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1. Causes of Peyronie's disease

2. Symptoms of the disease

3. Treatment of Peyronie's disease

Peyronie's disease is called the curvature of the penis that appears whenit comes to a state of erection.This pathology occurs due to the fact that the tough fibrous plaques formed under the skin of the penis, do not allow the connective tissues of the body to stretch.These seals are not cancerous, but they are painful and often interfere with a man to live a normal sexual life.

Sometimes special treatment of Peyronie's disease is not required, as the plaque dissolve themselves.But in this case, in order to prevent recurrence must be constant monitoring specialist.

Causes of Peyronie's disease

main causes of disease today is not exactly established.Various surveys and monitoring of patients give different results.However, based on these results, we can conclude that the cause of Peyronie's disease can be:

  • trauma of the penis, after which dense scars are formed in areas of sm
    all tissue tears;
  • Failure of the immune system, causing it begins to attack the body's own cells;
  • Pathological genetic changes in the connective tissues, expressed in violation of collagen;
  • Admission drugs (. Cardiovascular, beta-blockers, etc.), the disease develops as a result of their side effects;
  • Endocrine disorders.

The cause of Peyronie's disease can be a reduction in the elasticity of the penis tissue with age, heredity (disease have a close relative), inflammation of the urethra.Most often, the penis curvature observed in men over forty or fifty years.However, if there is some precipitating causes of Peyronie's disease sometimes affects more young people.

Symptoms of the disease

symptoms of Peyronie's disease sometimes manifest themselves gradually, sometimes occur quickly and unexpectedly poignant.The main symptoms of the disease are:

  • painful erection;
  • curvature of the erect penis;
  • presence of seals under the skin of the penis.

In some cases, the pain symptoms of Peyronie's disease are felt weak or pass with time.Sometimes the appearance of plaques does not lead to deformation of the penis.In some patients, a decrease in sexual desire or short duration of intercourse.In the presence of at least one symptom of Peyronie's disease need to see a doctor, as in a state of neglect, it often leads to impotence.

Treatment of Peyronie's disease does not affect sexual activity, if it turns out to be a timely manner.But when the disease is in the chronic phase, some methods of treatment can cause temporary erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of Peyronie's disease

Treatment of Peyronie's disease begins with the observation of a specialist for its passage.This tactic of waiting is used due to the fact that quite often the patient's condition is improved without the use of active modes of treatment.Under the supervision of doctors a patient can be in about a year.During this time, checked by changing the size of seals, the state of erection, and abnormalities in the curvature of the penis.Then, based on these data the expert concludes extent of disease progression.

Then, when the disease without the help of medicine continues to evolve, and its time - from one to one and a half years, a fairly effective treatment for Peyronie's disease is receiving hormonal agents.With more prolonged duration of the disease is assigned a set of conservative therapy.Peyronie's disease surgery can be offered with a significant curvature of the penis.

Conservative treatment of Peyronie's disease is the internal use of oral medications, topical administration to the affected areas injections, physiotherapy and Remote shock-wave therapy.As oral preparations are typically used colchicine, procarbazine, vitamin E, pentoxifylline and potassium aminobenzoate.Previously they used steroids, but they were found to be ineffective, and now no longer be appointed for the treatment of Peyronie's disease.

Introduction plaques injection - rather painful procedure, so it is performed under local anesthesia.The administered verapamil seal, interferon, collagenase.This means stopping the formation of tissues, preventing the emergence of new scars.Sometimes, for the treatment of Peyronie's disease is used electrophoresis.However, it does not always create the desired drug concentration in the plaques, and quite often it is practically useless.

Shock wave therapy is similar to the principle of crushing of stones in kidneys and gallbladder.Shock wave generator sends a series of pulses, softening the seal.As a result, the curvature of the penis becomes smaller.This method of treatment of Peyronie's disease is used in its stable period.It is quite effective, but it creates the risk of injury and disease exacerbation.Therefore, the shock-wave therapy is administered in rare cases.

For physiotherapy treatments for Peyronie's disease are methods of local effects on the lesions.This ultrasound, laser therapy, iontophoresis, paraffin baths, etc.

When conservative therapy does not give tangible results and remains a significant curvature of the penis, patients are offered surgery if an erection.The most common surgery for Peyronie's disease is called the Nesbit operation.It consists in excision of a small part of the penis in those places where there is no seal, removing several areas of the body and the tunica final stapling cuts.This eliminates the curvature of the penis, but decreases its length.Because of these unpleasant circumstances today with Peyronie's disease surgery Nesbit spend less and less.

If the curvature of the penis significantly and decrease its length is unacceptable, can be applied korporoplastika.In Peyronie's disease surgery of this kind are based on the principle of rectification of the penis due to the removal of the tunica albuginea on the seals and replace it with synthetic or biological materials.

If the patient has a pronounced erectile dysfunction, there is an option for treating a disease by a prosthetic penis.This operation helps to improve erection member and destroy its curvature.


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