Blepharitis Eye - Causes, Symptoms , Treatments


1. The causes of the disease

2. Common symptoms of blepharitis

3. Types disease

4. treatment of blepharitis

5. blepharitis treatmentfolk remedies

Blepharitis - a group of eye diseases that are accompanied by chronic inflammation of the lid margin.This condition refers to the duration of the current illness with frequent relapses.It exhausts the person reduces its efficiency, it can sometimes lead to loss of vision.Blepharitis in children is the most common eye disease.

The article tells about the causes and symptoms of diseases, especially the development and course of blepharitis in children, as well as modern methods of treatment of blepharitis.

Causes of

diseases There are many causes of this disease.

One of them can be defeated edges of the eyelids Demodex mites.These mites are present in 80% of people.They live in the sebaceous glands in the skin, the hair follicles.By reducing the human immune system are activated tongs, begin to proliferate and fall to t

he eyelashes on the eyelid skin.So begins Demodectic blepharitis.

If you are sensitive to certain stimuli person (pollen, cosmetics, dust) may appear allergic blepharitis eye.In most cases, it is complicated by conjunctivitis - inflammation of the eye (conjunctiva) of the mucous membrane.

Some diseases that lead to metabolic disorders, sensitization of the organism, provokes the development of blepharitis.Such diseases include diabetes, cholecystitis, gastritis.

cause of blepharitis eye can be far-sightedness in people who do not wear glasses.Tense the muscles of the eye are often tired, a person experiences discomfort, rubbing his eyes with hands that are not always friendly.As a consequence of infection promotes blepharitis eye.

Occasionally infection occurs by the age of blood or lymph.In this case, can be the source of infection of the tooth caries, tonsillitis and other chronic diseases.

common cause of blepharitis in children is a violation of hygiene, in particular of infection with unwashed hands.In addition, the parasitic infection may also provoke blepharitis children.

Common symptoms of blepharitis

Common symptoms of blepharitis eye are slight swelling and redness of the eyelids, redness at the roots of eyelashes.Sometimes patients partially fall out eyelashes, skin severe itching may occur under them.The eyes get tired quickly, becoming very receptive to different stimuli.Many patients suffer from increased sensitivity to wind or bright light.formed purulent lesions, which appear after the removal of bleeding ulcers In severe form of the disease on the edge of the century.At the same time there is an intensive loss of eyelashes.


disease Symptoms of blepharitis eye depend on the type of disease.

1.easy or scaly blepharitis.It is characterized by redness and thickening of the eyelids, eye narrowing of the gap, and severe itching.base of the eyelashes covered with small gray-brown scales.After their removal can be seen thinned skin reddish.The patient suffers from photophobia, hypersensitivity to dust, wind, light.Eyes are very tired, eyelashes fall heavily.

2.Meybomiev blepharitis.This disease meibomian glands which are located in the thicker cartilage eyelids.the patient's eyelids are thickened, covered with grayish-yellow crusts.The severity of symptoms of blepharitis of this type is the contents of a whitish hue, stands out from the age when pressed.This type of the disease is often accompanied by conjunctivitis.

3.Yazvenny blepharitis eye.The most severe form of the disease, which is most common in school-age children and young people.Symptoms of this type of blepharitis is largely similar to the signs of flake type, but are manifested more clearly.Patient eyelash roots formed pustules, which zasyhaya form a yellow crust.Eyelashes stick together in indivisible beam, the skin under which ulcerated, and bleeds.Later scars form at the site of ulcers.As a result, the eyelashes can start properly grow mostly in the direction of the cornea by scratching the surface and leading to the development of erosions.

4.Kleschevoy Demodectic or blepharitis.The initial symptoms of this type of blepharitis is a constant intense itching, worse after sleep.Eyelashes become red, thickened, there is a strong sense of hurt one's eyes.The secret of the sebaceous glands and cell fragments accumulate between the lashes.

5.Allergichesky blepharitis eye.Enough common form of the disease, which is often accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membrane.Symptoms of blepharitis given are swelling, itching eyelids, photophobia, pain in the eyes, watery eyes.In most cases the inflammatory process affects both eyes.

6.Blefarit Rosacea.This form of the disease is usually associated with the appearance of rosacea.On the eyelid skin appears grayish-red small nodules that end pustules (pus bubbles).

Blepharitis in children is usually in the form of allergic and ulcer.

treatment of blepharitis

blepharitis choice of method of treatment depends on the cause of the disease.The first treat the underlying disease, while pursuing edge inflammation therapy century.

treatment of blepharitis usually consists of three stages.In the early use warm compresses, which is heated gland century and contribute to the rapid purification of the excretory ducts.The compress is applied 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes.

Then clean the lid margin from abnormal discharge.Purification is carried towards the inner corner of the eye with the help of gauze dipped in water with dissolved baby shampoo.

After that, the lid margin applied antibiotic eye ointment - tetracycline, erythromycin, bacitracin.Short courses sometimes use a combination of ointments that contain antibacterial and corticosteroid agents.

the treatment of severe blepharitis used tableted form of the antibiotic (tetracycline).Patients with the disease Demodectic views prescribe antiparasitic medications.

treatment of blepharitis folk remedies

Blepharitis Eye - a disease quite difficult to treat.Therefore, it is advisable to use folk remedies, which act more gently for the treatment of blepharitis than drugs and medication can reduce symptoms of the disease.

1.Narodnymi means of blepharitis are lotions with infusion celandine herbs.For their preparation tablespoon celandine pour 200 g of boiling water.Insist 20 minutes, cool.Lotions applied to closed eyelids for 10-15 minutes three times a day.

2.Svezhuyu grass clover (racemes) are ground in a blender.From the resulting mush through cheesecloth squeezed juice.Juice was instilled into the eyes one drop three times a day.Mush is used as a lotion for the eyes.

3.Effektivnym folk remedy for blepharitis is a massage patients Century swab dipped in corn oil.The massage is performed before the edge of the eyelid lightly three times a day.


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