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1. Symptoms of Paget's disease

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Paget's disease - a bone disease.According to medical terminology, the disease is called "deforming osteitis", "deforming ostoz", "deforming osteodystrophy".In the process of deformation recovery mechanism is damaged bones of the body.

Our bone - it is a living tissue that has the ability to break down and recover.In Paget's disease the affected bone remodeling process is disturbed, and thus violated the bone structure or architecture.Typically, bone damage can not be restored properly, but on the contrary, becomes weak, distorted and prone to fractures.

When Paget's disease in humans affected one bone, only in some cases affected just two or three.Most often, Paget's disease of bone are affected: the spine, pelvis, skull and long bones of arms and legs.In men, this disease occurs twice as often than women.In Europe, more than 3% of people over age 40 suffer from this disease.And the greater

the age, the progressive disease.

At the moment, the cause of this disease is to identify difficult or almost impossible.It is believed that the disease is related to a viral infection.A person can be a carrier for a long time the virus and not even know about it.Hereditary predisposition also plays an important role, as Paget's disease belongs to a "family" disease.In order to timely detect the disease in a close relative of the sick, it is necessary every 2-3 years to take the biochemical analysis of blood to control the level of alkaline phosphatase in the blood.You also need to do X-rays of bones.

Symptoms of Paget's disease

Symptoms of Paget's disease depend on how damaged the bone and what the severity of the disease in the patient.The first symptom of Paget's disease is a pain.It extends around the damaged bone when the bone disease appears about the joint.The pain is usually continuous, dull, aching, and often exacerbated when a person is at rest or after the holiday.Also in the affected joints appear stiffness and limited mobility.

in different parts of the body bones become very brittle and thickened, it may lead to the complete destruction of the bones that support the body weight.Even with minor injuries may have broken bones.Also there is a sick curvature of the spine, there is a stoop and bend legs.If the disease damaged bones of the skull, then the deformation of the bones of the patient's head is a distinctive "disproportionate" appearance.

Wrong growing bones of the spine is also a symptom of Paget's disease.Over time, a curved spine exerts pressure on the surrounding nerves that can cause loss of hearing or vision, headaches, or damage to the nerves of the spinal cord.A person often appears tingling and numbness in hands and feet.

In some cases, the presence of the above symptoms, the development of bone tumors can begin Paget's disease.In case of severe Paget's disease can even cause heart failure.

to monitor any changes in the patient's condition, it is necessary to do X-rays and blood tests for serum alkaline phosphatase.It is responsible for the process of bone remodeling.That it is used to diagnose the disease.And with scintigraphy, which provides visualization of the entire skeleton, we can ascertain the place of bone lesion.

treatment of Paget's disease

In most cases, treatment of Paget's disease begin to control disease activity.This disease is treated with drugs, which are called biosfosfonaty.Fully disease cure is not possible, but the slow process of the defective bone remodeling by these drugs can be.Also, this drug will provide a long-term reduction in disease activity for many months or years.

recommended course of medication is six months, if necessary, for example, relapse of disease, prescribe a second course of treatment.Unfortunately, like most of drugs, these drugs have side effects.They adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs.Therefore, when taking biosfosfonatov often a stomach irritation and heartburn, there is pain in the joints and muscles, often have headaches.Therefore, the reception of these drugs should be undertaken only under medical supervision.

To remove the pain, prescribe nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (known as NSAIDs), such as paracetamol.It is recommended in patients with Paget's disease adequate intake of vitamin D and calcium, can help and specially selected exercise.These measures will reduce the likelihood of further damage to the involved bone.

Sometimes the drug treatment of Paget's disease does not give the desired results, then resort to surgery.Surgery is performed to remove bone fractures, also during surgery can replace the damaged joint arthritis.

If the disease has resulted in hearing loss use hearing aids.

What can you do?

noticed in yourself or members of your family Paget's disease symptoms described above, you should immediately seek medical attention.Since the development of the disease is unpredictable and can be for a few months to turn a healthy person to a disabled person, the delay with the reference to the doctor is not necessary.Self-medication is also dangerous, as it can only aggravate the situation.

If there are no complications, the favorable prognosis.But even after successful treatment of the patient should be at a reception at the orthopedist.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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