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1. reasons bartholinitis

2. Symptoms bartholinitis

3. features of the disease

4. Diagnosis and treatment bartholinitis

Bartolini -inflammatory disease of the Bartholin's gland, which in women is located in the vestibule.This is a serious disease occurs in women of all ages.

reasons bartholinitis

Bartholin gland (paired organ) produce a secretion that moisturizes the vaginal mucosa.Once in the favorable conditions, the infection begins to develop rapidly.This iron is red, becomes edematous, it appears pus.Excretory duct of Bartholin's gland is very narrow, so it accumulates pus.Because of this significantly increased the prostate size, reaching sometimes 5 cm.

bartholinitis There are many reasons.

1.Proniknovenie infection.The most common causative agents of disease are trichomonas, gonococci, staphylococci, E. coli sometimes.

2.Besporyadochnaya sex life.The reason bartholinitis often sexually transmitted diseases.Typically, the disease pathogens are several kinds

of pathogens.

3.Odnoy bartholinitis of the reasons is the failure to comply with hygiene rules.The risk of disease increases significantly in sex during menstruation.

4.Snizhenie immunity.With the reduction of the body's defenses can trigger bartholinitis develop hypothermia, stress, vitamin deficiency.

5.Operativnoe intervention in the urogenital system.Failure to comply with the rules of the postoperative period or holding of such manipulations in unsuitable conditions can cause the disease.

6.Popadanie infection in the Bartholin gland through the bloodstream to other organs.This can occur in chronic caries, sinusitis, pyelonephritis, tonsillitis.

7.Prichinoy bartholinitis during a woman's pregnancy is a sharp decline in immunity and hormonal changes the body.

Symptoms bartholinitis

For a long time bartholinitis symptoms in women can not be shown.The disease usually manifests itself in the case when secondary infection is joined thereto.

bartholinitis The first symptom is the formation of a red cushion near the Bartholin gland openings.From this pus is released under pressure.In the event that stands out a lot of pus, and thus he can not go outside, formed blockage ductless glands.The duct is clogged particles of pus, microorganisms, dead cells.With further development of the disease forms another symptom bartholinitis - psevdoabstsess.This cavity, which contains a large number of purulent masses.At this stage, the disease is rapidly deteriorating general condition of the patient.The woman feels unwell, fatigue, general weakness, it increases the overall body temperature, reduced physical and mental performance.

bartholinitis symptom in women is severe pain that occurs in the area of ​​the labia majora.Painful education Bartholin gland interferes with walking.

In the case of a true abscess (abscess occurs and most cancer) in patients with increased inguinal lymph nodes.When body temperature rises to 40C.

Bartholinitis accompanied by signs of general intoxication - headaches, nausea.In addition, the local symptoms are manifested and bartholinitis - swelling of the labia, the local temperature rise.

The course of the disease

Sometimes a transition of the acute form of the disease in the chronic.In chronic Bartholin periods of remission interspersed with frequent periods of exacerbation.During periods of remission woman has no symptoms of the disease.If there are small exacerbation of pain in the affected gland, discomfort when walking, discomfort during intercourse.The general condition of women is satisfactory, the body temperature is usually normal, but can sometimes rise to subfebrile values.

Bartholinitis during pregnancy may pose a threat to life and health of the fetus.A blood infection can get into the child's body.How serious is the threat it depends on the pathogen.The greatest danger is Bartholinitis during pregnancy on term of 1-13 weeks.In this period of fetal infection can even lead to his death.

Diagnosis and treatment Diagnosis bartholinitis

bartholinitis quite simple.Gynecologist at survey determines the redness and swelling of Bartholin's gland, her tenderness to palpation.In the chronic form of the disease is detected tumor formation.

bartholinitis For successful treatment it is necessary to conduct additional laboratory tests.These include:

  • analysis smears from the vagina;
  • PCR diagnostics for major sexual infection (human papilloma virus, herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia);
  • bacteriological crop of vaginal discharge to determine the sensitivity to antibiotics;
  • bacteriological analysis of pus.

bartholinitis method of treatment depends on the stage of the disease.In addition, when choosing the optimal treatment regimen specialist determines bartholinitis reasons.

Conservative therapy is used for the elimination of the inflammatory process in the acute stage of the disease.For this purpose swabs ihtiola, Vishnevsky ointment, levomekol and compresses solutions Miramistin, Chlorhexidine.Depending on the type of pathogen bartholinitis patient is prescribed antibiotics.At the same time use vitamin complexes.In the treatment of pregnant bartholinitis doctor prescribes safe medicines.

bartholinitis Surgical treatment is used in the development of an abscess or a Bartholin gland cyst.

purulent focus abscess is opened, and then remove its contents.Then the cavity is disinfected with special solutions, usually hydrogen peroxide 3%.At the same time the patient is prescribed antibacterials, vitamins.

After surgery and elimination of the inflammatory process to the patient is prescribed physiotherapy.ultraviolet radiation and magnetic therapy is usually applied.bartholinitis treatment ends the use of drugs that boost the immune system, vitamin funds.


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