severity of the disease.It is caused by inflammation of the deep iliac grobeshkovoy bags, surface, deep bags of the greater trochanter.Purulent inflammation bags accompanied by pain when the limb abduction, hip rotation, the hip extension.

Bursitis of the knee is a consequence of the defeat prepatellar bags that with the knee joint do not have communication channels.Bursitis of the knee most often associated with inflammation of the subcutaneous bags.The disease accompanied by a rise in temperature, fluctuation, increased closest lymph nodes, local edema.Bursitis of the knee joint, which occurs with inflammation deep podnadkolennikovoy bags, is a consequence of complications of acute drives.

Bursitis ankle joint is characterized by the occurrence of inflammation in the large bag, which is located between the Achilles tendon and the hill.The reason for the development of joint bursitis is injury bursa uncomfortable tight shoes and lymphogenous, hematogenous infection.

Treatment of bursitis

For accurate diagnosis is necessary to make a detailed X-ray of the joint.Superimposed on the infected joint tire, thus reducing the volume of traffic.

bursitis Treatment involves intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce pain, reduce inflammation.

Among the measures aimed at the treatment of bursitis, it should be noted warming, special physiotherapy treatments that reduce discomfort, reduce inflammation, muscle tension, tendon, nerve fibers.

therapy of severe bursitis may require puncture the joint capsule or bursectomy.

bursitis Treatment folk remedies

Conventional medicine offers at the first signs of the disease using the following methods:

  • 1 tablespoon golden mustache pour 1 cup water, boil for 5-7 minutes, 1 hour, drain.Decoction wet gauze and apply to the sore joint.Cover with a cloth polyethylene, tie a woolen scarf.Compress leave overnight.The course of treatment for bursitis folk remedies 15-20 procedures.
  • warm up flax seed to put in the bag and attach it to the joint.
  • bursitis Treatment folk remedies gives good results when using leaves of Kalanchoe.Leaflets kalahoe freeze is applied to the inflamed areas of skin, insulated joint woolen cloth.
  • Prepare the infusion of three crushed chestnuts, three sheets aloe, bottle chemist bile, add to it 500 ml of alcohol insist 10 days.Subsequently, to make compresses for 10 days.


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