Alzheimer's disease - causes , symptoms, treatment


1. Factors influencing the occurrence of this condition

2. symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

3. revealed pathology

4. Alzheimer's Treatment

Alzheimer's disease - a pathological condition of the human organism, which is accompanied by disorders in the central nervous system.This is manifested in the form of a slow, but irreversible loss of mental abilities, such as the ability to think logically, to remember or talk.The disease is not common and usually occurs in people whose age has passed for a mark in 65 years.This state of man brings a lot of experience and very inconvenience to his family and friends, because it is incurable and is constantly progressing.

Factors influencing the occurrence of this condition

At the moment, there is no well-established causes of Alzheimer's disease, since each case takes place individually.However, the most frequent "pushes" its appearance is considered to be withering away of a large number of nerve cells in the brain or deficit of s

ubstances responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses.Also causes of Alzheimer's disease may act:

  • heredity or genetic predisposition;
  • intoxication noxious fumes or metals;
  • head injury;
  • brain tumor;
  • hypothyroidism, and so on.

All this suggests that the disease may occur at any age and has nothing to do with Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

manifestations of this pathology is very diverse and constantly changing depending on the patient's age, the ability of the organism to resist the destructive processes, and stages of Alzheimer's disease.In medical practice it is accepted to allocate such basic signs of disease like:

  • disorientation in time and space;
  • indifferent attitude to the events going on around;
  • depressed or too emotional mood;
  • forgetfulness and loss of the ability to recognize familiar objects or places;
  • loss of short term memory.

All this is referred to as the initial stage of the disease, which may be unnoticed loved one sick person.However, a slow but inexorable loss of brain cells leads to the second stage of Alzheimer's disease, which is characterized by more severe symptoms, such as:

  • emergence delirium and hallucinations;
  • complete loss of ability to recognize family members or friends;
  • problems with movement and the emergence of "shuffling" manner of walking;
  • cramps;
  • inability to think and walk without assistance, and more.

Quite often, there may be complications such as: various types of infections, severe weight loss, injuries and accidents to the patient.So do not ignore the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and leave the person unattended.

revealed pathology

diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is very difficult and requires a doctor's care and heavily thoroughness.To begin completely eliminated the presence of other pathological processes in the body of the patient, which can be accompanied by symptoms similar to Alzheimer's disease.It is determined whether there are no side effects from the drugs taken.However, even after such studies diagnosis is presumptive and definitive confirmation of his possible only after examining the patient's brain tissue, which is carried out posthumously.Extremely rarely used method of determining the disease, which is a biopsy, ie, seizure and brain study human tissue.

Alzheimer's Treatment

completely stop the pathological processes in the brain, it is not possible.However, there are drugs that can slow the disease course of the process from the initial stage more severe.Basically, the treatment of Alzheimer's disease is aimed at alleviating the existing symptoms and the delay in the onset of a more serious condition.Also being educated with their families and loved ones of the patient.It is important to clarify how to provide proper care.Patients are encouraged to lead an active life as much time as possible with my family and the great outdoors.

should be understood that the disease is not completely cured, it can be just to adapt and accept the fact that the relatives and friends of people will never be the same as he was before.It is an ordeal for everyone in the family, you want to bring together.


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