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In the second half of the XIXcentury French audiologist Prosper Meniere described hitherto unknown disease that is on the background of well-being led to unexpected vertigo with tinnitus, vomiting, nausea, violation of the heart rate, fainting, and disequilibrium.Over time, the disease attacks lead to hearing loss.He linked this condition with inner ear disease.Today illness described it is called - Meniere's disease.


disease Until now the exact causes of the origin of the disease is unknown.Researchers associated with Meniere's disease disorders of innervation of blood vessels, vegetative dystonia, a violation of the endolymph and the ion balance inside the labyrinth fluids, vasomotor and nervous disorders, the development of infections and allergies, eating disorders, water and vitamin metabolism.However, all of these theories can be attributed more to the predisposing

factors, since no one-sidedness of the disease or the frequency of attacks, they do not explain.

most reliable today considered the theory vnutrilabirintnogo edema.It is believed that Meniere's disease is associated with an increase in the amount of endolymphatic fluid channel hearing aid.When edema fluid spreads to other parts of the inner ear, damaging the structure responsible for the sense of balance, causing not only dizziness, and hearing loss.Provocateurs Meniere's disease can be a skull injury, respiratory infections and middle ear, smoking, alcohol, aspirin, salt, caffeine, and high sodium content in the body.Because the disease affects mostly the representatives of intellectual professions, some scientists have linked it with the fatigue, stress, lack of sleep and poor diet.Not ruled out the hereditary factor.


disease is characterized by sudden onset.The symptoms of Meniere's disease can occur in an apparently perfectly healthy person.This sudden dizziness, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.At the same time, as a rule, in an unhealthy ear noise is reduced hearing, there is a feeling of fullness.Due to loss of coordination of people can not just walk or stand, but even to sit, stands perspiration and, in some cases sharply drops or blood pressure rises on its body.In some cases, the symptoms of Meniere's disease joins Nystagmus - involuntary rapid eye movement.After some time, the episode has passed, and the state returns to normal.But if the patient tries to stand up or change position, its state of health can be broken, and vomiting and nausea - escalate.

symptoms of Meniere's disease are usually in the morning or at night time.The most common pathological reaction triggers bodily or mental load.But sometimes, like epileptic patient feels the approach of Meniere's disease symptoms for a few days.

Sometimes patients experience a sequence of frequent seizures alternating with completely normal health.In the intervals between attacks the patient with symptoms of Meniere's disease may feel nausea and vomiting intermittently or continuously.Sometimes remissions between attacks lasted about a year, but as the disease progresses the symptoms become more serious, and in such cases the patient feels imbalance even in the absence of seizures.

If the disease attacks lasted more than three hours, and the symptoms of Meniere's disease is increasing, if vestibular disorders cause fainting, and hearing loss occurs more than one day, finally, if the attack is different from the previous ones, or does not respond to treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

diagnosis of Meniere's disease

disease is defined as the clinical picture and the results of the survey otoneurological.Primary diagnosis of Meniere's disease is carried out on the complaints of the patient.Characteristic signs suggestive of the disease are dizziness, tinnitus and hearing loss.But since these symptoms may indicate a variety of diseases, disease diagnosis Ménière requires special tests on the amount of endolymph in the inner ear.In Meniere's disease is higher than normal.

diagnosis of Meniere's disease occurs in several stages.Initially, the doctor examines the ear drums and the primary auditory function, and then conducting a study of auditory functions Weber test, Rinne test and Federici, held tonal threshold audiometry.In order to assess the condition of the equilibrium of the system, diagnosis of Meniere's disease involves vestibulometricheskie tests.In the study, the physician must conduct a differential diagnosis to rule out acoustic neuroma, cerebellopontine arachnoiditis triangle particular maze, as well as cardiovascular, infectious and toxic and traumatic lesions of the labyrinth.

Treatment of Meniere's disease

believed that a complete cure is not possible in Meniere's disease, but a special therapy reduces the frequency of attacks and the time of their appearance.In acute diseases applied medical treatment of Meniere's disease, which relieves dizzy spells, reduces nausea and vomiting.However, a gradual hearing loss that does not stop.

Anything that can offer modern medicine for the treatment of Meniere's disease - is the control and the frequency of attacks of vertigo.Treatment often includes a special diet, use of diuretics, which help to reduce the accumulation of fluid in the inner ear.The patient will have to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and stressful situations that provoke attacks.Treatment of Meniere's disease is also associated with taking antihistamines and sedatives that allow to "calm" the inner ear.Additionally, funds may be allocated to improve cerebral circulation.

How to behave during an episode of Meniere's disease?The patient should be taken resting pose - lie down and try to immobilize the head as long as the attack is over.To reduce nausea and vomiting during an attack can take Reglan, or other antiemetics and antihistamines are used to reduce vertigo.If conservative treatment of Meniere's disease do not help, surgical treatment, which eliminates the symptoms of the disease without damaging the structure of the affected ear.In the most severe cases, when dizzy impossible to appease any one drug, used surgical destruction of the vestibular system, which is the means of despair and leads to deafness.


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