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2. Treatment of Hirschsprung's disease

Hirschsprung's disease called intestinal damage the nervous system of some of its sites.This innate disease, which leads to bowel dysfunction, the normal process of defecation and severe constipation.Its easy for observed only in adults.According to statistics, men are abnormalities in the digestive tract there are almost four times more often than women.

Children Hirschsprung's disease is usually difficult.In most cases, it makes itself felt immediately after birth.At first, the newborn does not depart original stool (meconium).If the delay of a chair in infants does not exceed three days, the problem is usually solved by means of cleansing enema and nature of further feeding.The presence of chronic diseases is still too early to say yet.Picture it starts to appear when intestinal obstruction is observed in the child regularly.

In this case, carry out appropriate examination to confirm the diagnosis.As a result of such a sur

vey can be detected digestive diseases, some diseases of the nervous system, urinary disorders, and so forth.Very often there is the presence of Hirschsprung's disease symptoms in children with Down syndrome.

If the bowel affected area is extensive, in the absence of conservative treatment of constipation can last up to seven days.Delay of the chair for such period, and even more over, are fraught with severe complications, so it is necessary to take urgent measures.This is usually an enema, which is suffering from chronic constipation should apply consistently.The occurrence of chronic constipation may not be possible with the help of medication.Treatment of Hirschsprung's disease is carried out only by surgery.


most basic symptom of Hirschsprung's disease are frequent and prolonged constipation.Other features of the disease are different and depend on the extent of intestinal lesions.In the early stages of Hirschsprung's disease symptoms are such:

  • Education fecal plugs;
  • Flatulence;
  • significant bloating;
  • Vomiting bile.

Children usually experience a delay in weight gain and lag in development and growth.

the later stages of the following symptoms of Hirschsprung's disease may appear:

  • anemia provoked by regular blood loss with feces;
  • depletion;
  • Curving chest;
  • Development enterocolitis, accompanied by vomiting, fever and diarrhea;
  • Severe fecal intoxication;
  • Expansion of the colon;
  • appearance of fecal stones.

The most common symptoms of Hirschsprung's disease in children are detected almost immediately after birth.Sometimes, however, the disease makes itself felt in adolescence, adolescence and even later in life.

Treatment of Hirschsprung's disease

The only effective treatment for Hirschsprung's disease is by far the operation.It is a surgical clipping department affected nerve plexus in the colon and its connection to the adjacent portions of the rectum.Resection may be performed in one or two stages.

If Hirschsprung's disease is carried out in two stages, first remove part of the intestine with the pathology of the nerve endings, and the tip of the healthy colon is displayed through an incision in the abdomen.Fecal enter through a cut in capacity, which patients carry with them.After their body adapts to a new process of digestion, proceed to the next step.During the second with Hirschsprung's disease surgery healthy free end of the colon is connected to the rectum.The hole in the stomach is sutured.

Before surgery is conducted conservative treatment of Hirschsprung's disease, consisting in measures of bowel.If these measures do not give the desired result, and intestinal obstruction persists, there is an urgent need for surgical techniques.

After surgery Hirschsprung's disease in the majority of cases can be cured.Patients sometimes with the help of fiber-rich diet and reception of laxatives, stool gradually returning to normal.

In situations where the intestine struck on a small area, Hirschsprung's disease surgery may not be required.But then you have to make lifelong siphon enema with a large number (up to two liters) of water.In addition, to facilitate the passage of stool will need to constantly take into mineral oil on a regular basis and do special gymnastics.

after surgery increases the risk of enterocolitis and intestinal infections.This is reflected in the rise in body temperature, abdominal distension, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool.In the event of post-operative after Hirschsprung's disease symptoms need immediate professional help.


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